How to wash baby lounger or how to clean it?

How to wash baby lounger or how to clean it?

In this article, you will find how to wash baby lounger. There are different baby loungers are available in the market, some of them are washable baby longer like Dockatot, while others don’t suitable for washing. But for a non-washable baby lounger, you have different covers available, you can use them to protect your original product from dirt or dust using these covers. Once you feel that the lounger pillow required cleaning, you can simply wash these covers. You can check these lounger covers on amazon if you are interested in covers.

bobby washable baby loungers

This article is completely related to how to wash baby lounger but here I am quoting a brand Boppy. Who is claiming that most of their baby loungers are machine washable and after washing you can dry them easily without any issue. You can check the baby lounger of bobby on amazon here.

How to clean baby lounger? Washing boppy newborn lounger

If your baby lounger is not washable, still you can use some method to clean your lounger or pillow of baby. For spot clean there are some antimicrobial sprays available you can use them, however, you can make a cleaning solution at home with the following material:

  • Hot water
  • Washing Soda
  • A small spray bottle

How to apply cleaning on baby lounger?

  • Add two cups of hot-water in the spray bottle.
  • Mix less than half a cup of washing soda in hot water.
  • Shake it and then spray this solution on dirt spot at lounger.
  • After some time you can dry it with a soft cloth.

If your baby lounger has an extra cover on it, then it is easier to wash it. You use the following step to do it.

  •         Open the zip or strip of lounger and remove the internal pillow from it.
  •         Close the zip before washing, it will protect its zipper.
  •         Now you can wash your cover either in a washing machine or even you can try a hand wash.
  •         Once you done, you dry it with dryer or in the fresh air.
  •         And again it is ready to use it again on your baby lounger.

How to wash baby lounger?

If you don’t have a cover on it and your baby lounger is washable and recommended by its manufacturer then you can wash it. You may find its recommended method on the manual of the brand or manufacturer. You can also follow these steps to washing your baby lounger in the machine.

  1.     You can use any washing machine but good results use a front-load washing-machines.
  2.     You can just throw your baby lounger in the washer. Use the cold water on the delicate cycle by itself

3.     From washing machine controller set it to Hand Wash Cycles. This option may available with different names on your machine or you can set it any cycle rate.

How to wash baby lounger

  1.     It is recommended by different manufacturers that you dry baby lounger on low heat, dry it on low delicate cycle 30°C /85° F. While drying baby lounger throw in a clean tennis balls, the ball will hit on it and will separate the bunch of fiber-filling which may form during washing.
  2.     You can use Air Dry as well

Most of the baby loungers are not machine washable; however, there is cover available for them. You can use these cover to protect your baby lounger and if it gets dirty or dusty you can remove its cover and wash it.

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I have shared some best and very useful cleaning tips and steps of cleaning baby lounger at home. You can try these and clean your baby product in no time, also in the most safe way. You can wash your lounger of different brands like Boppy, Leachco, snuggle me, Lulyboo, Mila Millie, CubbyCove, DockATot etc properly without it losing its shape and getting damaged. But my personal experience that washing your lounger numerous times may result in loss of its quality and decrease its life. So it is suggested that you wash your baby lounger only when you need it for sure. Also, check if covers are available for your baby lounger you can use for multiple benefits. Even if there is no cover for your baby lounger, then you can try a small blanket or piece of soft cloth before putting your baby on it.

I hope this article is helpful to you. You can share any other tips for cleaning and washing of baby lounger in comments. Your view will help other readers. Thank you..! Have a Good Day..!

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