Cocoonababy VS Dockatot VS Snoo

Cocoonababy VS Dockatot VS Snoo

This article is about Cocoonababy VS Dockatot VS Snoo, if you are confused while choosing the best sleeping product for your baby then this is for you. Each products have its own features and purposes and you can choose according to your requirement. Cocoonababy is made for newborn babies as its a safety belt for them and then you can use dockatot, which is the most famous baby loungers used for baby normally under 1 year, whereas the Snoo is a type of baby bassinet. Cocoonababy and Dockatot can used for cosleeping but Snoo don’t have the you can use the snoo for co-sleeping. I have shared a detailed review regarding the Cocoonababy, Dockatot, and Snoo after reading this you will have a complete idea that which product is best for you.

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Cocoonababy VS Dockatot VS Snoo

Cocoonababy VS Dockatot

By shape Cocoonababy and Dockatot are almost identical but dockatot is a little bigger than the cocoonababy. Cocoonababy is best for newborn babies and comes with a safety belt. There is no risk of slipping your baby from bed and it holds the baby and keeps safe from any unpleasant incident. Cocoonababy is an affordable product at a reasonable price, whereas dockatot is a premium product and too expensive as compare to other baby loungers. But it is very soft and has a very modern design and normally babies like it very much.

Cocoonababy sleeping Bag Review:

The cocoonababy nest is one of the best selling product for years now. It is a very comfortable natural, and safe place for newborn babies. Cocoonababy keeps the baby to sleep on his back as recommended by medical experts, which the most safe and comfortable position for babies. If a baby sleeps on his back, it will give them several advantages:

  • You can minimize the risk of flat head-syndrome of your baby if you adopt this position.
  • It can increase your baby’s sleep duration.
  • Limit gastric-reflux
  • Decreasing uncontrolled jerky movements


cocoonababy sleep bag

  • It is built in a way that provides the naturally rounded c shape of the spine, Whereas with flat surface it is not possible.
  • From birth and until the child starts trying to turn over (3-4 months)
  • It is designed with a lightly raised head position over the rest of their body to prevent reflux.
  • If you put your baby on a flat mattress then it can cause a flathead but Cocoonababy can help prevent flathead because of its best design.

Features of Cocoonababy

  • Made of Waterproof sheet
  • It gently gives a comfortable and safe feeling to your baby.
  • As your baby grows you can be moved down the nest position of Cocoonababy
  • It has the machine-washable sheet
  • Adheres the bedding safety laws
  • Not for toddlers only for newborn or for small babies.

Snoo review

Snoo is one of the attractive baby bassinets, one of the smartest and safe bassinet for you. But it is not suitable for co-sleeping. Snoo is best for newborns and you can use it for up to six months. Many parents report that their baby’s sleep increases when they start using the snoo.  Snoo bassinet is a smart device with different tech options,  There are 3 microphones and a speaker and two motors are installed. It works when your baby starts crying, snoo start rocking automatically. There are 4 levels of intensity, and when it hits the last level and the baby is still crying, it will send an alert to your phone to intimate the parent to check the baby in person.

SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet

Bedside Crib with Automatic Rocking Motions 
Soothing White Noise
Natural Sleep Training 
Best for Newborn Babies to 6 Months 
30 days trail you can return anytime


How to Lock the Snoo fastest motion level

If you are not comfortable with the fourth level, you can lock it simply using the app. fourth level has the maximum speed or rocking motion.

  • SNOO is known for a Sleep booster as your baby may have an extra sleep of 1-2+ hours per night. It can help the parents and baby’s comfort with the sleep booster feature.
  • SNOO is a smart device and there are few sensors are installed to check if the baby is crying. there are four intensity level which matches with the baby crying and generate different triggers like:
    • start the rocking motion
    • increase the rocking motion if the baby keeps crying
    • send SMS to parents if level four is reached.
  • You can control the SNOO with a smart mobile app, where you can set the rocking motion, cry sensitivity levels, and sound of SNOO with a very easy GUI.
  • There is an option available to prevents the risky rocking motion.
  • If you are not% satisfied with SNOO, you can return it within 30 days of receipt with a full refund.

  • With SNOO your baby may have an extra sleep of 1-2+ hours per night.
  • SNOO is a smart device and you can control it with the mobile app.
  • You can set control of the rocking motion with the app.
  • SNOO provide you 30 days warranty if you are not satisfied with the item.
  • Not suitable for co-sleeping
  • Expensive from COCOONABABY and DOCK ATOT

Dockatot VS SNOO

There is much difference between Dockatot and SNOO, as dockatot belongs to a different baby product/category and SNOO relates to another category. SNOO is considered as a baby bassinet, normally used for comfortable sleeping of baby. Whereas dockatot is a baby lounger and these loungers are a type of pillows and you can use them in day time for baby comfort and in the night as well (co-sleeping). SNOO have a high price tag as it has a different purpose and product whereas dockatot’s has less price as compare to SNOO

Dock A TOT:

Some detailed reviews are available regarding the dockatot on this website, you can review these article for more details about dockatot

DockATot Deluxe + Dock (Pristine White)

Very Soft & Lightweight 
Comes with Washable Cover and portable baby lounger
OEKO TEX Certified
Suitable Age:0-8 Months


Final words Comparison between  Dockatot, Snoo and Cocoonababy:

I hope after reading the above reviews you understand that Cocoonababy, Dockatot, and Snoo have their own purposes, design, and style. And you can choose them according to your need. For newborn babies, Cocoonababy is a better option, but if you compare it with dockatot then I will preferred dockatot over the Cocoonababy because dockatot has many more features and you can use this baby product for a long time. Whereas Snoo is a bassinet and you can use also use it for newborns, if your baby is not having proper sleep then Snoo can play its role. Snoo has rotation like baby swings to provide mode comfort to your babies. You can use the Snoo for up to 6 months. It is very helpful for increasing the natural sleep of your baby. I will prefer to buy Snoo for if your baby is crying most of the time and need some comforts otherwise dockatot is a very good baby lounger to use for a long period of time.

I hope, you have liked my article. You add your review regarding the topic by comments. Thank you for reading this.

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