Leachco Podster vs Boppy lounger

Leachco Podster vs Boppy lounger

Newborn baby loungers are very useful and helpful for moms, in this post we will compare two popular loungers for newborn babies which are leachco podster vs boppy lounger. Both baby loungers are wonderful and fantastic for your baby’s comfort and provide a relaxing experience to baby and Mom. As compare to the other famous brands of baby loungers like Snuggle me organic and DockAtot these are the most economical and cheaper. So if you are looking for a baby lounger under $50 at a low price then leachco podster and boppy lounger are the most suitable options for you.

Both baby loungers are fantastic for your baby’s comfort but our preference goes to Leachco Podster, which is an advanced model or version of Boppy. Leachco Podster was introduced after the boppy lounger and it has all the features and advantages of the Boppy.

There are a few features that a baby lounger has, some of them are important and you need to consider while purchasing any baby lounger. We will discuss both loungers according to these key features. Along with these features we provide more detail for taking the best buying decision among boppy lounger and leachco Podster, we will also discuss the unique features of both loungers, describe their positive and negative reviews why people like the specific lounger and what are the shortcoming in each lounger.

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Leachco Podster vs Boppy lounger

Leachco podster vs Boppy lounger Comparison

A comparison of different features of Leachco podster and Boppy lounger along with the pros and cons are described in the following table.

Leachco Podster

Boppy Original Newborn Lounger

Price | Baby lounger under $50

Although both baby loungers are under $50 and but the price of the Leachco Podster is higher than the Boppy lounger. You can visit the link for the latest price of Leachco Podster.



Leachco Podster price

The Boppy lounger is cheaper than the Leachco Podster. There are two variants of Boppy Original loungers are on amazon:

·         Boppy Preferred Newborn Lounger-Pink Princess 

Boppy Original Newborn Lounger price

Sizes & Weight

Weight = 2.9 pounds and size = 23.8 x 21.5 x 8 inches

The Leachco Podster comes with an adjustment tab to change its center high or inner depth of it, which will allow the baby to control or lie in a more supportive area. Using this adjustment tab or sling we can increase or decrease the level of the center of the lounger.

There is no adjustable option available in Boppy lounger and have the following fixed Size:


Weight = 4.8 pounds & Dimensions = 18 x 18 x 7 inches


There is no information about the material of these baby lounger is available on amazon. However different reviews show that the cover of Leachco Podster is made of cotton so it’s not a slippery fabric. Whereas no inner material of the lounger is polyester. No information regarding the material of Boppy lounger is available on amazon.

Which lounger is suitable for co-sleeping

Both loungers are not recommended for co-sleeping.

Washable or not?

Both Leachco podster and Boppy lounger are washable, but washing Leachco podster is more convenient because of its Zippered removable cover. You can remove its cover and can wash it in the washing machine easily.


Boppy lounger comes without the cover and no cover is available from the manufacture as well. However, the Boppy lounger’s fabric is wipeable, and you can wash the entire lounger as well. Customers have found it doesn’t tend to stain.

But there are different sellers available on amazon, which are selling different covers of loungers. You find cover for Boppy lounger here.

Age range and baby lounger
Boppy lounger and Leachco podster are perfect for newborns up to six months. However, even after the six-month different babies still loves being on it.

Traveling options

As compared to the Boppy Lounger the Leachco Podster may be the best to use at home rather than for traveling because of its little bigger size. But you can still carry it during the traveling.




It is small in size and also great for traveling. Comes with a sewn-in handle for easy portability.


Is baby lounger has enough Space for baby?
Both baby lounger for newborns and they can easily carry and handle them.

Leachco Podster vs Boppy lounger Colors

There are few colors are available with Leachco Podster:

  • Gray Pin Dot
  • Moroccan Gray
  • Gray
  • Green (13975)


Leachco Podster Colors

Same with Boppy lounger, you can have choice of different beautiful color options and style.

  • Whale Navy
  • Pink Princess
  • Elephant Love Gray
  • White Black and Gold Printed

Bobby lounger colors

Leachco Podster Features:

The Leachco Podster longer is a warm and cozy caress baby item for their comfort. There is a deep center for laying baby on a lounger and its high can be controlled with the adjustment tabs. The sling seat of Podster is used to accommodate a smaller or larger baby comfortably. The adjustment tabs allow you to adjust the perfect high and fit for your child.

Leachco Podster

The shape of Podster provides upper body-elevation and it can help and improve the digestion and breathing of the baby. The most attractive and cool feature of Podster is its removable cover, if you need to clean it you can easily wash it. Leachco Podster lounger was introduced after the boppy lounger, and most of the shortcomings of boppy are covered in Podster. Following are some key features of the Leachco Podster lounger.

Leachco Podster Pros
  • It has a decent size and have some unique features over the boppy
  • Its special Upper body elevation shape is useful for aid in digestion and breathing of the baby.
  • There is some beautiful full colors are available.
  • You can remove the cover of the lounger and cab wash easily.
  • You can control, expands, or adjust its size and center with sling or adjustment tabs of lounger according to baby’s weight and size.
  • Multiple covers with different colors, themes are available.
Leachco Podster Cons:
  • –You may not like this lounger because of the following:–
  • For some mom, it size is not perfect, fairly large in size.
  • And it Expensive than Boppy lounger
  • It can break off easily
  • The following are negative Reviews on Amazon by the customers, which are not happy with the product (Although it has a very good overall rating of 4.8). These are included for your information:
  • Few customers reports product is ripping after minimal use.
  • The product does not work for Acid Reflux.
  • Few moms say that their babies did not like it.


Leachco Podster FAQ

How do I clean or wash my Leachco Podster lounger?

If you need to clean your Podster you can perform it easily. For good results, use a soapy-cloth for spot clean to remove dust or dirt. Do not wash the inner lounger into the machine. You can easily remove its cover and can wash it in the washer, machine wash warm with gentle cycle. Washing complete Leachco Podster lounger is not recommended. Also, use nonchlorine detergent or bleach only if you think it is necessary. And dry it on the lowest heat setting, remove promptly. Also complete clean, care, and wash instructions are available on the care labels stitched with each Leachco product. Please follow these instructions to ensure the proper care and longevity of your Leachco item.

Is the Leachco Podster safe for baby to sleep on?

No, it is not recommended for night sleep and never leaves a child unattended on the lounger.

Does the Leachco Podster have a removable cover?

If you purchased a pillow that includes a removable cover, but you can’t seem to locate it please look for the sham-style opening on your item. It fits snug on your pillow and is a sham style cover. “Basic” styles of Leachco products do not include a removable cover.

Boppy lounger Features

Boppy lounger is a great and comfortable place for your newborn. It is lightweight and compact you can carry it easily with it carrying handles, which provides convenience during travel. It is cozy and best nests for your child, specifically designed to support your child during awake-time, and it can support babies until they reach 16-pounds. As compared to the Leachco-Podster, the Boppy Lounger has a more portable-design to carry it with you without much hassle. It is very affordable and has a very decent low-price baby lounger. Boppy Lounger doesn’t have a removable cover but its default cover still looks nice and you can wash the whole boppy lounger in the washing machine. Even then, most customers reported that no fading in the fabric appears even after years of use.

Bobby washing

The Boppy Lounger has won many awards from the baby and parent community. Some recent awards of boppy lounger are:

  • 2017 What to Expect Mom Must-Have Finalist,
  • The 2018 BabyCenter Mom’s Pick Finalist
  • The Mom’s Choice Award.

You can check  out the more Boppy lounger comparison from the following links:

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Boppy Lounger has great unique features:

Boppy Lounger Pros
  • It is price friendly and in the range of a lot of moms.
  • It is perfect for newborns and recommended for 16 lbs. or until your child can roll on his own. It also provides a hands-free moment to moms, while their baby is on the lounger.
  • Has easy portability for traveling.
  • Its recessed interior is suitable for small babies
  • You can wash the entire boppy lounger pillow in the machine
  • It is designed to manage your baby’s awake-time
  • The boppy lounger is made of soft and lightweight fabric that provides a cozy and comfortable rest to your baby.
  • The boppy lounger is available in beautiful colors and a cute variety of fashionable prints.
Boppy Lounger Cons
  • Boppy lounger does not have a removable cover.
  • For Cleaning, you are required to wash the whole lounger each time.
  • Not that helpful for small babies under 3 weeks
  • And in last I am sharing some negative reviews of boppy lounger from Amazon, it will provide information regarding the shortcoming of these products and why for some people it is not a happy experience. This will help you to compare your circumstance while going for the final purchase:
  • It is not very washing friendly
  • My Baby does not like it, Not recommended for every baby
  • Does not feel safe, a pillow with a dimple in it.


Boppy Lounger Washing tips – Product Care

For washing boppy lounger it is recommended to use front load washing machines with a Hand Wash cycle and a temperature of 30°C / 85°F. Then dry it on low delicate cycle. While drying the boppy lounger, use the tennis ball (covered in a pillowcase) in the dryer, it will support the lounger to retain its shape. Never iron your lounger and do not dry clean. Also, follow the instructions that came with the product.

Boppy Lounger FAQ

What is the best age to use boppy lounger age?

The boppy lounger is best suitable for children from 0 to 8 months. (boppy lounger age)

Does the cover of boppy lounger come off?

No, it does not and it is fixed, attached with lounger, and never try to remove it.

Best way to wash the Boppy Lounger?

The boppy lounger washing instructions are provided with each product on the silky tag, attached with every lounger. For best results use a front load washing machine with Hand Wash Cycles, 30°C  or 85°F. And dry it on a low cycle, while drying use a clean tennis ball for maintaining its good shape.

Is a Boppy Lounger safe for baby to sleep on?

No. Never allow baby to sleep on a Boppy Lounger in night and also never left your child unsupervised on a lounger.

Where are boppy products made?

According to information provided on their website, the productions of Boppy Products start from China, and then these items are finished, packaged, and shipped from USA factories.


We have shared enough information, everything about these two newborn baby loungers, both lounger are perfect for with the price tag of under $50.

If you ask for our recommendation we will suggest you the Leachco Podster lunger, because it has all the feature which the boppy lounger have. Moreover, Leachco Podsterr covers everything that the Boppy lounger was lacking.

But you can choose according to your need and requirements, however I am sharing some tips for a quick decision:

  • If you are making your decision on price, then boppy lounger is about $15 to $20 cheaper than the Leachco
  • Most of people like Leachco Podster, because it has a removable and it cleaning and washing is very easy.
  • But Leachco Podster is just one step ahead of the boppy Lounger, as it was launched after the boppy lounger and they fixed some of the issues usually had with the Boppy lounger.
  • Even though Leachco Podster is slightly expensive than boppy but it is much cozier and soft and it cleaning is more convenient as compare to boppy lounger.
  • So Leachco podster has some edges over the boppy lounger. So if you want to purchase it Go here.

Moreover, a larger version of Leacho Podster is also introduced for bigger children but it is expensive as compared to the normal loungers. You can view it from here:

I hope you liked reading this article, in case you have any questions regarding Leachco podster and Boppy lounger, you can ask us in the comment section below. Also, you can share your previous experience with baby loungers here, it will help the new audience, planning for buying baby loungers.


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