Complete Guide to Crib Mattress Height Adjustment

When you have the crib mattress, which can be adjusted what else you want. There are several reasons why the height must be adjusted up and down, but above all, it is good for the baby’s growth. Most parents are facing different problems of how and when they have to adjust the height of the crib mattress. Complete guide to crib mattress height adjustment is the luxury in such accord, and mentioned below:

In this article, we have tried to clear some questions regarding crib mattress:

Guide to Crib Mattress Height Adjustment

1. Is it safe to adjust crib mattress height?

Before we proceed, it is always good to consider crib mattress height adjustment overall. As per the recent study, toddlers can be injured in different ways, especially in their bassinets or cribs. It means that children around 180,000 younger than the age of two or the period of 18 years can get their treatment in the emergency rooms. Such problems are associated with:

  • Playpens
  • Bassinets
  • Cribs

2.      When is a good time to change the mattress height?

It entirely depends on the situation; however, there are some guidelines that you can use from the American Academy of Pediatrics to know the right direction. You can quickly get to the crib’s highest level before moving from the down to the lowest as your baby is growing and becoming more mobile.

The breakdown is written below:

  • Under-five months, when baby is immobile= highest setting of Crib
  • 6 -8 months, when baby is becoming mobile or baby is unable to stand with assistance= middle settings
  • 8+ months changing when baby is pulled to standing position = Crib at lowest setting
  • Baby is 35 inches in height or more = Toddler bed

Complete Guide to Crib Mattress Height Adjustment

Height Levels of baby Crib Settings

Here are some stories of the baby’s crib setting

1. The Highest level

When your little one is under five months, the highest level is the right thing to choose. The highest setting is the best overall choice. At this stage, for the most part, the baby cannot climb or is immobile. Higher crib mattress levels can make the lifting of your baby super easy while placing less stress on your backs by frequently placing the baby and then picking them up. Furthermore, it is easy to place your hand behind your baby’s neck and provide adequate support for their head.

2. Crib Height at Middle level

It is best for the lower crib mattress level in the middle height as soon as the baby cannot sit up on their own and is more mobile on their knees and hands. Furthermore, the exact time your child can sit up without any assistance can change from baby to baby. However, you can expect them to do such an act when they are 6 to 8 months old.

Hence, as soon as they can sit on their own, you can adjust the height as per their requirement. However, the best part is your baby will start standing up on their own without any assistance. It is especially not easy for the middle crib mattress settings as they can be very good to reach on the top of the side rail. After that, you may set the crib mattress for different levels.

Complete guide to crib mattress height adjustment: especially cribs, which have some additional settings, can have four adjustable positions for the crib mattress and get you little wiggle room through which you can adjust the development of your baby who is laying down and being on their knees and hands. We can also recommend you on the side of caution; however, move to the lowest one as soon as they can stand through assistance.

3. When to set the Crib Height at the Lowest level

You can use this crib mattress support level as soon as your baby can stand with assistance, or they can pull themselves in the standing positions. It can be possible in between 8 to 12 months. The lowest level can assure you of the 26 inches requirements to reduce the chance of any physical injury.

Why is it essential to adjust the crib mattress height?

The 19-year study published in the journal US emergency rooms can treat an average of around 10,000 zero-to-two-year-olds, because of the cribs, so we must be extra conscious about that. Such statistics are eye opening. Hence, it is essential to choose the organic crib mattress while picking the non-toxic bassinet or the non-toxic crib while buying the reputable brand. Sometimes we also want to help caregivers and parents to know when they must lower the crib mattress.

How high should a crib mattress be for a newborn?

As per the safety regulations of the crib mattress height, the ideal size of the crib mattress is 26 inches. It must be in between the top of the crib mattress, which is easily 5.5 to 6 inches thick, primarily depending on your brand.

How high should a crib mattress be for a newborn

When must you change the mattress height?

It mostly happens in between 5 to 8 months. Once your baby can pull on its own, you must adjust the mattress to its lowest settings for the safety of your baby.

Why raise the crib mattress?

When you put the crib mattress together, you might not be able to have the set at the height of the crib mattress with the right intention. Once you have brought them home, you can realize that the mattress height was less than the ideal.

There can be reason with such specifications; some of them are as under:

1. More mobility

If you are putting your baby’s mattress at a low setting before they are born, do not think how difficult it can be to be safe inside. It is best for you if you are a short mama. You can put the mattress on the low setting and soon find yourself leaning entirely over one of your sides of the crib to lay them down.

Hence, once you move him up to the higher position it can make it a safe environment for you and your little one. On the other hand, if you are the mama graced with height, then bending over to the crib can be a little painful, especially if you are recovering from the cesarean section. In such a case, raising the crib can make it easier for you to lay your little one down while you are still healing.

2.  Baby has reflux

The standard form of reflux is Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), especially in babies who are uncomfortable sleeping on their backs, as laying down flat can allow the acidic stomach fluids to move forth the esophagus.

The moment when the stomach acid reaches the esophagus, it is a painful sensation. It can also cause your baby to spit up or to vomit while leaving both of you with little sleep and in the long nights.

In the case of infant reflux, when your baby is in the inclined position, it can help you to keep the baby’s stomach down.

3. Congested baby

Mucus and congestion build-up is mainly created by allergies or cold, which can cause your little one to lose the struggle and sleep to breathe throughout the whole night. Significantly, a safe crib mattress will help you relieve the pressure, which is caused due to mucus build-up, which will allow your baby to sleep and breathe better.

Safety tips for adjusting crib mattresses

You might be surprised to know that most moms want to raise the crib level and increase the angle of the mattress. You must be curious to know if it is safe. Then the answer is yes, with some of the essential specifications it is. Primarily, it is safe to raise the crib mattress to get the highest setting. Especially if your baby is recently born, on the other hand, if you want to increase the crib mattress to the highest setting when your baby is newly born, as you are getting older, you must reconsider that:

Only some notch must lower your baby’s crib, or it can be even some entire crack especially, once they can sit up. It mostly happens between 5 to 8 months of age. Once your little one can pull up on its own, then you must adjust the mattress to its lowest setting for the safety of your baby.

Safety inclining crib mattress

If your little one has congestion or GERD, you must incline their mattress. Do not do it with the object, which is placed on the top of the bed itself. Always remember the sleep positioners, pillows, blankets, which will all create the suffocation risk for your little one. A safer option is to make an incline while placing the items under the baby’s mattress. In addition, you can use the specialty blankets, anglers; even towels, or pillows, so make a 30-degree or about 6 inches incline for your little one.

You can also place the items under the mattress until you are reaching the desired angle.

Why is it important to lower the crib mattress height?

Raising the crib mattress can sometimes happen in your little one life when you need to lower it. Your little one is growing after all, and your crib must be adjusted accordingly. Significantly reducing must be done for safety reasons. Nobody wants wants their baby to fall out from the crib and on the hard floor below, even on the carpeted one.

Transition to a toddler bed

Once your baby reaches around 35 inches in height, you must make it to the transition for the toddler’s bed. Primarily, it means that you can change the mattress, as the regular baby mattress might be a bit too firm for sleeping in. Thankfully, most cribs are designed to convert the one into the toddler bed as your baby is growing.

The balance between crib safety and your comfort

Some parents might think to place the crib mattress support, which is at the lowest setting, to be extra safe. It actually might be a bad thing. The possible reason can be you might be leaning over and straining over the body to pick the newborn from the mattress. There is a possibility of mishandling and even dropping the newborn, especially when you are trying to get them out of the crib. It is especially easy and accessible to use for you to compromise the child. A unique part of being a modern parent is to learn when there is too much.

· Shorter parents

Shorter parents will have a tough time dealing with the height of the mattress, especially when it is the matter of the lowest setting. Significantly raising the crib mattress height can make things easier for you in some ways. You have to avoid compromising several points when it is a matter of considering the child’s safety. however you can also find out the best baby crib for shorter parents in the market, which is specially made for parents with a low height.

Especially, shorter parents can have a stricter time while dealing with the height of the mattress. Moreover, in the lowest setting. Moreover, raising the cribs can have the overall size of the bed, which is 36 inches tall. Mainly they are for the typical height where the shorter mom can bend at the waist.

If he manages to climb out

The reason your baby is falling out of the crib while injuring themselves is super horrifying. I hope that such recommendations on the cribs’ mattress heights can minimize the chance of your little one climbing out over the crib’s rails. You must think about them as soon as your child is in the position of standing. Your baby can climb up the crib and you need to prevent your baby to Climbing Out Of The Crib.

The modern part must think about this ahead. Especially if your child falls down and crawls, think if they fall in a safe place. Consider this when no one is watching because it can be a little distracting.

One of the prime things regarding this is to think if your baby can fall out of the window if it is open. Here are the points that you must consider when placing your child in the crib:

  • Corners of hard furniture
  • Windows
  • Hard floors
  • Elevate the crib mattress

After reading, some of the parent’s recommendations say that you must set aside the mattress support to some height and then the other size on the mattress can be slanted. Do not just read it. Think if it is perfect for you or not. You can place the object under the bed to make it slant. In this way, you can achieve a 30-degree angle. It is about 6 inches difference from back to front.

Suppose if the incline has to do something with gastroesophageal reflux disease or congestion through the source. It can disturb the baby’s sleep. Always keep in mind that you do not need to stimulate the elevated surface with the help of towels, crib bumpers, pillows, or blankets as they can suffocate their babies. Overall, such items under the mattress.


Generally, you must review the American Academy of Pediatrics material to maximize the safety of the baby crib and the safety of your baby. Overall, it is recommended to consider the recommendations of your experts regarding the baby’s crib.

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