Are you having troublesome nights because you can’t feed your baby well, feel difficulty changing his diapers, or find the wipes? Or are you planning for your baby’s nursery after hearing the good news from the doctor? You might have several situations with your baby regarding his birth and taking care after the birth.

But if you want to make that nursery brightening or make it easy for yourself to feed your baby on some extremely dark nights, you should look for the best night light for feeding the baby.

Best Night Light For Feeding Baby

Yes, that’s true that having a night light in your baby’s nursery can help you easily find the things for your little one even at night, make him sleep peacefully without the fear of the dark and also help you feed your baby whether it is breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Therefore, if I am not wrong, today, you are looking for the best night light for feeding your baby, don’t you? And if you do, no looking further as you have arrived at the best platform for your specific demand.

So, get a cup of tea for yourself, and let’s dig into it with me as things have become much easier and sorted out.


Best Night Light For Feeding Baby

What are the benefits of having a night light? Is it worth it?

You’d definitely have a question: why have a night light in your room? Is it worth it? Or many more. But you should know that even a simple and decent night light can give you countless benefits for adding comforts to your and your baby’s life. Some of the best-overserved benefits are listed as follows:

  1. Comfortability—A night light helps and provides comfort to babies with trouble sleeping in the dark or parents who find it difficult to feed their babies at night.
  2. Puts things into practice—Make moms easily change their new baby’s diapers and breastfeed them even on the darkest nights.
  3. Soft light with security—The soft dim light is more peaceful for the eyes and helps in the sound sleeping of the baby as well as their mom and makes her have a proper check on her baby without turning on the light for added security. Also, it ensures safety so that you don’t stub your infant on solid ceilings or break any of his toys.
  4. More visuality— A night light enables parents to look for the required things from the baby’s nursery without turning on the bigger light of the room and making the baby uncomfortable. Like looking for wipes, his toys, or maybe a breastfeeding bottle. It also makes late-night visits to infants’ nurseries free from disruptions in their sleep.
  5. Power efficiency— A night light draws less power than a whole light working in the room. It saves electricity and you from the extra costs of your bills. Also, some of them are battery-powered, and they can be used even if there is a power outage at the house.
  6. Quick sleeping—A night light affects less to your eyes than a bigger light working in your room. Your baby can quickly go to sleep again if you have woken up and that tiny light is turned on. However, the bright lights make your brain more alert and active, making it difficult to sleep again.

How many types of night lights are available?

There is a wide variety of these night lights available out there. Some of the most commonly used are described as follows:

Plug-in night lights:

Many of these night lights have built-in sensors and turn on automatically when they detect a certain darkness level in the room. These night lights plug directly into the walls and run on electricity.

Projection night lights:

Night lights that project images on the wall or ceiling of the roof are called projection night lights. Your little one will feel comfortable, safe, and entertained. But you have to keep a distance from it from your child. It projects different images through its disk so that it is needed to be placed accurately. However, the images will be blurry or distorted.

Soft or toy night lights:

Some night lights come in the form of cute toys. It might be a stuffed animal, a parrot, or some vehicle equipped with a night light. Babies can use it as a toy for playing, or moms can use it as a night light. You can easily place these night lights on your baby’s bed, but he must be young enough to feel comfortable using them. 

9 Although these night lights do not provide a complete vision for the parents to look through the room, it is the best equipment to make your baby sleep safe and sound.

Portable night nights:

A portable light is very easy to use and can be placed anywhere in the room. These lights come with batteries that are chargeable with the help of a USB cord. Moreover, you can have a comfortable night light with these without worrying about their all-time plugging into the wall.

Lamp and shade night lights:

These stand table lamps provide more brightness and comfortable sleep for your baby. These lights are table lamps that need to be connected to your room’s power cord or electricity socket so that these may ensure whatever they are promising.

Candle night lights:

Some classical nights are also available that are in the form of candles. They are too old- and old-fashioned. But some parents still prefer using them, but these are two dangerous and mostly not recommended. However, if you still want to have this one, get a night light with battery-powered and flameless.

Touch night light vs Wearable night light:

As we have discussed the types of night lights, there are also two variants of these lights available. You may have them in the form of touch night lights and wearable light nights. But what is the main difference between these two? Let’s find out.

Touch Night Lights:

As it is obvious from the name, these night lights can be operated by touch. These advanced-featured night lights come with soothing sounds and noise-cancellation features. They omit comfortable, warm light that helps you and your baby get some sound sleep.

The more benefits are it helps you operate it without disturbing the baby, have a proper check on him, and find the things or change the diapers without any interruptions. They come in more than one color that is perfect for a baby’s sleeping and creates a peaceful environment for your and your baby’s eyes.

They can only be placed someplace with electricity plugged in and provide a dim, warm light for feeding your baby, changing his diapers, and finding the things from the nursery.

Wearable Night Lights:

Other than touch night lights, wearable night lights let themselves be with you anywhere you go or anywhere you want to take them. They are battery-powered, and people mostly use them while running, night outs, camping, hiking, jogging, dog collar light, and outdoor adventure like BBQs in the middle of the night.

They come with clips or belts, so you can easily wear them over your clothes or put them on your head. Some of them also come with a long strap, so it is easy to hold them in your hands while outing. Wearable nights have a button for turning them on and off; most of them are smaller in size than touch lights.

Best night lights for Feeding baby

You may turn on the big light in the room at night if it’s difficult to find the needed things for your baby. But this might disturb your sleep, someone else sleeps as if they are sleeping in the same room as your husband, or it might hurt your baby’s eyes. That’s why a night light is always the best solution.

Top 8 Best Night Lights:

But as many options are available in the market, finding the best one could be a little complicated task for you. Pretty right isn’t it? However, it will only happen if you look for the best-recommended features in the night light that you will buy.

But to make the choices more concise, I have brought the top 8 best night lights for feeding your baby. These are all best recommended, well-reviewed, and used mainly by parents in their baby’s nursery. So, no more wasting time, and let’s discuss each one comprehensively.

Image Product Price
Echo Glow - Multicolor smart lamp Echo Glow – Multicolor smart lamp


Check Price
Hatch Baby Rest Sound Hatch Baby Rest Sound


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Wake Up Snooze Nightlight Wake Up Snooze Nightlight


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REACHER R2 Night Light REACHER R2 Night Light


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VAVA Home VA-CL009 Night Light VAVA Home VA-CL009 Night Light


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MyBaby, SoundSpa Lullaby MyBaby, SoundSpa Lullaby


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LumiPet Bear Kids Night Light LumiPet Bear Kids Night Light


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Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight


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1. Echo Glow – Multicolor smart lamp for kids- Editor’s Choice

Presenting to you our today’s top-of-the-list, a high-rated product named Echo Glow which is a Multicolor smart lamp that becomes the perfect thing for your dim lights and night feeds demands.

This smart, lightweight, multi-featured, and low-in-budget lamp provides dim light at the night with different colors so that you could easily feed your baby and experience those potty washing training without any hassles.

The device comes with an advanced technology named Alexa which lets you control the brightness and color of the lamp with your voice.

Echo Glow - Multicolor smart lamp for kids

Color: You can change Multiple light Colors
Light Type: 100 lumens warm white (2600K) and RGB color LEDs
Power Source: Corded Electric
Wi-Fi Connectivity: 2.4 GHz only, 802.11

Although no speaker or microphone is included in this smart lamp, it works efficiently with an Alexa-enabled device. You’d have to get an Echo dot, Echo plus, or Alexa app to operate it. The app works over WIFI and is also compatible with the Fire OS, iOS, and Android devices.

The lamp is best recommended and certified for human usage as it comes with struggle-free, stress-free, tinker-free, and patience-free versatility. Enjoy reading, sitting, dinnertime, or playing with your baby’s time over its fun lighting and amazing colors.

Enable the rainbow timer in this dim light lamp and let your baby set a perfect bed and awake time. With Alexa technology and added mobility, this is a great night light to have on your table. But the only problem you may face with being a parent is the design and construction of this smart light which may be different from your desires.

  • Enriched with Alexa
  • Smart and multi-color
  • Multifeatured brightness
  • Best on those dim lights
  • Topmost rated dim light
  • Durable, lightweight, and versatile
  • Comfortable and trusted
  • No speaker and microphone
  • Have to buy an additional Alexa operating device


2. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine- Take control in your hands

Not like Echo Glow equipped with Alexa, but this one is so easy to operate through your mobile phone and comes with one of the best night lights for nursing.

Hatch Baby Night Light

Color: Silver
Light Type:  LED
Power Source: Corded Electric
Shade Material: Plastic

Being the second most rated product by many users on our list, this Hatch Baby sound rest machine is equipped with countless features that will help you glow your dim nights and breastfeed your baby without any disturbance. The machine is made of ABS plastic and runs over a power cord. So, you have to plug it in all the time.

Mobile App:

Enjoy many benefits and multi-functions, including an alarm, nightlight, sound-producing machine, and much more, with easy control through your Android or iOS. Download the Hatch baby rest app and set your desired brightness, color, sound, and volume levels.


The automatic functions of setting a baby’s sleep schedule enable you to set your desired off time. You can also use it with a tap, but the app is always recommended not to disturb the baby’s sleep.

The best part is the light grows with your child. It makes baby feeding easier during those first months by providing dim and soft light, white noise, and staying cool for ensure safety.

Now, making your baby sleep and feeding him is much easier as you can create an ideal sleep environment by using this. Use your desired color combinations and preset sounds to help you and your baby get comfortable sleeping at night.

All is well, but you may face louder white noise sounds, and as it operates only through Bluetooth, only one mobile connected to it can operate it. Also, the app requires your GPS location and asks you to set schedules for your baby, so users think they are collecting some information. But you know, these are not reasonable things to hate this masterpiece with this high rating.

  • Operate with your mobile
  • Soothing white noise sounds
  • Dim light, alarm, and sleeping schedules
  • Different colors of light are available
  • Easily adjustable light brightness
  • Stylish and easy to use
  • The “Okay to get up” feature adds more to it
  • Not battery powered


3. Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock for Kids- For night riders

Here is a third top-rated night light for your baby’s nursery to make those darkest nights a little bright. This round-shaped night light helps you feed your baby as it provides more light during nighttime. This device provides instant brightness from 10% to 100% depending on the time you have set over its alarm.

Soft Brightness

It is used for waking you or your baby up in the mooring with pure sunlight when it turns on over a set table alarm time. But moms can also use this for having a dim light in the night so that feeding, sleeping, and diaper changing of the baby must be easy and comfortable.

While used at night, it gives you a soft and comfortable light over your low-adjusted brightness. The durable, versatile, and gentle light is more peaceful than an absurd alarm.

Wake Up Snooze Nightlight

Color: White, wood
Light Type:  LED
Power Source: Rechargeable / Electric
Shade Material: N/A

Available in Different Colours

Moreover, this one comes with dual alarm options that snooze at different set timings. Also, you will be happy to get seven color-changing lights and a 3 Level LED lighting that has a display for adjusting 20 levels of lighting brightness.

Build-in FM

Do you know what you are getting more in this one? The device is full of miracles as it will provide you with an FM radio for fresh music over your favorite music station with changing frequency features and seven different alarm sounds to wake you up in the morning.

So, make your night reading, sleeping, baby’s caring and feeding, dinnertime, writing time, and a fresh morning start with sunrise lightening and peaceful sounds. But you may face a little complication regarding its features and setting things up.

  • A peaceful and adjustable brightness in the nights
  • Perfect for baby feeding and night reading
  • Highly recommended
  • Automatic FM channel-finding feature
  • 7 multiple light colors
  • Dual alarm options
  • 3 Level LED lighting
  • Brightness up to 100 percent
  • A little complicated setting


4. REACHER R2  Night Light with 31 Soothing Sounds

REACHER R2 Night Light

Color: White
Light Type:  LED
Power Source: Corded Electric
Shade Material: Plastic


What if I give you a device that would give several soothing sounds to help your baby get to sleep? Sounds happy, right? Yes, it is, as the Reacher R2 is a great night light that helps you make your sleep comfortable with 31 different soothing sounds.

Cool Design:

The round-shaped half-cut design is lightweight and will last a reasonably good time with you. You’ll get white noise with it, which is impressive in giving you or your baby a sound sleep after a busy day’s hustle. As one of the best nursery lights for your baby, the R2 provides countless features except for a dim light in this small body.

Brightness Levels

The versatility is added so you can easily adjust and customize your colors, brightness, volume level, and sounds. It gives you a timer that allows you to turn it off automatically after a reasonable time. You’ll get 31 high-quality sounds, 7 different kinds of noises, including white, pink, brown, etc., 17 relaxing nature sounds, 7 different fan sounds, and much more in this smarty.

Add more to it, feed your baby or wash his nappy by adjusting your desired brightness level from 0 to 100. You included 3 moods for reaching over the desk lamp and nightstand, sleeping, and feeding time without disturbing him. Get more light colors and set your favorite ones from blue, yellow, red, and pink.

The plug-in and-out options are also very easy to use. Safety is also provided for your baby as the shell is made up of PP material which is much safer. The only thing that may disturb you is its portability as you have to plug it in all the time for use. But, overall, a great choice to make for brightening the nights.

  • Best device for night feeding of a baby
  • The huge availability of sounds that help you in sleeping
  • Automatic turning off the timer
  • Lightweight and a reasonably durable machine
  • The brightness level is adjustable
  • 8 different colors of light
  • LED light
  • No alarm
  • Less durability


5. VAVA Home VA-CL009 Night Light for Kids- The most Portable

There is no loss if you get a battery-powered night light. Yes, of course, it will let you put it anywhere in the room, or you can also have it on your bed while sleeping with your baby. This great mobility is added in VAVA Home night light, another best night lights for your baby’s feeding or breastfeeding.

VAVA Home VA-CL009 Night Light

Color: White
Light Type:  LED
Power Source: Battery Powered-100 H
Shade Material: Silicone

This egg-shaped light is made up of pure silicon material shade and ABS + PC materials in the exterior, providing smooth and comfortable light at night. Make your baby’s nursery adorable as the device works beyond imagination.

Touch Control:

You’d be blessed to experience its out-class features as the light’s smooth touch control, which provides a warm light that is dimmable with a long touch, double-tap for activating and deactivating standby mood, and a night light mood for gently illuminating the late-night feedings. Enhance your LED colors as the light provides you 8 velvety colors for having different lights.

long-lasting battery

Moreover, this light is blessed with a long-lasting battery that lasts up to 100 H with a single charge. You’ll be notified with an LED indicator light when it gets low, and you can charge it again.

Also, make it stand on every surface with its solid base and compatible dimensions. This lightweight machine is smart enough and the best product for your dim light demands for baby feeding.

Adjustable brightness 

The brightness level is also adjustable, and it is smart, battery-powered, and easy to operate the machine, but you may face some difficulties with it. You may face durability problems as, according to many users, it only lasts for a short period. But it doesn’t let you spend hefty money so you can buy more in numbers.

  • Easily adjustable brightness
  • Perfect for dim light diaper changing and baby feeding
  • Provides more colors of light
  • Silicon made
  • Battery-powered which lasts for longer hours
  • Different moods of lighting
  • Lightweight
  • Less durability


6. MyBaby, SoundSpa Lullaby-best Cheap Night Light for feeding baby

Do you want to experience a dim night light in your room in a completely different way? Yeah, sure, why not. In this sense, let me tell you about this one. The device works like a projector that provides light through projected rays.

You can have dim lighting in all your room with the help of a big round lighting spot projected from this device towards the roof or any wall, and you can easily feed your baby, change his nappies and find the desired things in your room.

MyBaby, SoundSpa Lullaby

Color: White
Light Type: Projector Light
Power Source: AC Adapter or 2AA batteries
Shade Material: Plastic

The small round-shaped device is smart and stylish which is equipped with many features. Make yourself happy with its 6 different sounds & songs with an adjustable volume for having some customized sleep.

The night light is provided in a function that lets you choose from 3 pictures over the disk included with it and then it will be projected onto the wall or roof ceiling. This function works without sound. The projector also has a feature that turns it off after your desired timer including 5 minutes to 3 hours long range.

The durability is added as this one is smart and lightweight so you can take it with you on your long traveling, but as it doesn’t operate over the battery, or you may get it with an AC adapter or a battery. Moreover, opening the box you will get the device, image disk that has 3 scenes, an AC adapter, and a quick start guide for easy usage.

But the things that might be worrisome are the users are not liking this version and they reviewed that its older version was better than it in every aspect.

  • Comes with 6 different sounds
  • Projector night light
  • 3 scenes at disk
  • Works like a projector
  • Small and lightweight
  • Automatic turn off the timer
  • Less in price
  • Not better than the older version
  • Requires to plug in all the time


7. LumiPet Bear Kids Night Light-Cute Nursery Light for Baby

Your little one will be much happier after having a little cute bear and a night light in the same gadget. And for making this happiness real and genuine, LumiPet Bear kids’ night light is going to do much for you as well as for your baby.

LumiPet Bear Kids Night Light

Color: Multicolor
Light Type: LED
Power Source: Battery-powered- Backup=12 hours
Shade Material: Silicone

This smart, cute-looking, small, lightweight, and stylish little toy is made up of high-quality silicone that comes in multi-colors. It is lightweight and durable with added versatility features that bring peace to your and your baby’s life.

Multi Colour Lights

LumiPet ensures peaceful sleep for your baby as you can soothe him and lull him until he goes to sleep. The added remote enables you to select your favorite color of night light from 9 available colors and also easy adjustability of brightness.

You can also teach children the name of colors by using this cute nursery light for babies. The portability is assured as you will get this with a great backup provided a battery of 12 hours that allows you to use it anywhere even keep it beside you on your bed.

Auto shut-off

In addition to this, this perfect quality made night light has different auto shut-off features that turn this thing off automatically after a reasonable time. There is a different variety of these LumiPet night lights available that lets you choose a bear, cat, dragon, fox, hippo, unicorn, owl, puppy, or elephant, etc. that becomes your new sleeping friend.

But you might face sensitivity problems with this one, may not be that durable according to your expectations but works well for more than two months. However, an acute small gift and an adorable night light for your baby is worth having under this price tag.

  • Smart little cute toy
  • Night light in a toy
  • Battery-powered with a good battery life
  • Best for baby soothing
  • A bliss in baby’s nursery
  • Adjustable brightness and colors
  • Baby favorite color guide
  • Less durability
  • Too much sensitive


8. Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight- The fancy night light

Looking for a fancy night light that must also be a toy in itself? I am exactly here to talk about it. This little toy is available at a very low price and being our last but saying again, never least one of the best night lights for feeding a baby can be used as a night light and the best toy for your baby’s playtime.

Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight

Color: Multicolor
Light Type: LED
Power Source: Battery-powered
Shade Material: Silicone

You’ll have an owl, lighting up in your room so you feed, change his diapers and make your little toe get some sound sleep. This owl-shaped night light is the best toy for your baby’s nursery, has many positive reviews, and a good rating by many users.

It is already in the rooms of many babies who play with it daily and mom uses it for dim light night purposes. Made up of plastic, lightweight smart, and the multicolor owl night light will be something peace of eyes in your room. The feature included in this one is, the owl operates on a battery for adding comforts so that you can take it and sleep with it while having it on your bed.

The device is perfect for toddlers as well as children because it has an easy-grasp handle and a touch button that lets you use its functions. When it sees the battery is draining, a timer turns it off automatically after 20 minutes. No more safety issues because it is featuring an LED technology which is very cool to feel and touch. You’ll have a two-year durable warranty with it.

However, you won’t get too many features, but under this price tag, this is something worth having for feeding your baby at night.

  • A night light in a toy
  • Small, easy to hold, and lightweight
  • Smart and stylish
  • Have a handle for grasping
  • Battery-powered for everywhere usage
  • Available at a low price
  • Automatic turn of the timer
  • Hard to find

Our Analysis and Test Results Regarding Night Light

For making it much easier for you to choose the best night light for feeding your baby, I have personally examined each product in this list to evaluate each product’s performance. So, it would be an easy task to consider things for yourself and make a decision. Let’s have a look at these analyses and tests.

Products Name Ratting Durability Usability Brightness adjustability Portability Extra Features
Echo Glow – Multicolor smart lamp for kids 4.6- based on 24K plus reviews Long time Complications while connecting with Alexa but easy to use Yes Runs on a power cord but lightweight Colors, Timer, and Alexa
Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light 4.8- based on 18K plus reviews Long time but may have problems with sound in your case Needed a separate app, but easy to use Yes Runs on a power cord but lightweight Sounds, timer, colors, Mobile control
Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock for Kids 4.6 based on 12K plus reviews Long time Easy to use and operate Yes Runs on power cord but lightweight Colors, dual alarm, FM radio, sound feature, and more
REACHER R2 White Noise Machine and Night Light 4.8 based on 3800 plus reviews Up to 9 months or may vary Easy to use by a digital system Yes Runs on a power cord but is lightweight and easy to travel 31 soothing sounds for better sleep, Timer, colors
VAVA Home VA-CL009 Night Light for Kids 4.8- based on 3600 plus reviews Up to 10 months or may vary Easy to use Yes Battery powered Colors, different moods, long-lasting battery
MyBaby, SoundSpa Lullaby – Sounds & Projection 4.5 based on 3200 plus reviews Was better in the older version Easy to use No, as it projects images on the wall or roof ceiling Runs on a power cord but is lightweight and easy to travel Sounds, Volume control, automatic timer
LumiPet Bear Kids Night Light 4.6 based on 2900 plus reviews Long time Easy to use Yes Battery powered Toy, Colors, different animals, remote control,
Munchkin Light My Way 4.6 based on 2500 plus reviews Long time Easy to use Yes Battery powered Toy, colors,

Touch feature, timer, grasp handle

What to look for before buying the best night light for feeding a baby? 

Due to the large availability of choices, you may need help choosing the best night light for your baby’s feeding. But what if someone makes this choice much easier for you? Well, yes, I am here to help and sort this out, and that’s why I will recommend to you some important features or factors that you should look for before buying a night light to add to your baby’s nursery. After knowing about these, I assure you that you will easily be able to make a healthy decision and there will be no regrets at the end of the day. So, let’s have a look at these bests recommended features of night lights:

1. Brightness and colors:

Look for both features as your uppermost demands if you buy a night light for feeding your baby. A light that is too bright at night is worthless, and a light that is too dim is also worthless.

Adding to it, a light with absurd and unpeaceful colors is worthless, and light with only one color is also worthless. I hope this thing is much clearer to you now.

So, always look for a night light with an adjustable brightness function so you can set it according to your desired level whether you are going to feed your baby, read a book or want to find anything in the room.

It must not affect your eyes and the eyes of the baby at night. The same thing is with color, in this case, you need to get a night light with more than one color so that you may change it to the one that is more peaceful for the eyes and looks decent in the room. Considering the red or blue colors will be much worth it.

2. Battery Powered or Power cord

Night lights are available in both variants with batteries and without batteries. If you want to get a toy embedded with a night light, it is definitely one with a battery. However, if it doesn’t have a battery, you will get a night light that will directly work on the electricity.

Night light with a battery is okay for you to have on your bed with your baby, but if it is not with a battery backup, you have to consider the outlet’s location.

In this case, always plug your night light at a reasonable distance from your baby so that he won’t touch it. It would be a better thing to do and to make a choice.

3. Automatically turned off feature:

Get a night light that must turn off automatically once you have set the timer. It means to say when you go to sleep with your baby, so your night light must be capable of being turned off by itself after a reasonable time that you have set over its timer.
That’s why to look for something like this as this will provide great versatility and helps you and your baby get some sound sleep, and be cost-effective.

However, parent may not like this feature but you can turn it off.

4. Replaceable bulb:

Most of the night lights come with irreplaceable bulb features. As described in our list, many of them can be replaced if the bulb becomes out of order. Also, there are many night lights available with LED lighting.

So, you need to look for a night light with a replaceable bulb feature, or in case it doesn’t have this feature, it must be durable and long-lasting so that you save your money. Here an excellent choice will be getting a night light with an LED bulb.

5. Mixed features:

Many night lights are coming with more numbers features, so having these in your chosen one would be the best to consider.
Like it would be worth looking for a night light with Mobile or Alexa control features that have soothing sounds for making your baby sleep and sleep/awake alarm features, sounds, thermometers, color-changing bulbs or motion sensors, etc.

6. Safety:

Safety is much necessary in case if you are going to place a night light beside your baby. It must be tested and not made up of any harmful materials. The light must not be harmful to the eyes.

7. Customer reviews and rating:

Since all 8 products that we have chosen for you are highly rated and most recommended with pros and cons.

But it’s still your little responsibility to look for the relative reviews of the night light so that you may make a good decision.

8. Price:

Are you worried about price and budget? Well, you shouldn’t because these night lights are a few expensive products. You can get the best one with a price range of 10 to 100 dollars or more. So, there is no need to have a hefty amount for that.

 Necessary precautions while using night lights:

Since you will use a night light as a traditional instrument for feeding your baby, you must take precautionary measures. Because I don’t want you or your baby to get hurt or face any accident, that’s why I am going to recommend to you some precautions that you should keep in your mind for the long-lasting safety of your little one with added benefits.

Keep them away from your baby:

If a night light works on electricity and consists of different parts, keep it away from your infant. Many night lights have choking hazards that could cause mild or severe harm to your baby. So, it’s on you to ensure safety first.

Have an eye over the cords:

Keep the cords clean and clear from dirt. The cords shouldn’t cause any electrocution or suffocation to the outlets and other sockets.

Don’t let him chew:

Even if you use a battery-powered night light, keep it away from your baby’s mouth as he may chew its plastic with his teeth. It may cause health problems for your baby or short-circuit problems inside the circuits.

Fire safety:

Some night lights bear a little and get too hot during a reasonable time. They might burn or can cause any harm. In this case, if you feel the warmness of your night light, you need to turn it off for a while then you can use it again. It will be the best thing to do to be safe from fire or any burn.


What color night light is best for babies?

Usually, parents think that green or more vibrant colors will make a difference in sleep, but they need to know that blue or red colors are the best and most recommended for comfortable sleeping. Parents can use any light color in their room, but according to the latest pediatricians and pediatric associations, it is clear that parents should resist the night lights with green or white wavelengths. They may cause harm to your baby’s eyes or maybe to yours.

What color night light promotes sleep?

After great research and testing, it is predicted that only red light promotes sleep. It has an intensity of 10 lux or higher that helps induce sleep more easily. Red lights should always be used in your bedroom for better sleep.

Does feeding babies more during the day help them sleep at night?

It depends on the situation. If you feed your baby more, he will definitely need more food before sleeping. They will wake up anytime and ask for food. If you feed your baby more during the daytime, he will eventually sleep more in the daytime. But at night, he won’t sleep and let you sleep as he will have already completed his sleep. So, you need to start a bedtime routine with feeding. Feed less of your baby during the daytime so he can sleep peacefully during the night.



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So, this was it for today, and I shall leave you here hoping to see you soon with another great idea. Until then, take care of yourself and your baby and keep him enjoyable with the help of night light on those gloomy nights. Love from my side for you and your little one.