How To Make A Crib Taller & Raise Its height

In the world of baby furniture, nearly every piece that is sold has some kind of height measurement. The crib is no different. It has measurements of length, width, and even height for you! Keeping your baby safe should be the highest priority when purchasing a crib or any other piece of furniture for your little one. Some parents are taller than others, so what would happen if you have an average-height partner?

You may feel inclined to build a step stool or another makeshift solution to that dilemma; however, there is no need to go to those lengths. A little research can give you all the information you require to understand how to create a taller crib.

How To Make A Crib Taller

The biggest issue I faced is the crib. The baby seemed to be trying to get off the bed. Even though we are unable to teach children that they may fall off to the opposite side if they attempt to climb out, however, we can provide alternative methods to keep them secure.

So, if you’re thinking of ways to prevent your child from getting out of the crib, I’m here to assist you with the options and also guide you through the crib height extender.

One of the first things you’ll want to check is whether there is a recall. If your crib has been recalled, you won’t be able to make it taller, as doing so could result in injury to your baby. This is unlikely to be an issue if you have a newer crib. You can also check to see if your crib has a drop side or any other type of mechanism that will allow you to lower the level. If it is, you can use it to build the crib higher. Otherwise, you will need to purchase new components or create your solution.

 Why Does The Crib Need To Be Taller?

One of the main reasons you need to make the crib taller to avoid your baby to climb out of the crib. Making your crib taller is excellent if your baby is too short of reaching the rails comfortably or if you and your partner are of different heights. This will prevent you from bending down to get your baby in and out of the crib, which can be dangerous for both of you! If your baby is too short for its crib, you risk its safety.

Baby safety experts suggest that parents keep their children in cribs with side rails until they are at least one year old. If you have a newborn, you may want to consider making the crib taller, so they are at a more comfortable level.

 Purchasing A New Crib

If you have a crib older than five years, you may also want to consider purchasing a new one. Newer cribs meet current safety regulations and have design improvements that make them safer than older models. If you decide to buy a new crib, ensure it meets the following safety guidelines: All sides are at least 26 inches high. If your crib does not meet these requirements, you can always make it taller. 

How To Make A Crib Taller: 5 Easy Steps!

You can try the following steps:

  1. You can adjust a drop-side crib to make it taller. Some cribs have a drop-side rail, which can be lowered to lower the crib’s height, or you may have a fixed-side crib that does not have a drop side.
  2. If you have a fixed-side crib, you may need to purchase additional pieces to increase the crib’s height. You can either visit a store selling baby furniture or order what you need online.
  3. You can change or remove the crib mattress and can use a thiner mattress to increase the height of crib. Or you can check out the guide to change mattress height of crib here.change the crib height
  4. Most baby supply websites sell crib extenders, and metal bars you can use to make the crib taller. Make sure you purchase a crib extender designed for your specific crib model.
  5. You may also use a metal bed frame to make the crib taller. This will extend the crib, so your baby will be closer to you while they sleep.
  6. You can use the baby crib tent to stop the baby to jump out of the crib.

Why Does Your Baby Need A Taller Crib?

As your baby grows, it may outgrow a crib that is not tall enough and your baby starts moving around. And it is possible that your baby may climb up the crib easily. 

Making the crib higher is a quick and efficient method of ensuring that your child gets plenty of space to develop and grow in a safe environment. If you want your child to transition to a toddler bed but they are too short for the crib, you can make the crib taller with a crib extender. This will give your child plenty of room to grow and allow them to stay in the same crib for longer.

DIY Options To Make A Baby’s Bed Taller

If you purchased a crib that does not have a drop side, or if you do not want to spend the money buying a crib extender, you can always make homemade solutions. One way to make a crib taller is to use blocks of wood. You can install it at the top of its walls.


Keeping your baby safe is an important part of parenting. This can be particularly difficult if you have an infant who is growing and doesn’t have enough room in the crib. Fortunately, several ways to make the crib taller so your baby can continue sleeping in a safe environment as they grow. If you have a newborn, you may want to consider making the crib taller, so they are at a more comfortable level.

You can also do this if you have an older child who is too short for the crib. When choosing how to make a crib taller, you have several options, such as using a crib extender, building a step stool, or using a taller piece of furniture.

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