Different Types Of Cribs | What is a 5-in-1 Crib & 4 in 1

While planning a nursery, the prime thing; most parents think is the “baby crib”. Moreover, they may look for different features like it is safe for the baby. Attractive and durable in its space and lasts for a longer duration. Also worth standing for a longer time, at least five years. So this article will discuss different types of cribs and help you choose the best crib for your baby.

Different Types of Cribs

Here are some of the basic types of cribs:

  • Convertible cribs
  • Non-convertible and regular cribs
  • Cribs with under-crib drawers
  • Travel cribs
  • Pack ‘N Plays
  • Portable cribs

1. Non-convertible baby crib

Non-convertible cribs come in fixed shapes, and you cannot convert them into toddlers or full beds. These Cribs only convert sometimes; it stands on rolling feet while providing you the storage space. Overall, it is the crib until it is 18-24 months. The non-convertible baby crib is comfortable and stationary with a fixed size.

Such crib types are super light and always available at affordable rates.

2۔ Convertible crib

Convertible cribs are a famous type of crib. It entirely depends on the type or model you choose. Either one or the other crib while providing you with different forms of bed. A convertible crib can convert into a toddler bed, twin bed, full-sized bed, or queen-sized bed. While using different materials, sizes, and different combinations, and finishes. These cribs are best in all accord.

Dream on Me Aden 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib

In addition, due to their versatility and other additional features, they cost more than the standard non-convertible cribs. On the other hand, you can get beds sparingly. In a way, the convertible crib can cost you lots of money in the end because some models are for the lifetime of your little one. Also, sometimes, you will need the additional parts of the cribs for such a conversion, especially when you want to get it at an affordable rate.

Convertible cribs are divided into three the common groups

Here are some of the standard classes of convertible cribs:

1. 2-in-1 convertible crib

These convertible cribs can be converted into beds. It is usually the day bed for the toddler. On the other hand, some models can also convert directly into full-sized beds.

2. 3-in-1 convertible crib

Such a convertible crib can convert into one crib to two beds. In addition, the types of beds can differ from type to type or model to model. In addition, some of the 3-in-1 convertible cribs can also change from a toddler’s bed and a daybed. In comparison, others are into the twin-sized or the day bed etc.

3. 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

The convertible crib type can be converted into one bed. It primarily converts from the adult bed to the only bed your child will ever need.

4. Combo Crib

The combo cribs are convertible cribs that incorporate all other furniture into their design. Furthermore, it has the attached changing table with different storage spaces. This sort of crib is also available in whole or min-sized beds.

In addition, it will give you the added functionality that will create more space in the nursery. The combo crib footprints are also smaller than the combined footprints of the separate standing changer and the crib.

Combo cribs have different names:

Crib with Changing table

Crib with Changing table

Almost all the combo cribs are convertible, especially if you prefer the model converted into a full-sized bed. You can also check the changing table, which can convert the matching nightstand. Combo crib is also a money and space-saving solution for smaller rooms and nurseries.

5. Cribs, which are under the drawer

There are some convertible cribs with added drawers under the mattress’s area. Moreover, the drawers are further divided into two equal parts, enabling better organization. Such cribs also use space under the crib drawers, which are of standard dimensions, but we have also got several mini versions.

6. Portable crib

Portable cribs are a wide range of cribs that can differ from one to another in a quiet way.

Furthermore, the cribs on the wheels have several added features like folding ability down and convertibility without disassembling.

In addition, portable cribs are available in several sizes, wherein the groups of other mini portable cribs are by far the greatest. And most of the mini cribs belong to different types of cribs. In addition, such cribs are short of space, so they need a mini crib that can move around their home and fold down if they are not in use.

7.      Pack ‘N Play

Primarily parents can consider some pack-n-play as the necessary piece of the baby’s equipment. It is useful for travelling, with a safe place to play around for a great naptime, a sleepover in the grandparents’ home, etc.

In addition, pack-n-play is made of aluminium or plastic frames and surrounded by breathable mesh. Pack N Play is lighter from the crib with a bit heavier from travel cribs. 

Types of Convertible Cribs

Convertible cribs are cribs that can be changed into a baby bed, a full-size bed, or a daybed in some circumstances. (5 in 1 crib and 4 in 1 cribs are other names for these cribs).

Types of Convertible Cribs

1. What is the 5 in 1 crib?

The 5-in-1 crib is the utmost way to gracefully convert the crib and mature it with your child from infancy to adulthood. With its rugged good looks and sturdy frame, you can quickly restore it to the full size and daybed when the mattress is not included. Such cribs will provide the rail design, giving you the utmost product safety.

For your convenience, you can lower it on the floor, feature it according to your five positions, and then adjust the whole mattress system.

As your little one is transitioning from toddler to adult, it is the best thing to consider: a perfect full-sized daybed that will give you convenience overall.

Features of the 5 in 1 crib

  • Five mattress positions
  • Solid wood
  • Adjustable mattress support system
  • Transitioning into the full-sized bed and the day bed

3.  What is 4-in-1 convertible crib

The 4-in-1 convertible crib transforms into a crib, toddler bed, day bed, and full-sized bed as your kid develops. Many consumers prefer convertible cribs because they can be converted into baby beds or full-size adult beds.

Although some parents prefer the option of converting their child’s cot into a bed as they grow older. Others may find the additional cost to be unreasonable. 5-in-1 cribs are also available, although they are similar to 4-in-1 cribs. The only real distinction is the last change, when you may choose whether you want an adult bed with or without a footboard. Effectively transitions your infant from crib to small child bed and daybed, with a small childbed-changing unit provided for your convenience.

In addition, it comes with an extra full-size bed transformation pack, which is available separately to maintain it for a long time. The low-profile design makes putting a baby to sleep a breeze. There are four mattress configurations to choose from, allowing you to adjust the height of the mattress as your kid learns to sit and stand.

The sheet in most cribs and small cribs may be adjusted to three to four multiple places. However, the three-level option is the most frequent. Many infant beds may also be converted into toddler beds. As a result, they may be used as a baby carrier, cot, and even a full-sized bed. Convertible cribs are:

Cribs that can be changed into a baby bed.

  • A full-size bed.
  • A daybed in some circumstances.

2.      3-in-1 convertible crib

3-in-1 convertible crib before their kid gets five. Parents will have to pay for a crib, a toddler bed, and a twin bed since three-in-one convertible accommodations transform to a small childbed in three easy stages.

With the aid of a convertible crib, three purchases will be merged into one. Convertible cribs are full-size wooden cribs that can also be used as small kid beds and twin beds when modified. Convertible cribs are huge wooden cribs used as small kid beds and twin beds when modified.

Types of convertible crib

A convertible crib can change from a crib to a childbed, daybed, or full-size bed with a headboard and highlights. A three-position flexible sleeping cushion back base. There are also convertible crib subtypes that differ in the number of conversions.

The number in the name of a convertible crib denotes how many bunk beds it can transform into. So, what exactly is a 3-in-1 convertible bedding set? A 3-in-1 convertible bed is a form of a crib that can be converted into two beds.

However, not all 3-in-1 baby cribs become similar. Their conversions differ according to the manufacturer and type to type. Most migration into a child’s bed occurs during the day and at night.

Classification of Cribs Base on Size and Shape

We have made a table enlist with every benefit, which is required with the baby crib to assist you.

1. Types of Crib According to Size

These are entirely based on the sizes. You can choose one that matches your requirement mini crib or a full-sized crib (Standard). Furthermore, the internal dimensions of the crib also fit perfectly on any crib you want.

Any of the cribs, which are smaller than some standard, is the mini crib. Luckily, most mini cribs are around 38″ to 24″ wide. On the other hand, the measurements of most of the mini crib mattresses are not as recommended.

Full-size vs. mini crib

If full-size is your preference with no other special requirements, then choosing the full-size crib is the better choice. In this way, your baby can use it for longer and will need it to sleep for longer hours.

It entirely depends on you when you want the convertible mini crib. In this way, you can also remember to get the one with the smaller dimensions; it will work best for you in all accord. On the other hand, most of the convertible cribs of twin-sized bed, which works as long as any similar bed, are also worth purchasing.

Furthermore, the mini crib can offer you all the same features your demand with any crib. On the other hand, it can also have a smaller footprint than the full-sized cribs, which is the height of nearly both models about the same lengths. Even though the mini cribs are comfortable, they can also be used in the first years. Also, they are safer and more secure than the bigger ones.

Mini cribs

Most of the mini cribs are famous among those who are encountering space issues. In such a regard, there is no need to be surprised. Hence, you might need space for your belongings if you live in a tiny apartment.

  • Hence, selecting the mini crib can be a more appealing decision overall. The mini crib is also the standard option among the grandparents’ homes. In addition, it will not require that much space, and they can be folded when not in use. Also, one of the essential facts is that the smaller size results in a more negligible cost.


2. Types of Cribs Base on Shape

There are two shapes of the crib.

  • Oval cribs
  • Rectangular cribs

Most cribs are rectangular, but you can also choose the oval one. On the other hand, the round cribs are unique and then considered modern and stylish. Based on their practicality, there can be different considerations.

Furthermore, rectangular cribs are more practical than oval ones. It is important to consider some factors before buying a round crib. A crib with straight sides can also be easily fitted into any room, which is different with many options. The crib on the straight sides can fit into any room in which it is situated. If you are looking for the gorgeous one, you can only get it in the nursery, where it can shine in all its glory.

In addition, the oval crib can cost you lots of money. An oval mattress is also a requirement of the round crib. All such beds are unique, and they do not leave you with different options from which you must need them. All of them are more expensive than the regular ones.

Importance of Baby Crib

A talk about parenting, a most challenging work and exciting at the same time: parents have a responsibility to fall when their new child is born. There is the fact that you have to raise your child in a very good and comfortable. Every parent wants their child to have the best of everything, and their baby has no problem with anything.

Now the thing is that you will take care of their clothes, shoes, and everything but will you be able to see your newborn baby’s peace and comfort? Yet you people must be thinking about a crib because every parent is so worried about their newborn baby that he can sleep comfortably without any problems.

Your mattress should be soft and gentle. Now you people will also wonder if it will be safe. For my newborn baby or not? So, here are some common benefits of cribs for your children.

Safe option

The crib is a much safer thing. If you put your baby comfortably in it, the baby will not fall anywhere. The crib has long rods so that even if your child stands up and starts crawling in it, they cannot fall or harm anywhere because the crib has long rods.

If you are working or you have something to do, you can leave your baby in a crib with toys, and they will continue to play. Therefore, they will not bother you, and you will not have to worry about them because your child cannot get through this crib under any circumstances.

Soft and comfortable place to sleep

The crib is very soft, so your baby can sleep comfortably; he does not wake up in the middle of the night. You can easily keep the crib in your room; it does not take up much space because it is medium-sized and can fit your room.

Sleep alone habit

The crib has the advantage that your child gets into the habit of sleeping alone. If you put something in a child early on, it becomes the child’s habit, which is excellent. A crib with cut and sharp edges should not be used in that crib since it may harm the baby; we must be careful when buying a crib.

Some safety considerations

We should not buy used ones because there are so many problems with it, for example, the mattress will not be as soft and gentle as it used to be. It will always be different when it is used, it’s better to take a new one and not take a used crib.A crib can also be converted into a bed. When the child grows up, they will no longer need this thing. They will need a bed or their furniture to easily convert the crib into a single bed.

How can you choose the best baby crib?

There are two ways to get a baby crib: to get it while spending thousands of bucks on a single project. On the other hand, you can get it in the affordable range with all such features while spending wisely. Once you have taken some severe concerns while considering your foremost needs, things will be relatively straightforward.

Mattress support

If your little one is wiggling all the time, it is better to get the metal spring than the wooden one, as the wooden one will have a slat base.

Adjustable mattress height

As your baby grows, then the mattress will be lowered. In this way, he could not climb out. If you have a short height then you can consider baby cribs which are made for short parents.


A famous way to handle the crib is with the portable crib. You can move it all the way around as it is required.

Crib shape

Several round and oval cribs are eye-catching, sweet, and stylish. You must remember the unique crib shapes that might be more difficult to carry all the way around. Also, you need to consider the cribs according to your nursery size, for the small room you are required baby cribs build for small spaces.

Toxin-free materials

Several famous cribs are mainly designed to be contemporary and stylish. On the other hand, all are not safe. Several finishing paints, which are used on the cribs, are toxin polyurethane with some other materials. Such materials have volatile organic compounds that can spread toxic gases. Start by looking for a non-toxic finish that are 100% solid.

Convertible cribs

A unique model that can be converted for multiple uses from toddler beds to different full-size headboards. They are among the famous benefits of many parents and worth well for your consideration. Here are the things that are important for your review.

Packing & Assembly

Weighing nearly 100 pounds, the timeless motherly 5-in-1 crib is entirely packed in a large cardboard box. Your soon-to-be nursery would be an easy thing with the utmost reliable packing.

Durable and stylish

Such a playhouse is one of the most adorable things to get. You will feel it in your way that it is the most precious thing to get and ever bought. The perfect thing we have ever bought in our home.

Finding a different color scheme

You can find different color schemes according to the demands of your nursery. You can get several options that can complement your nursery in several forms.

Once the mattress is fit, you can frame it according to all your requirements. Furthermore, you can position it according to your demands as the positioning has it is own worth overall.


When comparing 5 in 1 cribs with all other cribs, the best thing is to get the one with all features that match the mid-range. Similarly, it costs up to the front costs, and it is the cheapest option overall.

On the other hand, it is not the spurge option. One prime thing about this crib is that it is a super convertible one-in-one box. Sometimes they might require the convertible cribs to purchase different convertibles to make it convert than to crib to anything else. The convertible crib is a worthy investment and will save your investment entirely.

Crib Related Safety Standards and certifications

If you are searching for safe baby cribs, then it is always better to search for the ones, which are Juvenile products manufacturers’ Associations. Such standards are specially made to meet the American Society for testing and materials. Lastly, search for the one, which is toxic-free.

Slat distance

Always consider the crib in which the space in each slat is not more than six centimeters. On the other hand, if the slats are further apart, then there can be the risk of the baby’s arms and legs stuck in between. Therefore, always make sure to get the one with adequate distance.

Converting kids

Babies can be grown quickly and then out of their crib before they are turning two years old. Therefore, to save your baby and the twin-sized bed, it is always good to have some conversion option near hands. Therefore, baby crib converting cribs will include the rail for the kid bed and the other materials for converting the crib safely. There you can get it separately but will save from lots of expenses.

Mattress height adjustments

As your little one reaches the climbing stage, then it will become much more manageable for you to get out of the crib on your own. Furthermore, the best baby crib also includes the 3-5 mattress height adjustments levels. Moreover, parents can put the mattress on the higher levels in the infancy stages and lower the mattress height as the baby grows to get the new baby crib.

Extra storage

Extra storage will be built for the baby crib in good weather. Some of them will include additional space to store the baby’s crib sheets, nursery essentials, or other mattress pads. On the other hand, most of them have built-in storage drawers. Others can include built-in shelves.

Firm crib mattress

Always remember to use the perfect crib mattress. An inner, firm coil mattress is the best option for your baby until they reach the toddler stages. Cushion-like, softer sleep surfaces for several infants will lead to suffocation due to different mattresses forming your little one’s body and face.

Two-finger test

With the help of a two-finger test, place the two fingers into the mattress and the crib. Furthermore, if you can put the two fingers into the crib, it will increase the risk of arms, legs, and head being stuck into it.

Do not keep loose items.

Do not always keep the items loose in it. Always keep the baby crib free of those open items with pillows, toys, and other blankets. Only use the fitted coverings, sheets to avoid choking and suffocation hazards into the crib. You can also place him on their back to make him sleep faster. In this way, you can also reduce the risk of suffocation.

Use a pacifier

A pacifier is also the best way to keep your little one safe and sound while he is in the crib. In this way, he will be safe, as it is the technique that will reduce the risk of SIDS. Furthermore, if you attach the pacifier to the baby crib, you will reduce the risk of choking.


What makes a good crib?

Mattresses are the prime element that must be firm, dense, and not sag under your baby’s weight. In addition, they must reach every side of the crib so he will not be stuck in any of the spaces. Such a mattress is ideal for this level of the mattress.

How long does a baby sleep in a crib?

Several kids can easily make such a transition, especially between 18 to 3 ½ years old. Overall, it depends on your child. On the other hand, if possible, then give them a chance to develop that they are on the big bed each night.

Is a crib with a solid back safe?

Those cribs with solid sides or headboards are incredibly safe for your little one, as long as you meet with the cribs. Currently, you are following safe sleeping practices. Always avoid making your kid sleep with toys, heavy blankets, or other objects, as such objects could easily cause him suffocation.

Can a newborn sleep in a crib?

Both the bassinets and cribs are safe choices for sleep for the newborn. However, there are several significant differences. The prime of all is the size as the crib can take a lot of space than the little bassinet. In this way, the bassinet is in the more accessible, smaller house. Moreover, the minor one will make the perfect bassinet more portable.


When you purchase the new crib, you will ultimately realize that it is not the appearance that will decide your choice, as it is more than that. Think! What sort of crib do you want? Is it the one, which must grow with your baby, or the one which can roam around with you? Material is also an important thing to consider when you are choosing the baby crib.

Every family has its own needs and requirements. Similarly, the crib is no exception. As a result, you can have different options that suit your demands and needs best. On the other hand, it could be clearer.

Further, choosing one among the different options sounds more challenging than it is. On the other hand, choosing the right one that matches all your needs and requirements will provide you with the best result.

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