How to Clean Baby PlayMat or Tummy Time Mat

How to Clean Baby Play Mat

Cleaning a playmat may difficult for some moms, but here are the best and easiest ways for “How to Clean Baby Play Mat”. Playmats are the best and most enjoyable area of children and they spend most of their time on these playmats. When babies spend most of their time on playmats then it is obvious that they creat mess while eating, some times they spit-up food or drink, and other family bodily functions can create mess and dirt on the play area. And the cleaning baby playmat becomes important to save your little ones. Your babies have direct contact between the playmat and their skin.  Moreover, if you have pets, then your playmats can be more exposed to germs and other dirt. So it is very important that keep clean your baby’s playmat or play area. Before buying play mat you must check that it is easily cleanable and must be a non toxic baby play mat. Also, I will recommend to read every section of this article thoroughly to learn how to best care and clean baby’s play mat. Also check out the best baby bath mat.

Don’t Do this to best care of  Baby Play Mat

Before going to discuss the methods to clean your playmat, I will share some tips which are very useful for best care and keeping clean your play mat.

  • Place the baby play mat away from any other home fixtures and it is recommended to remove any plastic cover or packaging before using.
  • Sunlight can damage the surface of play mat if directly exposed to the sun. So you need to keep away from sunlight.
  • Keep away the playmat from inflammatory objects.
  • Do not place the playmat under heavy furniture.
  • You need to make sure that your babies don’t use color pencils or any other pens on the surface of play mat as they may leave a permanent mark on the surface and sometimes it cant be removable.
  • Keep the play mat in a dry place, when not in use under the cool temperature.
  • It is recommended that not to use the vacuum cleaner with bristle head on playmat as it may damage or scratch its surface.

How to Clean Baby Play Mat

Cleaning of playmat may differ according to its types and material, we will try to cover all the aspects in this regard. Following are the different ways to clean playmat:

Cleaning items required for Play mat:

I have selected some very easy ways to clean your baby play mat using home available items with extra budget or spending additional money. Cleaning your baby play mat using home material is the most safe way, as your child has close contact with play mat. If your baby has sensitive skin then another cleaning comical may harm your baby skin. You are clean play mat using with kitchen items and with Natural Cleaner using the following items.

Baking Soda for washing playmat:

If you just want to clean the stain or spot from different areas of play mat, then you can use baking soda with water to form a paste. It is safe to use on children’s playing area. You just need to apply this solution/paste on the dirt stain only. You can use a sponge for this purpose and allow it to sit the paste for about 10 minutes. After ten minutes clean the surface with a sponge. It is a time-saving method, instead of washing whole mat you can just clean the dirt spots only.

Vinegar & Water Solution for clean play area:

To make the vinegar and hot water solution, you need to mix both items in equal amount. Then put this solution into a spray bottle. And spray this on the stains and apply it for 2 minutes. After this use a clean cloth to clean the spot.

Vinegar & Water Solution for clean play area

Vinegar solution with the hot water is one of the oldest way for cleaning household elements that hold mold, stains,
bacteria, and germs. Because of its acid-base, it reacts chemically with stains and break them down and finally
clear the stain from mat.

Detergents and Dish Soap

You can use the detergent, cleaner or Dish soap but before choosing a detergent, make sure it is free from dyes or perfumes. You can also use all Natural cleaner or soap like Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and it has very good cleaning results. But Dish soap is only recommended for foam tiles or PVC play mats.

Bleach / Non-toxic Spray Cleaner / Disinfectant

Bleach is also easily available kitchen items and an perform the very effective cleaning to wipe the dirt from mats.
Also, you can use the non-toxic cleaner for clean mats but you just need to make sure it’s gentle use with babies.

Cleaning with Rag and Water:

If your mat is not so dirty and you want to just clean the few stains from its surface then you can use rag and water to clean your play mat. Using a rag or small towels is a great way to remove dirt spots from the mat. You can use a different cleaning solution for the rag for effective cleaning.

How to Clean Puzzle Play mats

Puzzle playmats are perfect for the babies which just started crawling. For such babies normally parent covered their living room floor with large interlocking puzzle mats. These mats usually made off foam. Clean puzzle mat is a challenge for parents. For cleaning these mats you can use the same cleaning solution (vinegar and hot water ) discussed above. I will recommend to spot clean these mats when you required, normally do it on a daily basis and perform a good scrub once in a week. Cleaning with a mop on a puzzle playmate is not recommended as it may allow water to flow through the unions of each puzzle part.

how to clean puzzle play mat

How To Clean Foam Play Mats

Usually, parents used the Foam play mats for their babies as these play mats are soft enough that babies can freely crawl on these mats, can safely fall without sustaining injuries. Foam is most popular material for baby play mats and comparatively durable, inexpensive, and soft. Cleaning foam mats are sometimes tricky and may require some special consideration because some chemicals and detergence can damage the surface of the play mat. So it is better to use the all-natural items or recipes (discussed above) for cleaning foam playmat. You can also the mopped foam play mat like the normal floor and can also use the vacuum cleaners as well. But for play mat for harder floors may require extra efforts.

How To Clean Foam Play Mats

Best Way to clean Foam play mat:

If you are planning to clean the entire foam mat then you may require the following material:

  • Soap or Detergent
  • Water (not too cold)
  • Dishwashing soft-scrub
  • Dry Cloth or towelVinegar Cleaning solution for play mat

By using the above material, you can  clean the foam play mat by the following method:

  1. First, you need to prepare a soap or detergent solution. If you play mat is made of different pieces then it is batter to clean them separately as less effort are required for this.
  2. Apply the water and Detergent, cleaner or soap on the mat, so that it can soak in well. And identify all the dirt stains on the mat.
  3. As you apply the soap solution on the mat, and start scrubbing it in, especially focus on spots that you have identified of play mat
  4. Soft dish scrub is good for foam mat, as otherwise it can damage the surface of foam.
  5. If your mat is dirtier then apply a lot of water after the scrubbing, use the detergent solution again if you required.
  6. If there is oily dirt on the play mat, then dish soap solution is a better option for you.
  7. Once you have completely scrubbed the solution on the mat, the wait for 10 to 15 minutes. This will help the solution to works on the dirt.
  8. After this apply water or use shower until all dirt and oil can come off completely.Floor mat water
  9. Use the towel to suck the water out of it and then place play mat in the outdoor area to come out of the remaining water.

How to Clean the Fabric Playmat

Like foam, these play mats also absorb everything and spots can easily set in if you are not giving attention. The fabric floor playmats are more comfortable as they are like the carpets and can provide a soft place to baby a room to play on it. However, fabric play mats also quicky expose to dirt or other stuff. For duct and normal dirt, you can use the vacuum cleaners. But also most of the fabric play mats are safe to dip into the laundry machine with a
mild detergent. It is recommended to follow the washing instruction of the manufacture while washing the play mat.

How to Clean the Fabric Playmat

How to Clean Water mats or plastic play mat

The plastic play mat is also available in the market. usually, plastic is always considered the easiest material to wash as it does not absorb water. Cleaning a plastic mat is very simple, just through water on it, scrubbed off with a soap and once you have done, remove the soap solution by applying the water. Do not use the hot water in case of a plastic play mat.water play mat cleaning

Water play mats are usually made of plastic and also pretty easy to wash and clean. You can perform natural cleaning wipe for water mat, simply scrub it lightly with a solution of vinegar & water. So you if you are looking for a product which can use clean easily then this is one of them.

Washing Playmat in washing machine

Some plastic or fabric play mats may be safe to wash in the washing-machine, and most parents like this type of mat. Some playmats can be vacuumed or scrubbed with soap and water.

How often should you clean baby play mats?

As your baby has close contact with the play mat, so it is very important to clean it on a regular basis. Be sure to wipe away dirt & debris before each use and perform a spot clean after every use. You need to perform a complete clean of mat if you feel that there is a lot of mess or dirt add up there. This will also depend on how often your baby
uses the play. But simply you need to keep focus on it clean as good health of your baby is also dependent on it.

I hope this article is useful for you, I have tried to cover all type of cleaning and discus different play mats. Thanks..!

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