Slumberpod VS Snoozeshade Which one is Better?

In this article, we will compare Slumberpod and Snoozeshade side by side. We’ll review some of the key similarities and differences between the two baby products so you can decide which is suitable for you and your little one.

Slumberpod VS Snoozeshade

Babies should sleep comfortably, away from the sun, noise, and other things. Babies need more quality and healthy sleep. The importance of a baby sleeping well cannot be overstated. Babies who sleep well at night are happier and healthier overall.

Sleeping pods and shades like SlumberPod and SnoozeShadeare are handy for the baby’s sleeping tasks. The sleeping pods are also handy for travelling because the baby can sleep on the way to their destination.

Comparison SlumberPod and SnoozeShade:

Every parent is always looking for baby products to help make their lives easier and more efficient. In this case, we’re comparing two products designed to enhance your child’s activity and sleep time. Let’s take a closer look at Slumberpod and Snoozeshade to see which is the better option for helping your baby sleep.




The SlumberPod is a unique tent that can be placed over your pack and play. It has two poles like any other camping version but offers plenty of space to stretch out. Whereas it is an actual rectangular pack n play or travel crib. You can take it for travel easily because of its small size and lightweight.
Travel Option
Both are suitable for travel, as these are foldable and come with carrying bags.
Build Options
Both easy to assemble, but they have very different styles.
It has an inviting height of 56 inches that allows most three-year-olds plenty of room inside; it measures 50 x 36 inches. It can be used for any standard rectangular Playard, pack’n play, or travel crib and fits up to 37 x 25 inches.
Both offer good breathability, SlumberPod is a breathable pod with excellent insulation, while SnoozeShade’s fabric allows air to circulate through it.
The SlumberPod has two big windows on the back and front of their tent. The window is adjustable to four different heights utilizing a wooden dowel with slots that you can tighten or loosen as needed for your privacy needs! The SnoozeShade’s two large windows on each side are designed to be rolled up manually and held shut by a snap, but there is only one setting for these – open or closed!
Inside Darkness
You’ll never see the light of day again if you sleep in this tent! The Slumberpod is a blackout device that blocks out all rays coming through where your sleeping area meets ground level – making for complete darkness when inside. Its material is a unique and surprisingly comfortable perforated mesh that lets in more light than expected while you’re sleeping. Not only does it let enough natural sunlight through to keep your room at the perfect temperature, but even with lights on the inside, we can still make out what’s happening outside!
SlumberPod has a relatively high price as compared to SnoozeShade.



  • Both are great products for providing privacy and darkness for napping babies and small children.
  • Both can be used for traveling.
  • SlumberPod can be collapsed and packed away into a small carrying case also. SnoozeShade can be rolled up and packed in a small carrying bag when not in use.

Ultimately, choosing between the two products comes down to your individual needs and preferences but either one is bound to make life with a little one that much easier!

SnoozeShade Review

SnoozeShade is an award-winning travel tent or crib canopy cover used to blackout 93% of light. It’s perfect for babies who are light sleepers or suffer from jet lag.

Getting your baby to sleep in a new environment can be tough, like when you’re on vacation or visiting family. The sun can be too bright and the noises too loud for your little one, making it hard for them to fall asleep. SnoozeShade is the perfect answer to help your baby sleep, whether you’re at home or on the go.

SnoozeShade Pack N Play

Blackout Travel Crib Canopy Cover
Blocks 94% of Light
Breathable Net

What is snoozeshade and what does it do?

It is a portable, inflatable pod used in cribs, playards, and travel beds. Once inflated, the Slumberpod creates a private, darkened space for your baby to sleep. It also blocks light and noise, creating a calm environment for your baby to sleep in. It works by blocking out light and noise.

It is a blackout blind and canopy that blocks out over 94% of light and provides a comfortable, dark, and tranquil environment for your little one to sleep in. It’s easy to use and attach and folds up small, so you can take it wherever you go.

Stop struggling to get your baby to sleep and give them the environment they need to drift off into a peaceful slumber with SnoozeShade.


✅ Blocks out over 94% of light for a dark, calm and tranquil environment.
✅ Perfect for naps and nighttime sleep.
✅ Attaches easily to most Pack ‘n Plays, travel cribs, play yards and strollers.
✅ Folds up small for easy portability.
✅ Breathable mesh side panels provide ventilation.

History of Brand:

SnoozeShade was created by a mom struggling to get her baby to sleep during travel or when they are outside. She wanted to find a way to block out the light and noise so her baby could sleep peacefully, even in a new environment.

So she designed SnoozeShade, the first blackout blind, and canopy in one. The parents loved it and got famous very soon, and then this baby product won awards for its innovative design. Now, this product helps parents all over the world get their babies to sleep, whether they’re at home or on the go.

Why choose SnoozeShade?

Simple Design:

As a designer, I appreciate simple and solid design. It’s much harder to make something simple and solid than slapping bells and whistles on something and making it look complex. I said earlier that the SnoozeShade Pack-N-Play is easy to set up. It takes seconds to install, and you’re good to go.

Blocks out the light:

People mainly use it because it helps to block out light. It’s perfect for naps and nighttime sleep and is great for use in bright environments like hotels, airports, and even your home (if the sun is shining in).

Easy to use: 

It is easy to attach to the crib, so you can use it when necessary. It’s also easy to fold up and take when you’re on the go.


it can be used with most Pack ‘n Plays, travel cribs, play yards, and strollers. It’s also great for use at home or during travel.

Award-winning design: 

SnoozeShade has won awards for its innovative design and has been featured in magazines and TV.

The SnoozeShade also comes with a travel crib canopy cover and a breathable net sleep shade. The canopy cover blocks out 94% of light. The net sleep shade is also great for keeping babies cool and comfortable while they sleep.

Overall, I was very impressed with the SnoozeShade Pack N-Play. It’s an excellent option for travel, and it’s very affordable. It is a beneficial product for those seeking a blackout sleep solution for their baby.

SlumberPod Review:

The SlumberPod is a portable privacy pod that aims to change all that. Made from lightweight, breathable fabric, the SlumberPod can be easily packed into a suitcase or diaper bag and set up in seconds. It’s also designed to fit over any crib, making it ideal for travel.

We were impressed with SlumberPod’s design and build quality. The tent is made from a durable, lightweight fabric material, and you can easily fold it away. The tent cover has an open bottom, so it can be placed over any crib. The top of the tent has a small opening for ventilation.

SlumberPod Portable Privacy Pod Blackout Canopy

Canopy/tent Design
Portable Privacy Pod
Blackout Sleeping Space

There are many benefits to using SlumberPods, like the ability for you or your child (or both!)to doze off anywhere at any time. This thing is much better than the standard travel pillow because it’s soft and firm enough to support you when you’re trying to sleep in an upright position.

Wouldn’t it be great to sleep on a long flight finally? It doesn’t take up much space, either. It’s so small that you can put it in your handbag and use it on the road or in a hotel. SlumberPod it’s a great product that I’ve used countless times.

What is slumberpod and what does it do?

Slumberpod is a baby product like pack n play that helps babies sleep. It is a portable, inflatable pod used in cribs, playards, and travel beds. Once inflated, the Slumberpod creates a private, darkened space for your baby to sleep. It also blocks light and noise and provides a comfortable and noise-free environment for your baby to sleep.

TheSlumberpod works by blocking out light and noise. Once inflated, this pod creates a private, darkened space for your baby to sleep.

What are the benefits of slumberpod?

There are many benefits of Slumberpod. Some of these benefits include:

  • It helps babies sleep by blocking out light and noise
  • It is portable and can be used in cribs, playards, and travel beds
  • It is easy to set up and take down

Why choose SlumberPod?

Bottomless Design

SlumberPod is a unique and innovative design for camping and outdoor gear. The bottomless feature allows for great airflow and covers any crib, playpen or travel crib.

Great Airflow Design

It has a unique airflow system that helps to keep a cool and comfortable environment inside. The SlumberPod is made with a special breathable fabric that helps regulate your body temperature. The bottom also has an easy to build in fan pocket for ultimate airflow on those hot summer days.

Easy To Build

SlumberPods are easy to build, thanks to our modular construction. You can put them together in just a few hours, with no special tools or skills required. They’re also perfect for vacation homes, RVs, and more.

Portable design

The SlumberPod was designed with portability in mind. The SlumberPod is an innovative new product that provides comfort and convenience for busy parents. It’s small enough to fit in your purse or bag, making it easy to use any time of day – even when you’re on the go! Great for travel with its easy-to-carry bag and portable design.


Reasons To Buy
  • It is budget friendly, compared with normal bed.
  • Its cushion is removable, washable, and easy to clean.
  • It can be used when travelling & home as well.
Reasons To Ignore
  • There have no much adjustment positions.

Final Thoughts:

I was intrigued by the SlumberPod as soon as I saw it. It’s a unique and innovative design in the world of camping and outdoor gear, and the bottomless feature allows for excellent airflow and covers any crib, playpen or travel crib. I was also impressed with the build quality and portability of the pod. The SlumberPod is a portable, comfortable, stylish pod for your baby that packs well on trips. I recommend the product to anyone who wants an easy-to-use solution in place of hotel rooms or other accommodations when travelling with children!


Both Slumberpod and Snoozeshade are great devices for helping babies sleep. Slumberpod is the more expensive choice but comes with a higher quality product. However, Slumberpod has a built-in air pump, while Snoozeshade does not.

Additionally, Slumberpod is machine washable, while Snoozeshade is not. Therefore, if you are looking for a slightly more expensive device that is easier to set up and take down and machine washable, Slumberpod is the better option. However, if you are looking for a cheaper device that does not come with a built-in air pump, then Snoozeshade is the better option for you.

If you’re looking for a product that’s great for use at home, the SlumberPod might be the better option for you. However, if you’re looking for something lightweight and portable to take on the go, the SnoozeShade might be better suited to your needs.

Ultimately, the best baby product will depend on your choice, needs and preferences. Which one do you prefer?

Which product suits your needs better: the SlumberPod or the SnoozeShade? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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