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We often wash baby play mats, loungers, mattress cover, pad covers, and swings seat, etc. only a few parents know that just like other baby items pack n play also need to wash or clean.  Babies like to spend most of their time in pack n play so it is important to provide them a clean and fresh environment in pack n play by cleaning it properly after a specific time period. Learn about bassinet Vs Pack N Play  and Best Baby play fence.

How to Clean a Pack n Play

Now a question is arising in your mind that how to clean a pack n play or how to wash a pack n play? In this article, we are going to discuss easy methods to clean a pack n play.

Pack and Play Cleaning Hack & Steps:

Steps to Avoid the pack n play extremely dirty

Before discussing pack n play methods one important thing you should know that only washing is not the solution to clean the pack n play but to keep it in good condition,  daily and weekly some cleanliness steps should be followed.

  • To keep your pack n play in good condition and germs free it is important to clean or wipes spots immediately after occurring.

But as a mother, I know in household busy routines sometimes it is not possible but tries to clean it as soon as possible. Because it does not matter how higher the standard pack n play do you have been using if you will not clean it properly after a particular time it will become messy and full of germs, instead of providing healthy sleep and playing pleasure to your baby, it will become the reason of diseases and discomfort.

  •  Prevent the pack n play from harsh stains, if the pack n play gets some stains then try to remove a stain immediately. you can use wipes, towel dip in the washing liquid, simple water or vinegar according to pack n play fabric or stain type.

  • Keep the mattress or pad dry, it is good if your pack n play has a waterproof mattress or pad cover if you don’t they use a sheet to prevent it from water leakage. If pack n play mattress or pad gets wet remove it from pack n play and air it out until it is completely dry.
  • Wash the mattress or pad cover on a weekly basis. Follow the manual instructions of the pack n play model to wash and dry the cover.

Steps to clean a pack n play

Pack n play are best playpen for baby to sleep in and you need to keep it clean. Your pack n play condition will tell you that which type of cleaning do your pack n play has to required. If it is not too dirty then you can clean it using the scrubbing method.

How to clean a pack and play without a tub

1.Select the proper place for the pack n play cleaning:

Take the pack n play from the room and put it outside or in a place where you have no issue of falling or flowing water. Firstly, sweep the pack n play thoroughly.

2.Remove the mattress from pack n play:

Take mattress or pad out from the pack n play. Remove its cover and wash it in a machine.

3.Clean the pack n play mattress:

  • Take a vessel and mix some cleansing liquid or detergent in luke water.
  • Soak the mattress for some time then gently scrub it.
  • Ruin fresh water on it and air it out until completely dry. ( Follow the manufacturer care instruction for washing and drying the pack n play mattress, topper or pad.)
  • Mostly mild detergent, warm luke water, and air dry are best for these pack n play mattresses, toppers, and pads.

How to Clean the pack n play:

items use to clean pack n play

  • Make a mixture for cleaning.
  • Take 7 to 8 tablespoons (or according to your need )of mild detergent and mix very well(became a foam) in a required amount of water.
  • Take a sponge or soft brush to clean the pack n play.
  • Dip it in the mixture well.
  • Pour some clean water on each part of pack n play, then clean each netting side of pack n plays one by one from both sides, don’t forget to scrub the bottom of pack n play.
  • During cleaning each side, keep dipping the brush in the mixture after some use, so that each side cleaned equally.
  • Give particular attention to each part of the pack n play.
  • Rinse it with clean water very well until all detergent washes away. you can use a hand shower pipe for better results.
  • Put it in the sunlight, try to change its side according to its dryness, netting becomes dry early instead of bottom area, takes how many hours or days will take your pack n play to dry, It depends on pack n plays material or amount of sunlight.
  • In short, you will keep it out or in sunlight until it becomes completely dry.

Steps to wash a pack n play

Pack n play is a baby item and babies used it roughly. Often it becomes too messy that you need to wash it deeply.

This is a very effective way to remove all stains and molds from a pack n play. Following steps will perform to wash a pack n play in deep.

  • Select a sunny day for washing pack n play so you can dry it after washing.
  • Remove the mattress from pack n play.
  • Bend the pack n play.
  • Open the warm water tap in the bathtub and half-full it.
  • Make washing mixture in a separate pot and add in a tub or directly add 2 cups of detergent, 1 fourth cup of baking soda, and vinegar. Mix all well.

washing mixture for clean pack and play

  • Then soak the pack n play in the mixture for two to four hours. Soak the mattress in the tub for one hour.

  • The most mattress is cleaned after one hour. If it is not clean in a given time you can soak it again. Then it became cleaned wash it properly with clean water. Put it in the sunshine in a way that water flows from the mattress. You can put it on a plastic chair in a standing position.
  • After 3 to 4 hours start rubbing all parts well of the pack n play with a hand or soft brush for a few minutes.
  • Then remove the dirty water from the tub and rinse it with clean water using a hand shower.

  • Assemble it and Put it in the sunshine for hours or days until it gets completely dry.

FAQs ( How To Clean A Pack n Play)

How do you deep clean a Pack N Play mattress?

Answer: Take a tub in which you can soak the mattress without folding it too much you can use a bathtub for this purpose as well.

Fill the tub with warm water, water quantity that should be enough mattress can soak completely.

Add half a cup of mild detergent to the tub water mix well.

Remove the cover and you can wash it in the machine, while hand wash is good for the mattress, soak it for one hour, after one hour clean the mattress by rubbing each part with a soft brush.

Rinse it with clean water until all detergent washed away.

Keep it outside until it became completely dry. After drying cover it.

 How do you clean a pack n playmat?

Follow the same steps that are described for cleaning the pack n play mattress.

 How do you remove a pack n play?

  • First of all, remove the mattress.
  • Then pull the belt to the upper side
  • When pack n play starts fold to the bottom, press the sides button to fold it completely.
  • After folding pack in into bag and close it.

Most of pack n play are removed in the following way. If you have a different pack n play stay calm because Most pack n play has designed in a way that you can easily set up and break down.

Almost standard pack n pack has given details to assemble and unassemble to it

How to clean Graco pack n play bassinet?

  •  To clean a Graco pack n play remove the bassinet from the pack n play. (follow the manufacturing instruction)
  • Remove the mattress from the bassinet, remove the frame of the bassinet.
  • Graco packs n play bassinet mattress cover easily clean. you can wash it in the washing machine. To clean a Graco pack n play bassinet mattress use warm water and simple soap.
  • Bassinet frames don’t need to wash, only clean with a soft cloth.

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