How Long are Crib Mattresses Good For or Last

A crib mattress is a big purchase, but it’s one that you’ll likely only make a few times in your life. So, how do you know which one to buy? And, once you’ve bought it, how long will it last? In this post, we’ll answer those questions and more. So, whether you’re just starting your search or you’re ready to buy, read on for all the info you need.

How Long are Crib Mattresses Good For

Crib mattresses are an essential part of your child’s sleep environment. They provide a soft, comforting space for sleeping and can be used as a surface to lay or kneel on during playtime. Crib mattresses come in many different sizes, so it is always best to measure the mattress before buying one!
Crib Mattresses last quite a long time because they are not exposed to as much wear and tear as regular bedding might be. Parents should choose firm crib mattresses that have been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) since these will support their baby’s spine from head to toe while also providing a comfortable night’s sleep.

So how long your Mattress will last?

How long the life of a crib mattress is based on various complex and often unpredictable elements. The best estimated time is 3 to 5 years, but some beds may be longer than others, while the cheaper mattresses don’t have the same longevity. A careful selection of products that meet the highest standards will result in a better understanding of your child’s requirements met with no compromise to comfort and span in any way.

Factors which will affect the Lifespan Of Crib Mattress?

The main factor that can increase your crib mattress’s lifespan depends on how you care for it and if it’s being used. The product manufacturer has specific recommendations, which are very important for crib mattresses to last long and should be followed when using this item.

The following factors can affect how long your mattress lasts:

1. Material and Density of Foam:

The lifespan of your Crib’s mattress will depend heavily on what type of foam it is built. A foam with a higher density lasts longer than one made from polyurethane or latex, which goes flat more quicker. These low-density types of foam lose their shape over time, causing supporting capabilities and making them prone to toppers risks in general when used by children under six years old.

2. Type of mattress You are using:

The innerspring coils can last longer than any other kind of mattress, but you must be aware of the coils. Sometimes, they poke through the coils, which signifies that it’s time to improve or replace the crib mattress.

3. Cover of the Mattress:

The mattress’s cover also plays a vital role in its Longevity of the mattress. You should consider the type of cover your crib mattress is made with. A fabric cover, especially vinyl, can lose its elasticity with time, so if you are looking for a sturdy bedding set, choose thicker, like polyester or nylon that can withstand spills without getting damaged to liquid droplets on their surface.

Factors which will effect the Lifespan Of Crib Mattress

4. Lifespan will increase with Care and Maintenance:

You can prolong the lifespan of your crib mattress by keeping it clean, giving it a regular cleaning session in between use and never letting accidents soak into the surface. If anything does happen though- don’t let them sit there! Always use an appropriate cover to protect against these incidents.

5. Double-sided Mattresses:

Crib mattresses can accommodate toddlers and infants as your baby grow. Double-sided mattresses offer an excellent solution for parents and their children to share a bed. These mattresses come with two sides, which are more firm and ideal for use when your kid is a baby or can transition to softness as they grow older. All you have to do is flip over the mattress, which will help maintain its toughness, yet gives the child to sleep comfortably on both sides.Double-sided Mattresses

6. Save Mattress from Liquid:

A waterproof mattress can last 10 times longer than a non-waterproof one. Suppose your current bedding is not water-resistant. In that case, you must get something like an encasement or protector for extra protection against leaks as liquids such as urine will seep into the material much faster and wear down its life span quickly.

Accidents do happen. No matter what it is, whether it’s urine or a blowout or blood-it does not matter since accidents will reduce the lifespan of your mattress. If any liquid is absorbed and mold develops and harmful bacteria infest the mattress and void the warranty.

7. Stain Resistance:

A mattress with a water-resistant cover should last longer than one without it because they’re designed differently. A stain can cause warranty cancellation, so choosing a product that will not discolour and is pretreated to combat stains is great for extending a mattress’s lifespan.

8. Storage:

If you have a second child and think about crib mattresses as an option, proper storage is essential. Moist environments or direct heat sources like fireplaces can damage the material’s structural integrity and make them susceptible to stains. Avoid storing in plastic wrap since this will cause moisture buildup, which could result in mold growing on your mattress too quickly; try using its original box.

9. Other Factors which effects Longevity

To maintain the Mattresses, you often need to be cleaned and sanitized to maintain their quality. Children’s weight on matting will affect how quickly it wears down over time, and the heavier your baby grow, the faster their mattress will wear down.

Tips to make your Crib Mattress Last longer:

It’s not just the material you use that helps prolong a crib mattress’ lifespan. It’s also essential for parents to maintain and care for their child’s sleep space, which includes regular cleaning habits.

Following are some of our best recommendations to ensure that your mattress lasts for a long time and you can use a crib mattress for your other children:

  • Clean the mattress and do regular cleaning. You can vacuum your mattress every month.
  • To keep bacteria from spreading to avoid infection, spray anti-bacterial
  • Always dry it thoroughly before putting sheets, covers, or even baby on it.
  • Spot-clean it to keep it from staining.
  • It is essential to flip or turn it over regularly to distribute wear evenly; this way, a double side mattress is suggested.
  • Check that the mattress isn’t sinking excessively, if you’re using it intended for a crib, to avoid suffocation SIDS.

Features of Long-Lasting Mattress:

When buying a new mattress, don’t just buy the cheapest one. Get something that can last longer, so you can protect your investment and avoid having issues years down the line.

  • Good Crib mattresses are made of environmentally-friendly materials or organic mattresses.
  • The mattresses of the highest quality come with Greenguard Gold & CertiPUR-US Certified.
  • If you have the money, choose brands with an established reputation that they can trust. They are generally produced reliable and long-lasting mattresses.
  • A waterproof and stain-free mattress can last for many years.
  • Use the double side mattress.
  • A better quality mattress is equipped with air circulation and cooling capabilities.
  • The mattress comes with a warranty, so you claim it in case of any issues.


Do crib mattresses expire?

A baby mattress’s lifespan depends on a wide variety of factors. You might be surprised to find out that your baby’s mattress has a lifespan of more than five years, which can seem like an eternity. You as the parent have control over when they should get replaced and what factors affect its life span in general. The lifespan of any mattress varies depending upon several different factors: who used it before you bought yours (newborns ), if there has been an accident involving blood-soaked sheets. etc. But don’t worry because most mattresses these days come with at least five years’ worth guarantee – so no worries about them lasting until eternity either way.

How long can baby mattress last?

The quality mattresses if used with manufacturer recommendations can last up to 5  years or more before they need replacing, but some will wear out much quicker than others. Cheaper beds tend not to have the same longevity and quality as more expensive models.

How often should you change crib sheets?

As a best practice, it’s recommended that you wash your baby’s bed sheets at least every other week. Parents should change the sheets on their baby’s crib every week, even if they don’t seem dirty.

When should you change a baby’s mattress?

Every crib mattress has a lifespan when these mattresses are expired or too old to use then it’s time to change the baby’s mattress. Normally baby’s mattresses can easily be lost up to five years, when if you feel that they can hold the weight of your baby and your baby is dipping into it, then it is the best time to change it.

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