Snuggle me Organic Vs DockAtot Which is better for your baby

Here’s the Snuggle me organic Vs. DockAtot debate that has been going on for the past few years. The discussion has been about which one is better for your baby’s health and wellbeing: a Snuggle me organically or DockAtot? We will explore the benefits of each and leave it up to you to decide!

These are the two most famous brands of this baby product, i.e., snuggle me organic and dock a tot.

Snuggle me organic Vs DockAtot

In this post, we will discuss both baby loungers in detail, describe the comparisons and similarities, explain their unique features, and discuss their reviews on why people like the specific lounger and why they do not. In the end, there is a FAQ section for each baby lounger for some extra details which will help you buy the best baby lounger for your baby. I will describe some key features of both loungers, and you can decide for yourself.


DockAtot vs snuggle me organic Comparison:

There are many factors to consider when choosing between Snuggle me organic and DockAtot. Some parents might prefer the Snuggle me organic because it is made with certified organic cotton and wool fill, while others might prefer the DockAtot because it is free of flame retardants. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you prioritize for your child’s health and well-being.

For a quick understanding of dockAtot vs snuggle me organic, we will first compare some of the product’s main features and see how they differ. This Comparison will clarify which baby product is most suitable for you.

A few pros and cons of both loungers in the form of Comparison are as follows:

Snuggle Me Organic


Price Comparison

Snuggle me is a bit cheaper as compared to Dockatot and its washable covers are available for a low price as well. You can check the latest price on Amazon here. If you buy the snuggle me then DockAtot, you can save up to some handsome dollars.Snuggle Me Organic price (1) There are two types of loungers available with DockAtot i.e. DockATot Deluxe & DockATot Grand Dock.

DockATot Lounger

Material of both lounger

Snuggle me is a USA-made product with 100% Organic Cotton and which has the highest quality cotton material suitable for the sensitive skin of the baby. Dockatot outer material is contained 100 % cotton, while according to the vendor it Cover is made of 100% Cotton, round Tube made of 100% Polyester and its Pad or base is of 100% Polyester.

Which lounger is suitable for co-sleeping

You can use it for co-sleeping but the Dock A Tot is a better option as compared to snuggle me. It is great for tummy time and can help the baby to learn head & neck control. The nice thing about the Dock A Tot it was originally created for co-sleeping, but it is also great for tummy time. DockAtot is amazing for Co-sleeping; baby can sleep right between parents in the dock A tot. The Head of a baby is positioned the dockAtot is positioned where our pillows are, so the blankets won’t go overhead of the baby.  Most people use the dockatot for Co-sleeping as it just creates an extra wall between like you and the baby. But these loungers are not recommended for unsupervised, some moms use them for a breastfeeding pillow.

Types or Sizes

Three variants are available of the same size.

·         Organic Lounger | Natural

·         Linen Lounger | Oat

·         Bare Lounger | Natural

Dockatot is available in two sizes: the Deluxe, which can be used to 0-8 months and the Grand Dockatot which can be used 9 months to about 3 years old babies.

Softness or Hugging vs Not

According to snuggle me it is made to HUG your baby, Provide you with an additional form of ARMS. Snuggle-me organic is certainly much softer than the dockatot and it is a really good and comfortable place for a newborn but for a bigger baby may probably outgrow it. Dockatot has emerged sides and provide a play environment for baby.


Washable or not?

Snuggle me has the easiest cover to wash and you can easily remove it and throw it in the washing machine. Once it is clean you put it back on it again.


Dockatot is also washable but many people experienced it much harder as compared to snuggle me. Removing its cover is a bit tricky, you need to take this off the zipper it’s huge, and getting this back in is a pain as compared to other loungers. But this won’t mean that you cannot recover your lounger, it is just a bit harder.

Age range and baby lounger

According to both lounger manufacturers, you can use them for up to 8-9 months but it is still quite comfortable for bigger babies as well. The bigger variant of dockatot is the Grand dockatot, which can be used for up to 36 months. Obviously both the type of loungers are specifically for the same age range 0-8 months however we can use snuggle me for like supervised snaps pretty regularly. Snuggle me is considered more comfortable and useful for the newborn baby because of its shape and size.

Traveling options of Snuggle Me Organic vs DockATot

You can travel with your snuggle me baby lounger but dockatot is more convenient for travelling. It’s also great for travel. Dockatot is also suitable for travelling with a few soft handles for easy picking, so if you are a person who travels a lot. Dockatot is really good because it’s comfortable for the baby because he has the same comfort and atmosphere during travel. It makes a really great portable bed. You can use it for anything where you feel like you would need your infant to be comfortable and size.


Extension when your baby is growing

The other difference about the dockatot lounger is that you can open the bottom and the baby’s feet can come out. Snuggle me is in fixed size and No Such option is available in snuggle me.

dockatot bottom extension

Is my baby lounger has enough Space for a baby?
Snuggle me has its own unique center to hold a baby and actually not flat on one side it’s a suspended Center. And when you put the baby in it, the sides are bending toward the baby and the sides actually hug into the baby as the baby flattens out the bottom. It allows the child to be hugged to have that feeling and in this way snuggle me organic covering the baby more comfortably and safely.


Whereas dockatot has a much softer base but it is more flat and hard. So there is no hug feeling for your baby. Moreover, for newborn babies, it had empty spaces in loungers. But it all depends upon the size and weight of your baby.

Base of lounger

The next difference between these two loungers is the base of the lounger, Snuggle me has a thin base and it is recommended to put your lounger on a flat surface.


On the other hand, the Dockatot is pretty much just a flat padded surface Dockatot has a bit stronger base than the snuggle me and does have some extra padding for more comfort.


If you are not satisfied with the products and you purchased these baby loungers from amazon, you can return these products anytime as per amazon policy.


Snuggle me is available in different colours.

  • Natural
  • Ember
  • Moss
  • Sugar Plum
  • Skye
  • Sparrow
  • WrenSnuggle me color
  • Coast
  • Oat
  • Pebble
  • Rosewood
  • Birch
  • Honey
Same with dockAtot, you can avail of different colour options.


DockAtot lounger Colors

Which accessories are available for my baby lounger?

Following is a quick review of accessories available with these baby loungers, you can find more details on amazon.

DockATOT Accessories:

There are a few more accessories are available with DockAtot baby lounger as compared to snuggle me, list of these as under:

  • DOCKATOT ‘s Cover
  • DockATot Deluxe Transport Bag
  • DockATot Lounger Toy Arch for Deluxe+Dock
  • DockATot Toy Set for Deluxe+ Dock

DockATOT baby lounger Accessories 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


Snuggle Me Accessories:

Currently following accessories are available with the snuggle me or snuggle me organic baby lounger:

DockATot & Snuggle Me Baby Lounger Specifications

Name Of Lounger Type Measurements
Snuggle Me Size / Dimensions 4.00 x 29.00 x 17.00 in
  Weight 3.60 lbs (Package Weight)
  Recommended Age 0-9 months
DockATot Deluxe Size / Dimensions 18 inches wide x 29-34 inches long
  Weight 3.0 lbs
  Recommended Age 0-8 Months, Stage 1, 5-22 lbs.
DockATot Grand Size / Dimensions 24in wide x 39-47ins long (39 inches with closed clasps and 47in with open clasps)
Recommended Age 9-36 months

DockAtot Review:

DockATot is manufactured under OEKO-TEX-certified fabrics and this material is hypoallergenic, breathable, and washable. You can get a free cover with DockAtot lounger Grand, but you can also buy the additional covers from amazon, you can wash these covers easily and keep your lounger clean. Dockatot provides a comfortable bed for your child, it provides a cozy surrounding for sleeping. Dockatot is suitable for children from 0 to 36 months. It is lightweight and you can carry it easily during travel, for this, you can use dockatot Grand Transport Bag. According to different moms, their babies find the DockATot baby lounger to be very comfortable and children get a sweatier sleep than normal. Also, this lounger provides a docking station, which is ideal for diaper changes, tummy-time, or play-mate for your child.


ir?t=babygk 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B085LQLDR1Do this before using the new Dockatot baby lounger

The first thing that you need to remove is the cardboard from the base of the lounger. It is included only for shipping purposes just because it doesn’t get bent during shipping. And it is just located at the bottom or under the lounger. A tag reminds you to remove it. Open the zip and just remove it so easily.

Dockatot Baby Lounger

  • Dockatot has zero waterproofing ability. This means if water gets into your DockAtot baby lounger and it remains wet then it can create mold and mildew.
  • Once you remove the cardboard from the inside of the lounger all you have to do is check that the buckle is working properly, and then you’re good to go.
  • Earlier the biggest concern regarding dockatot is overheating and lack of fresh air. According to DockAtot, the problem has been resolved by engineering materials that allow 12 liters of air per minute through, which is equal to the rate at which a baby breathes.
  • DockAtot is machine washable; you can remove its cover and can wash it with the exception of the mattress pad, which is in a round shape around the lounger.
  • Shrinking of material can occur with DockAtot because it is made of natural fibers. According to Dock A tot, it may shrink 2.5-3% when you wash it. So you may need to dry it with care once it is wet.
  • You didn’t need to wash the tube around the baby lounger. However, in case you do need to wash it, just put it in a wash bag on cold. And dry it on low or medium heat.

DockAtot FAQ on Amazon:

Following are some most asked questions related to this baby lounger.

Q1: Does dockatot lounger comes with the cover?

Yes, a cover is available with the lounger, it is washable and you can wash it any time.

Q2: Is it safe for a newborn to sleep on his / her side?

There is no issue with straight sleep under supervision but still, it is not recommended newborn to sleep on his side is not recommended. Risks include but are not limited to suffocation, entrapment, and positional asphyxiation. The FDA, AAP, and NIH all warn against ANY type of bedding, pillow, positioners, etc. A baby should sleep on his back until able to roll easily from back to stomach to back.

Q3:Can we use DockATot grand for newborns?

No. it is recommended by DockATot that you can use DockATot Deluxe for newborns.

DockAtot Cons and Negative Review:

  • The FDA, AAP have warned about different baby products such as loungers increasing the risk of Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The baby should sleep on his or her back in a lounger instead of his or her side.
  • Its tube shaped-wall is decent for sustaining baby up & tummy time, but it may not support for planned-uses.
  • DockAtot will cost you from $185 to $300, and it is pricey for this kind of baby product.
  • If you analyze the negative review on amazon, customers rate it one star because of the following reasons:
    • Most negative reviews are because it is much more difficult to wash or clean as compared to snuggle me.
    • Few customers reported that dockatot grand is not as quality made as to the dockatot-deluxe.
    • Few customers said that it had not a pleasant smell and their baby is not sleeping in the lounger.

Snuggle me Features / Review

Snuggle me organic is one of the best dockatot alternative baby loungers and it is a USA made baby product with 100% Organic Cotton, a high-quality material suitable for children having sensitive skin and eco-consciousness. It has a patented design with an unpadded sling in the center of the lounger.

It is much softer and gives a hug to your baby when you lay down the baby on it. The Snuggle Me can be used as a co-sleeping solution and is also useful for playtime, great for tummy time, and also help the child to learn neck control. It is most suitable for newborns and children until 9 months. Most moms like it because of the following reasons:

snuggle me Organic baby lounger

  • These baby loungers can be washed very easily as compared to dockatot, it has a cover that is removable for easy laundering.
  • Covers with different beautiful colours are available.
  • Best choice for newborn
  • It prevents your child from rolling over.
  • It is suitable for travelling with a canvas travel bag. You can take it easily anywhere with no worry.
  • The Snuggle Me Organic gives you a 30 days guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product you can simply send it back.

Snuggle me organic Vs DockAtot

Snuggle me Cons and Negative Review:

There are some downsides of the snuggle me lounger:

  • Although it is perfect for newborn babies, when your children grow, it gets smaller for them.
  • The base or bottom is not padded, it contains just layers of a few thick fabrics. So on hard surfaces or floors, you may require extra padding. But some babies are even comfortable with the current central base of loungers.
  • Because of the soft material, if you lay your baby for long periods on snuggle me, a baby may get a little overheated.
  • Extra washing is required to avoid shrinkage of the lounger and its cover.
  • Below is the summary of the negative review by customers on Amazon:
    • Customers with negative reviews on amazon say that it is not a good choice for hot climates. The baby gets wet after
    • It is too small for some babies.
    • Washing can affect the fabric it may get faded, and due to shrinkage, it may not fit the lounger properly.


Is the Snuggle Me Organic lounger washable?

Yes, snuggle me lounger, and its covers are washable on Cold and low Cycles. Dry it in the dryer on a low drying level, or try air drying.

What are the best Care instructions for the long life of a lounger?

It is recommended that you use its cover for its protection to reduce washing. Suppose you wash it carefully with cold water, mild detergent, and gentle agitation. It will increase its life; moreover, if you are drying it in a dryer, dry it at a cool temperature or air dry it. Make sure to dry your snuggle me lounger completely before using it again.

Is snuggle me safe for sleeping?

You and your baby must be in the same room and supervise your child when laying it on the lounger. During the night, it is recommended not to use your lounger.

Is it necessary to buy an extra cover with Snuggle me?

The lounger comes with one removable cover. However, it can be an excellent option if you have an additional cover for the lounger. In case if need to change it early, you use the other.

Can a baby roll out of snuggle me?

According to snuggle me, babies cannot roll out of the lounger until they are well-practiced at crawling, at which point they will be naturally transitioning out of their Snuggle Me. It has a patented centre sling, which has a calculated length, depth, and shape & is designed to create a safe sleeping environment that supports and snuggles them. Due to these factors, children remain in the safer supine position with a neutral spine, creating it highly unlikely they will be able to roll out of the pod.

Conclusion: What baby lounger is most suitable for you?

I want to leave it to the readers that they decide which is best for their babies, as I have described different positive and negative features of both loungers, Snuggle me organic Vs DockAtot. Finally, I want to share some quick tips for making the final decision.

  • Snuggle Me is a good option with attractive features if the high price is an issue. But there is only a $20 difference which is not a big difference.
  • If you are purchasing a lounger for a newborn, most customers recommend snuggle me organic for its softness, size, and grip. If your baby is six months older, Dockatot is a better choice, as you can use it for the next three years.
  • If you are looking for a lounger with many uses, then you go for Dockatot, which has a more breathable fabric and durable construction. And you can use it for a longer time. Also, supporting co-sleeping, so good for parents as well. Dockatot is more versatile and valuable in terms of travel.
  • Dockatot supports different toy accessories, providing a delightful time for your baby.


Snuggle me organic, and DockAtot are good choices for your baby’s health and well-being. Snuggle me organic is made with certified organic cotton and wool fill, while DockAtot is free of flame retardants. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you prioritize for your child’s health and well-being.

So choosing a lounger depends on your preferences, which you want in a lounger and do not. If you have a final decision from Snuggle me organic and DockAtot, you can buy it here. Thank you for reading; please share your view regarding DockAtot and Snuggle me organically in the comments.

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