4moms Mamaroo vs Rockaroo – Which one is Best

A baby swing can be a godsend if you have a fussy baby who is not just too calm. When you start thinking about buying a swing for your little one, you will realize how many options are out there.

Finding the right one can be challenging between the different brands and types.

The Rockaroo swings and 4moms Mamaroo are the two most popular swing brands. 4moms Mamaroo is one of the best baby swings on the market. And Rockaroo is a good competitor in the market.

Which one is the best and why? This article will look at both of these and help you decide which is the best for your baby.

4moms Mamaroo vs Rockaroo

Here is a detailed comparison between these two models & how these different swings work. The comparison will mainly examine these different swings’ features, pros, and cons.

4moms Mamaroo Review 2022:

Mamaroo is a modern swing from 4moms company, unique from typical swings specially made to comfort babies. Its swaying motions have been designed after proper research. Which resembles the human way of motion to calm their baby. 4moms Mamaroo has 5-speed levels with 5 motions. It has adjustable swinging positions.

4 moms Mamaroo motions4 moms Mamaroo motionsEach swinging motion has been given a name according to its movement. These motion styles and names made it an unusual swing. All 5 motions are unique and soothing. No other swing has such features.

4 moms Mamaroo

Bluetooth Baby Rocker with 5 Unique Motions
Smooth, woven nylon material


Because of the rare motions-style, babies enjoy their ride and like swaying for a long time. Motions style not only delights the babies but helps them to sleep quickly. 5 unique motions, best-sitting positions, and soft nylon quality fabric make the baby relax and develop a good sleeping routine.

One of the most interesting things about 4moms Mamaroo swing is that it can be controlled through a smartphone via Bluetooth.

4moms mamaroo has plugged-in quality, and a power supply is provided with the swing. A portable swing effortlessly moves from one place to another.

Less weighted comparatively traditional swing.Easily removable seat cover and easily washable material.

Different fabrics and materials are used in different models; all are smooth and soft. Plushy is extra soft. Although all models are the same in features, even then, all models are described separately.

It is available in different colours and fabrics. Due to colour and fabric differences, prices and models are different.

Name Fabric material Color            model #

4moms mama Roo Baby Swing

Nest knit fabric







Multi plush

classic Grey

classic black






4 moms Mamaroo

Although all features are the same, black, grey and dark grey are customers’ favorite colours. These colours have high ratings compared to other colours.

So the mamaroo swing has variety not only in swaying style but also in colour too. Due to remarkable matchless features, the mamaroo is a favourite swing of the present era.

  • Mamaroo brilliant modern design attracts at first sight.
  • Each sitting position has a different button. Easily convert into different sitting positions according to your baby’s requirements.
  • Through Bluetooth, You can control it from distance using a smartphone.
  • From slow to high all levels are easily changeable.
  • Wonderful sounds collection and can add more sounds by plugin Mp3
  • It has diversity not only in all features but has variation in colors and models too.
  • Mamaroo swing has the plugin quality. No battery needs.
  • Excellent durability high standard swing.
  • Repairable stunning 3 balls toys that shake with swing movement.
  • A beautiful mirror adds more pleasure for babies with swaying.
  • Best weight limit from birth to 25lbs
  • Quiet motor
  • White noise sound quality should improve.
  • high price

4moms Mamaroo Review 2023

FAQ About Mamaroo

What is so great about Mamroo?

Mamaroo designs and 5 different swaying motions are so great about it. Its swaying motions with names have made it unique and great compared to other traditional swings.

What age is Mamaroo suitable for?

Mamaroo is a suitable swing for from birth to 6 months babies only.

What’s the difference between MamaRoo classic and plush?

The difference between Mamaroo classic and plush is the difference in seat fabric. The plush seat material is more smooth and soft, comparatively classic. A plush seat is made of velvet-type fabric, and a classic is made of nylon fabric.

Does Mamaroo operate batteries?

Mamaroo swings do not operate batteries. As it has an AC adapter

4moms Rockaroo Review:

The swinging motion of 4moms Rockaroo is typically front-to-back sway like other traditional swings, but the swing style or design is modern. It is a completely safe item in different styles. It has excellent durability and does not lean back even after long use. It has plugged-in quality.

4 moms Rockaroo

Baby Rocker with Front-to-Back Gliding Motion
5 speeds
Easy to remove, machine washable seat


4moms rockaroo can be used for infants to six months only. Some customer only considers it much more comfortable for an infant with extra cushion, which you can buy separately if you want to provide extra support to the head and body of your infant.

But according to the manufacturer, it doesn’t require a separate cushion because it is created from birth to 25 lbs. The company has made it keeping all these things in mind. 4moms Rockaroo suits tiny apartments as it takes less room than other common swings.

Moreover, it has washable fabric, which is quite easy and simple.

  • Front to back motion like other traditional swings.
  • 5  levels of speed.
  • Take less space comparative other traditional swings.
  • very fit for small or tiny apartments.
  • light-weighted swing only 11.5 pounds.
  • Easily moveable from one room to another due to its lightweight.
  • Plush seat and cozy fabric material.
  • Easy to gather.
  • Some customer does not consider it much more comfortable for an infant without extra cushion.
4 MOMS swing

People also ask about Rockaroo

Does rockaroo seat vibrate?

No, it does not vibrate.

Is rockaroo is best for overnight sleeping?

According to the manufacture it is not designed for overnight sleeping.  If you want to get the best performance from rockaroo then not use it for more than 4 hours consecutively.

Is the rockaroo motor loud?

No, it is not loud. It creates a little bit of noise only.

How long can baby use 4 moms rockaroo ?

its weight limit is from birth to 25lbs.

4moms Mamaroo vs Rockaroo – Differences :

Both items look the same, but 4moms Mamaroo and Rockaroo are two different entertaining accessories for babies. Here we have explained the main differences between them.

  • Up and down sway, Side to side sway like the human way of swaying to a baby.
  • Mamaroo has Bluetooth features.
  • It is a swing sleep helper for babies.
  • In Mamaroo swing seat can adjust in different positions.
  • Its seat height from the ground is not very high.
  • Mamaroo swing has 5-speed level and 5 unique ways of swaying.
  • Its measurement is  33 x 19.5 x 25.5 inches.
  • It has  18.56 pounds weight.
  • Its motor is quiet.
  • Mamaroo has a high rating on Amazon.
  • Front to back motion only.
  • It has no Bluetooth feature.
  • Rockaroo is a comforting seat, not a sleeper.
  • Its seat has only one sitting position.
  • Rockaroo seat height is high more than mamaroo seat.
  • Its speed is high even at a slow speed level.
  • The measurement is  16.5 x 29.6 x 27.5 inches.
  • The electric cord is provided with rock roo items.
  • Rockaroo has  15.97 pounds in weight
  • It motor is a little bit loud.
  • It has less rating rate than mamaroo swing.

4moms Mamaroo vs Rockaroo – Similarities :

Although mamaroo and rockaroo have two different items yet both items have some similarities too. Let‘s see how much and what kind of similarities they have. 

    • Mamaroo and Rockaroo both have the same brand 4moms.
    • Both Swings/Rockers have the same weight limit of 25 pounds.
    • Rockaroo and Mamaroo both have 5-speed levels.
    • Both the swing have AC Adaptor features.
    • One-year warranty for both swings
    • Both have washable seat fabric.
    • Both baby products have a modern design.

Which is better 4moms Mamaroo vs Rockaroo? Which one is best? 

Choosing one baby product between two is difficult for parents because most parents still determine which entertaining item will make their baby happy and comfortable. So, we try to make it easy for you, and we found 4 moms are best.

4moms MamaRoo

There are two reasons for selecting the mamaroo swing.

  1. Firstly, We selected it best because it has 5 unique motions and different sitting positions. If your baby does not enjoy one motion or position, you have four more options, and you can change and adjust another motion. But if you buy, your baby has no sitting option if he does not like the fourth and back motion. So, give your baby choices early and make them happy and cool.
  2. I have selected it because I used that swing for my first baby. It works wonderfully.

Finally, it does not mean rockaroo is not a good option. As you read how excellent features both swings have. It depends on your requirements and which type of swing you are demanding for your baby.

Most importantly, it depends on a baby’s pleasure which swing makes him happy and comforts them. So, we only contributed and shared our views to make this decision easier for you.


I hope you like our research on 4moms Mamaroo vs Rockaroo, and you can comment on which swing you have selected and why. Also, inform us that is article was helpful for you. Thank you.!i

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