How to get your Baby to Sleep without Being Held

It’s no secret that babies can be challenging to put down for the night. There are many tricks and tips to help your little one sleep without being held.

How to get your Baby to Sleep Without Being Held And Why It’s Important

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as trying to get your baby to sleep without being held. You’ve tried rocking them, walking around the room, and singing lullabies, but now they’re wide awake and howling like a banshee with no intentions of going back down! As exhausting as it is, this struggle isn’t uncommon for new parents.

The lack of rest is a frequent issue for new parents. Lack of sleep could cause stress or forgetfulness. It can also lead to problems with relationships. When it comes to getting your baby to sleep without being held, you can do a few different things.

Some babies need their pacifier or thumb to fall asleep, while others only need the sound of your voice or white noise from a fan or machine. Try rocking them in one arm with another hand on their chest (or patting gently).

There are many ways that you know how how to get your baby sleeping without being held, but first, you will need to learn why the baby is not sleeping on their own without crying.

Why Should I Get My Newborn To Sleep Without Being Held?

When a baby doesn’t sleep unless held under any circumstances, it can be very stressful for new parents. It would help if you started applying the techniques here so that your child gradually learns how and when best time their bed at night.

Why Your Newborn Won’t Sleep Unless Being Held?

It’s not unusual to find yourself rocking your newborn back and forth for hours, trying in vain to get sleep. It can be frustrating. One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “why will my newborn only sleep if he/she is held?” I think there are three main reasons for this:

1. Uncomfortable Place for sleeping:

Your newborn might be uncomfortable, but it can be hard to tell the root cause. The most common reasons babies refuse to be put down are seeking your company or sympathy. Both make them feel better when you hold and talk with them in soothing voices until they eventually fall asleep on someone’s shoulder.

2. Improper Sleeping Position

You may have noticed that your newborn won’t sleep unless they are being held. One reason is that you’re putting them down improperly and eliciting the startle reflex, making it difficult to fall back asleep as quickly since their system was activated by fear or surprise.

3. Sleeping in the arm is a Learned Habit.

The drive to Sleep is a biological process, however, it is possible to learn. Your baby might have learned to sleep in your arms, so for them, this was a Learned Habit that they developed over time through conditioning. It can be challenging for an infant or toddler who has grown accustomed to this pattern, as they may need time and encouragement from you when trying out other sleeping arrangements.
baby Sleeping in the arm

Step by Step guide on how to get your baby to sleep without being held

Baby’s Sleep is a precious commodity that parents work hard to preserve. There are various ways to aid your child (or anyone else!) to sleep better. Even if they are not currently sleeping in your arms, these tactics can help them fall asleep and stay there for a nap! This is why I will demonstrate how to bring your toddler or baby to fall asleep without being held.

1. Choose a Quiet and peaceful place For Sleep

A quiet and peaceful place is key to quickly falling asleep with your precious baby. So choose a comfortable room, crib, or bed for them that will help them feel at ease to let go of any thoughts they might have going on around them while also helping them get some much-needed rest.

2. Physical Comfort of your Baby:

It’s amazing how much newborns depend on being held. Suppose they are physically uncomfortable, such as hunger or an upset stomach. Ensure that the feeding has gone well; burp them at least once during it and afterward. Check if diapers are wrong, like wetness or leaking problems, making Sleep more difficult.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of developing an infant, so it’s best to get babies into bed with a plan. A newborn sleep schedule will help ensure a proper balance between daytime naps and nighttime rest, which helps them fall asleep on their own without being held.

3. Swaddling:

The perfect way to calm your baby is by swaddling them. When you wrap up in an embrace like this, it’s as though they are still tucked safely inside of you, and you can feel all the comfort brought by leaving on Motherhood Mapping days gone by, and it will help your baby asleep early.
Swaddling a baby for sleep

4. Make a suitable Environment for Sleep:

The darker a baby’s room is, the faster they will fall asleep. Darkness allows for more melatonin and can help cure any confusion about day-night since this sleep-inducing hormone needs darkness to do its job properly.

Baby doesn’t need bright light when going through night terrors because they’re not confused about what time it should be. But you can use the night lights for the baby room for comfort lighting. These forms of episodes happen at random times at every outlet. While some babies seem prone toward them, others aren’t

5. “The “pause” to help babies learn to soothe themselves and sleep without being or swaddled

Remember a few things to remember when putting your baby down for sleep. First, ensure they’re tired but not overtired and well-winded (able to breathe without difficulty). Second is the importance of avoiding discomfort; keep it snugly swaddled to prevent any movement accidents while you do this.

A baby placed in a crib or bassinet may not settle immediately. They might be content while you’re patting the bottom, swinging them back and forth, but they seem to start waking up again once stopped.

It is equally important to listen and wait for your baby. While they may fuss or even cry, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with them – hunger due, most commonly among common things that can make babies unhappy usually enough cause without any other troubles involved in their demeanor towards us parents.

You want to stay close but give them a chance. Your baby may stir, open their eyes again or wriggle and move around in the crib- it is totally fine! It could indicate that they are starting on early sleep cycles, so don’t disturb them.

6. Keep your hands on your baby after putting him on the Bed.

One of the sensations that can be felt when you’re being held in contact with your body is warmth on her chest as it presses against yours. Put her down just before Sleep but keep an arm wrapped around them for safety and stay near so she doesn’t feel alone even though it’s dark outside or in bed late at night- no one should ever have to wake up feeling like this!

7. Use a Crib vibration machine or Vibrating Bassinet.

The best way to get your baby to sleep is by using a crib vibration machine for babies and a bassinet vibrating. This modern and easy device will help soothe them before bedtime, which improves their quality of rest later on.


How do I train my baby to sleep without being held?

Whenever possible, you should always put your baby to sleep in a safe place, with his back on a flat surface. It is because your baby cannot move if he is lying on his back, which will help prevent SIDS. You should also avoid putting soft objects in the crib, like a blanket. Some babies sleep best while someone is holding them.

Find a position your baby likes best, like being cradled in the arms, and then hold him until he falls asleep. If he doesn’t fall asleep quickly, place him in the crib and leave the room. He will learn how to fall asleep independently by leaving him in the crib.

It could be a nightmare for new parents who try to put their baby to sleep for naps or bedtime. Your baby is crying for a reason. And you may have felt helpless and have tried various things that don’t work. But I’m telling you, it’s not your fault.

How do I get my 6-month-old to sleep without being held?

If you have a baby older than six months and still don’t sleep through the night without being held, you’ve probably tried everything. You’ve probably spent hours rocking her in the chair, singing, and snuggling her in the crib.

Try to create a sleeping environment that is as consistent as possible. As babies get closer to six months, they’re able to sleep through the night much better if they’re in their beds. Once your baby falls asleep, you can put him down in his bed rather than pick him up after he wakes up.

From my experience, I understood that my baby could not sleep without being held. Since I hardly slept for the first six weeks, I started crying from exhaustion and frustration. Moreover, my baby did not sleep, and it affected my health. Then I decided to try another approach, so I started following the concept of baby-wearing. That helped me a lot to get some good sleep.

I highly recommend baby-wearing to all new moms. Some great baby carriers are available on the market to pick one easily. My baby is three months old now, and he gets upset if I put him down. He cries a little but goes to sleep in a few minutes. If you feel exhausted and try to get some sleep, start baby-wearing, as it might help you.

Why does my baby only sleep when being held?

We don’t know what causes this, but we have seen some reasons: You have been able to soothe your baby by holding them, but now that they are older and able to move around, the ability to soothe has been lost.

  1. Some infants will do this just so they can play with your face, which is a common early development milestone.
  2. Some babies may be born with something medically wrong, but this is rare as this behavior is harmless.
  3. You may need to change your feeding or diaper routine slightly to keep your child calm and focused. For example, if he’s distracted by something like a bright toy, try keeping it out of his line of vision.
  4. If the sleep problems started after a development milestone, this could result from your baby not liking the new change. For example, some babies sleep poorly when they have teeth coming in or start crawling or walking.


This article will help many people who need help figuring out what to do when their children won’t go down or stay asleep at night.

While it can sometimes be frustrating, your child needs space and privacy during the nighttime- just like you! With our tips on how to get your baby sleeping without holding them all night long, you’ll find what works for your family so everyone will have a good night’s rest each evening.

You deserve it after such an exhausting day taking care of your newborn! Remember to give yourself plenty of breaks throughout the day, too- no one said parenting was easy! Keep up the hard work, mommies, and daddies out there- we’re rooting for ya’all 🙂

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