Boppy Chair vs Bumbo | Which is the best ?

The best baby chair for your new addition is up to you! Each baby chair has its features and benefits, Depending on what will work well for you and your baby.

If you’re looking for a light and cost-effective chair, choose boppy. If you’re seeking a more comfortable chair to support your child’s weight, go for a bumbo seat.

We have also shared the details about both chairs so that you can decide on the most suitable baby chairs according to your need.

Boppy Chair vs Bumbo Seat

This article will look at both and help you decide which is right for your baby. What’s the difference between a Boppy and Bumbo chair? Which one is best for your little angel? Throughout this post, I’ll explain the differences between the two and which is the best baby chair.

The best baby chair should be comfortable for the baby, should be easy to clean, and should last for the baby’s early months. First, we will review both chairs separately and starts with the Boppy chair.

Boppy Chair review

A higher safety standard is followed in the design of the Boppy chair. A boppy chair is not only a very cozy and cushioned type but also very safe. The Boppy chair has two very protective straps, keeping the babies secure without feeling tight on the seat.

Age & Weight Limit:

The Boppy chair has designed for 3 to 12 months babies. Customers are very happy to purchase the Boppy chair because of its delightful features, weight, and height limit. You can use it until your baby easily fits in it. As long as you are within its weight and age limit, it can be safely used for 25 to 35 lbs.


The chair can be used safely for infants, too. Its removable cushion makes it more impressive as you can remove the seat cushion for babies if they don’t like it or you don’t need extra cushioning.

Easy To Clean:

Although its cover cannot be removed or washed, it is made in a way that makes it very easy to clean. The seat cover material is easily cleaned and does not look messy even after long use. chair’s fabric has different colors and patterns.

Some customers use it as a high chair also, the boppy chair is better than the traditional high chairs. It is very easy to use and folds and stores easily. You can take it everywhere, best for indoors and outdoor too.


Boppy chair


Overall it is an excellent multifactual chair that can be used as a booster, high chair, floor seat, and feeding seat beside the baby floor play mat.

Boppy chair review pros and cons

  • Removable bolster
  • BPA free material tray, Washable tray
  • Three points safety harness for safety
  • Comfy and large seat
  • Safety Straps
  • Proved by ASTM F2640
  • Also suitable for fatty and healthy babies
  • Very easy to clean
  • Beautiful colors and patterns
  • Super easy and nice for traveling
  • A few customers do not like seat padding velcro, they want something else instead of velcro pieces in padding.

  • The seat cover can’t be removed.

  • Not much suitable for infants.

The Bumbo Seat Review:

The bumbo seat has been designed beautifully for comfortable sitting. It is designed for 3 to 9 months babies and is very suitable for thin babies.

Multipurpose Chair:

Bumbo seats are designed to be used as booster seats, floor seats, and feeding seats. The bumbo seat has two adjustable type height levels, and you can change the sitting height according to your baby’s needs.


It keeps the other furniture or floor surface completely safe, and you can keep it anywhere at home in any room without getting fear of floor demands. The bumbo seat base surface is designed to be non-slip and keeps the pad stable on the seat.

The seat padding is only for babies, for older babies, you can remove the pad to make a sitting space. Three points safety Harness and safety straps provide safety for your little ones. the straps keep the babies safe and protect them from falling.

Removable Straps:

And these straps are removable you can remove them for older babies who can sit perfectly by themselves.
For your convenience, straps can be removed during sitting for easier cleaning or washing. However, for your baby’s safety, you shouldn’t remove the straps during sitting.

The bumbo seat has to removable tray option too.

The bumbo chair is good, but most customers complained about tray quality, difficulty in cleaning, and the non-stick surface of the tray. Due to the non-stick surface, toys do not stay on the tray surface and fall.

Bumbo Transition Seat

Bumbo Seat Pros and Cons

  • The seat has to remove the able tray
  • Comfortable sitting
  • Removable padding
  • Stable legs safest for babies sitting
  • Good for thin and small baby
  • Safety straps
  • Easy to move
  • The seat is easy to clean
  • Best quality material
  • The best alternative to the high chair
  • Take less space
  • Adjustable height
  • Can’t add an older baby without removing the pad.

Difference between Boppy vs Bumbo

Following are some main differences between the Boppy Chair vs Bumbo seat:

Boppy Chair vs Bumbo


Boppy chair Bumpo Seat
-The boppy has a special BPA-free material tray.

-Its tray is easy to remove.

-Best alternative to regular high chairs, which can be attached with another chair.

-The chair has safety straps that keep the baby stable in position.

-This chair has safety and material standards Proved by ASTM.

-It is best for fatty and healthy babies.

-The boppy chair folds completely.

-It is very portable indoor and outdoor. Easy to take with carrying handle.

-The boppy chair is very easy to clean.

-The bumbo seat has not a special material tray.

-The Tray is not easy to remove.

-The bumbo seat does not attach with other items, best as a booster seat.

-The seat safety straps are not much effective.

-This seat has no special safety test and standard.

-The bumbo seat best for thin babies.

-Does not foldable, only you can remove the tray and padding.

-The bumbo is best for indoor not very easy to take for traveling.

– The bumbo seat is not easy to clean.

Similarities between Bumbo Vs Boppy

Both baby seats have a Multipurpose floor seat, booster, and feeding seat.

  • These chairs have Removable padding.
  • Bumbo and Boppy seats have the best sitting position to maintain good postures of babies.
  • Boppy vs Bumbo have three points safety harness for safety.
  • These baby chairs have a removable tray.
  • A washable tray is available with both seats.


Which is best Boppy vs Bumbo?

Amoung Bumbo vs Boppy chairs, we have selected a boppy chair. It is the best multi-factional chair comparatively bumbo seat. A Bumbo seat is only best for thinner and small babies sitting or best as a booster only. In contrast, the boppy chair is ideal as a high chair, feeding seat, and flooring seat.


bumbo seat baby


The boppy chair is more portable than a bumbo chair. It folds entirely comparatively bumbo chair. Parents must go out for travelling or visit guests, and carrying the boppy chair with you is more accessible than bumbo.

The boppy chair can be used for both infants and babies, but the bumbo seat is best works for thin babies only, not fit for healthy and older babies.

Users report that the boppy chair has the best grip and comfortable seating compared to a bumbo chair because of its safety straps. The boppy chair and tray are made of special material, tested by ASTM.

The boppy chair is easy to clean, and the tray and other parts are easily removed. The boppy chair trays are easy to wash than the bumbo seat tray.

The boppy chair seat has a different cushion pattern and design you can purchase anyone’s design according to your like.

Both seats are designed to provide comfortable seating for your baby. The most important thing that matters in the selection of boppy vs bumbo is your requirement.

Suppose you have only purchased a sitting baby item according to your baby’s age and weight. You can use a bumbo seat for small babies.

But if you want the best multi-factional item for infants to older babies, then the boppy chair will be the best option.

Are Bumbo chairs bad for babies?

Selecting one baby item over another does not mean the non-selected item is bad. The bumbo chairs also have a good rating on Amazon.

The bumbo seat ad on Amazon has clearly detailed all use instructions. That chair is unsafe for babies who can’t sit alone. After reading many negative comments about bumbo when we searched personally about it, we know that manufacturer has clearly described how to use the bumbo baby seat safely.

Infant, no product is overall bad or good, but it depends on the use of a customer and how much you follow the instructions effectively because most accidents or baby injuries are sometimes the results of wrong use or carelessness of parents.

bumbo seat safety

The bumbo chairs are not very practical for babies who do not sit alone. Although these chairs are designed for comfortable seating and promote baby’s back posture, it is still unsafe for infants because, despite straps, infants may fall from these chairs. So, please Don’t leave them unattentive.

Select it wisely at the right age for your baby. Most importantly, infants require time for tummy and crawling, which is necessary for their body development. So, in your supervision, you should only use these chairs for a little time.

What age is the Bumbo chair recommended for?

Although most bumbo chairs are made for 3 to 12 months babies, the best time to use the bumbo seat is when your baby may sit independently.

Why are Bumbo chairs bad?

The age-limit bumbo chairs are designed for a time of baby’s body and muscle development. During this period, baby health experts also regiment physical movements for babies.

Because physical activity in this stage is essential for their mind and body growth, strict sitting is unsuitable for their development. Instead, babies don’t like to sit in one place at this age, so forcefully you can not close them in one place.

These chairs are best for sitting training and as a feeding seat. So, these chairs are okay but only used for a little time for training.

What is better than a Bumbo seat?

The bumbo seat could be more effective because it has limited the baby’s activities to sitting. Many other products may have an alternative to bumbo seats and are better than bumbo seats.

As you read above, tummy time crawling, walking, or some physical activities are necessary for a baby’s mind and body growth. So you can create a safe area for playing, crawling, and tummy time by adding a baby fence or barriers.

To make this area safer and more comfortable, you can add a non-toxic baby play mat in a selected area of the baby fence. You can put a baby lounger, a kid’s activity play centre, and toys in your preferred area. Many good loungers are available on Amoze like

  • Snuggle me organic lounger
  • Boppy lounger
  •  Dockatot lounger
  • Lappi baby lounger 

Baby loungers can be used in many ways, like sleeping, tummy time, lying on their back, etc. Baby pack-n-play or baby play yard is also better than a bumbo seat.

Baby bouncers and baby swings are also best-sitting alternatives for babies.


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