How To Clean Baby Walker Seat & Remove Hair From Wheels

A baby walker is one of the best companions of your little one’s childhood as he plays, empowers his legs, and grows in it. But did you notice how the walker you brought once, how fast it was at that time, and how slow it has become now?

When did you clean it from the day you brought it to your house? Well, if your baby’s walker has become sluggish and requires your small one to put more effort into moving it, then there is a problem with its tires. One is not working properly, has broken, or has clogged hair. What? Hairs? Yes, you heard right because hairs are the top enemy of your little one’s happiness.

How To Clean Baby Walker Seat, Tyres and Remove Hair From Wheels

So, in this case, if you want to remove hair from tall baby walker wheels, then you are at the right place. Today, in this comprehensive guide, we will learn how to clean hair from baby walker wheels, clean its seat, and keep it clean for long-term usage. We’ll cover all methods for giving your baby a brand-new baby walker, like the one he loved once again.

Therefore, leave everything aside, and let’s dive into this comprehensive information. The things are easier to consider and follow and don’t demand you much.

How to clean baby walker seats?

Before you go towards cleaning wheels, look at its seat as if it is dirty and you want to clean it, so you should know how you can clean your baby walker’s seat. The seat mostly gets dirty whenever the baby’s diaper gets leaked, or throws some food on it, may vomit on it, or the seat might get dirty due to long usage. Therefore, you also need to clean it, as this will add more to your baby’s walker’s new look. Here is a method to clean the seat of your baby’s walker.

  • The seat is mainly made of fabric, or a cloth easily washed with a detergent or baking soda.
  • So, use detergent or any other cleansing agent like soap and cold water for cleaning your baby’s walker seat.
  • You can mainly use baking soda or vinegar to make a germs-free solution and then use it to clean the seat cushion.
  • Moreover, you can use a washing machine or hands for washing your baby walker seat, but remember always to use cold water because this will not damage the seat’s fabric.
  • Once you’ve washed it thoroughly, put it into the sunlight and let it dry. Refrain from using the dryer or other things but the natural low light of the sun.

How to clean baby walker wheels properly- Steps to follow:

Now, let’s come to our main topic and talk about how you can remove hairs from your baby’s walker wheels. First thing first, find a desk or a solid place, turn the walker upside down and do everything I am asking you to do in the following steps.

how to remove hair from baby walker wheels

The thing is, you can easily remove hairs from its tires by using different methods, as I’ve described of them below. These are all the best, but you can use whatever you prefer and whatever is easy for you to apply.

1. Opening or removing the Casters:

Removing the casters from a walker makes its wheel cleaning easier and less messy. Most walkers come with removable casters, so you can use a screwdriver or your hands to remove casters. Once you’ve successfully removed them, the process of removing hairs from the wheels begins.

2. Removing wheel’s hairs by using Tweezers or Clippers:

The first two handy ways to remove hairs from wheels are Tweezers or Clippers. These are available at most houses, and most parents are aware of these types of accessories. So, you do know what you need to do. Well, let me tell you instead.

  • Use a clipper first, and stick it into the caster’s gap on both sides. Start shaking it, as this will lose the tightened or stuck hairs.
  • After this, use tweezers to remove strands of hair. Moreover, try to pick as many strands as you can; this method will allow you to remove hairs without letting them break inside the castor.

How To Clean Baby Walker

3. Removing the wheel’s hair by using Duct tape:

The second most admired and used method for removing hairs from wheels is using duct tape. Duct tape works like a magnet for removing hairs. It is used for removing most of the heavy-duty hairs that are clogged into the wheel’s castors. To use this, you need to do as follows.

  • Use duct tape and place it over the shards of clogged hairs decisively. Make sure that you are spreading it over the most extensive section.
  • Pull the tape smoothly, and you will see removing the bulk of tucked hairs. Continue this method until you finish removing all hairs.

how to remove hair from walker wheels

4. Removing wheel’s hair by using a heat gun or lighter:

Another option for removing hairs from the baby’s walker wheels is lighter and more heating, as you know that the walker is made with some sturdy plastic and resistant materials. So, lighter heat will not be a big deal for it. However, this heat will burn those clogged hairs, and your baby’s walker wheels will be cleaned. To follow this method, do the things as said below.

  • Use a heat gun to remove hairs because it will not produce flames like a lighter and will not burn your baby’s assistance.
  • Hold the wheel in your hand and expose it to the direct heat of the heat gun, keeping the flame at a low heating level. This will easily burn all the hairs, and then you can clean the place with a piece of cloth that contains those burned hairs. Or use high pressure or water to remove the ashes. Moreover, do this process outside your house and keep everything organized.

Methods to Clean Baby Walker:

If nothing works out from the above-recommended things, you can try using a cutter’s bottle opener or a nail cutter. You can also use a sharp knife but beware of the body cut, razor blade, sharp blade, or a pair of scissors. Keep rotating the casters while using these devices and ensure that you’ve efficiently cleaned all the hair because your baby’s happiness depends on it, remember?

Recovery after cleaning the hairs from wheels:

Now, if you’ve successfully removed all the hairs from your baby’s walker wheels, it’s time to give them a little boost and a little more cleaning so that they must be clean and clear for a long while. It will allow your baby to drag it comfortably and with more speed.

Try some soap and water:

Use soap and water to make a solution, then soak those removed castors in the solution for at least 10 to 15 minutes. It will give them a rinse-free cleaning and clean all the debris from them. Now they are ready to be used one more time again.

Try using some lubricants:

To keep the motion of the wheels perfect, use some lubricants in the metal parts of the wheel’s caster. Moreover, spray them on some other parts that help them move properly.

Note: In this regard, a WD-40 lubricant is mainly recommended for spraying on those metal parts. It proves a rust cleaner and keeps the iron parts safe from rusting. Although this won’t be a proper lubricant, it’s a non-volatile oil that protects from humidity and helps maintain better lubrication.

How to maintain your plastic baby walker for longer usage:

You might have heard that they last if you take care of things. The same thing is with your once-purchased precious toy of your baby named its plastic baby walker that could stay clean, new, and durable for a long time only if you take care of it. But on how to do so, let me tell you some tips.

  • Use a clean piece of clothing for cleaning your baby’s walker every time your small one finishes playing in it.
  • Keep checking its tires properly if you see some clogged hairs inside, try removing them and keep them cleaned.
  • Keep its seat clean and fresh, and its body washed or cleaned with a soft cloth or water by removing dust and debris.
  • It’s too complicated to remove hairs when the castors are wet. So, you must use tools and remove them only when the castors are dry and seem easily cleanable.
  • Do not use some allergic or harsh lubricants, detergents, or soaps, as they might harm your skin. Moreover, there are better cleaning solutions than toxic bleach.
  • Keep maintaining its parts regularly. In an accident, a loose screw or any part of the baby walker might cause your baby harm.
  • Moreover, use lower tumble or dry spin settings if you are washing the seat in a washing machine. Plus, your temperature must also be at a lower level to avoid damage to the seat’s fabric. Or, check the company manual for more precise and careful usage and maintenance.


How do you get the hair out of a Walker wheel?

There are many short methods for removing hair from your baby walker wheels. But the best one is using duct tape. In this case, you only need to place it on the clogged hairs and then remove it slowly. You can remove much heavy-duty and tucked hairs by this method. However, you can also use the heat gun, scissors, nail cutter, tweezers, or clippers.

How do you clean a medical walker?

If your medical walker is not that dirty, you can clean it with a soft and clean piece of cloth. However, if your walker is very dirty, use soapy water and detergents to give it a complete water wash. Let it dry thoroughly to prevent rusting and damage to its iron parts. So, through this, you can clean your medical walker.

How do you clean a baby walker?

Here are some simple steps to completely clean your baby walker.

  • Use detergents or soaps to clean its seat. You can wash it by hand or even in the washing machine.
  • Use cold water for proper cleaning, and then give it a proper dry session.
  • Use lubricants to prevent it from rusting and other damages.
  • Wash its plastic thoroughly.
  • Wipe it with a clean and dry piece of cloth
  • To keep your baby away from germs and bacteria, use sanitizers on its body and make it a healthy environment for your little mess maker.

How do you lubricate Walker wheels?

For lubricating walker wheels, use some high-quality lubricants like WD-40. Spray this lubricant on the metal parts of your walker. There are better ones than this type of lubricant, but they still provide an easy solution for keeping your baby walker away from rusting and other damages, including environmental and humidity.

Final saying:

Depending on the information provided in this guide, you are now completely aware of removing hair from baby walker wheels. Use any of the above-given methods and give your little one his happiness back so that he shouldn’t have to put in the extra effort while moving it, and it should work properly. Cleaning and maintaining your baby walker is not a big deal now.

Hence, take care of yourself and stay tuned for more updates or valuable information on this site. We shall meet soon for another great article. Until then, have blossoms for your little one. Good luck.

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