How to transition Baby from Swing to Crib

Transitioning a baby from a swing to a crib can be challenging for parents. It is a fact that a baby sleeps in a swing easily. Swings are great for soothing a crying baby.

Babies usually love their baby swings, but they tend to move to cribs as they grow. Baby Cribs are more comfortable for your baby to sleep in. Moreover, some baby cribs come with a changer and storage where you can store the baby essentials.

How to transition Baby from Swing to Crib

There are varying opinions on this topic, but most experts agree that getting rid of the baby swing would be best.

Reasons: why we Transition the baby from a swing to a crib 

Every parent wants to transition the baby from a swing to a crib for many reasons.

  • One common reason is that when your baby grows, it can roll over on its own. The other transition point is when they start getting bored with the swing.
  • It’s a crucial time in your baby’s development when they develop motor skills and learn how to move around. Around the age of 4-6 months, you may notice that your baby is getting increasingly active, which means they’re on the move.
  • They’re no longer happy to lay in the swing or bouncer; they want to be able to move around and play. This is a good thing because it means they’re more active and growing, but it also means that you need to transition them from the swing/bouncer to the crib.Reasons why we Transition the baby from a swing to a crib 

The transition needs to happen at the right time, and this is easy to do. There are also some other things that you should keep in mind.

As some babies need a crib than a swing, some are a little bit more difficult to go to the crib, but it depends upon the baby and parent.

The transition time should be based on the baby’s age and how old they are before they can roll over. The transition time from the swing to the crib should be between 6 and 9 months.

There are some things that you need to take note of when you are making this transition. This article will show you how you can make the transition easy for your baby. So here you will find simple steps for transitioning your baby from the swing to the crib.

How to transition baby from swing to crib

Steps to transition a baby from swing to crib

Transforming your baby from the swing to the crib can be difficult, so if you are a new parent, this article will help you with all the steps you need to do to get your baby ready to go from the swing to the crib.

Here are some steps to help you make the transition smoothly.

  • Put Baby Swing Near To The Crib
  • The correct way to put the baby in the swing
  • The process of transitioning the baby into the crib 

Put Baby Swing Near To The Crib

The first step is to place a baby swing close to the crib or bed so you can move your baby from the crib in less time while not disturbing his sleep.

It will make your transition process simple and effective when it comes down to soothing infants. According to researchers, ” placing a baby swing or crib in your room, near your bed for some earlier months may be the best choice for cultivating a secure sleep in your child.

You’ll be capable of carefully observing him as he sleeps. You may effortlessly feed them.!

Placing a swing in your room next to the crib or bed in the early months of a child is ideal, especially when they aren’t quite comfortable sleeping apart from their parents just yet!

Place swing near to crib

The correct way to put the baby in the swing

When placing the baby in a swing, settle them on its back before you set it in motion.
If a baby is to sleep in a swing, the environment around them must be calm, quiet, and dark.

Start by ensuring the room temperature and airflow are low to reduce the chances of your baby overheating inside the swing. A little music on low volume can soothe a crying baby!

If the crying persists for at least fifteen minutes, but not more than half an hour, you may gently rock your baby back and forth with their head lower than its bottom. Observe as this could cause them to fall asleep or become drowsy.



The process of transitioning the baby into the crib:

When babies go to wakeful sleep, don’t stop moving their swings; keep them constantly moving until they enter dreamless sleep.

Place them gently in your arms for a little while before setting them back in their cradle, and pat gently if they move after you’ve set them down.

Ensure the crib is clean and tidy so babies can have a long and restful sleep. Always place babies on their backs when sleeping; it’s good for their health.

How long does a baby use a swing

There aren’t definite answers to the question of what age a baby should stop using swings or exactly how long a baby uses a swing. However, some guidelines will help you figure out when your baby is ready to move on.

Weight and Height of a Baby:

Here are some limits; according to them, you can decide that you should stop using it right away to avoid any foreseeable injuries.

  • Children are primarily above 13kg ( less than 30 pounds ) weight and are not regarded as suitable for swings. Primarily for indoor swings. (However, the diversity of outdoor swings is easily obtainable in markets for older babies. Up to 40 lbs or above 30 pounds weight limit. Best outdoor baby swings are available with the best safety measures.)
  • The swing weight limit is mostly around 12 to 13 kg for infants or babies. So, the premier possibility is to stop using a swing before crossing the weight limit, and you should stop it at 12 kg.
  • First and foremost, you should follow the producing product manual and size and weight conditions.
  • Some parents like to use multi-purpose kid’s products like swings, bouncers, and rockers. In this case, you should inspect more alertly because the weight restriction of the swing varies from the weight restriction of the bouncer or rocker.
  • One thing that I feel further save being an infant mother is that when your baby starts extra moving in the swing, like trying to climb on it or any extra gesture of a baby indicates that it’s time to stop using it.
  • Please don’t use a swing for more than 40 minutes continuously. It is also not suitable for your child.

How do break the habit of baby sleeping in the swing?

This is a common problem. I used to swaddle my son – that worked to some extent, but then he would wake up when his arms were free.

I also started bathing him before bedtime. Then I started just putting him in bed, drowsy but awake. This made it more likely that he would fall asleep on his own.

If he did wake up, I let him cry for a couple of minutes, then went in and comforted him. It might take a few days.

If he’s used to being rocked to sleep, he may be tired and think you’re coming in to do that. Ultimately, you have to be consistent and let him cry for however long it takes for him to fall asleep.

It’s difficult because you’re worried that if you don’t go in, he won’t go to sleep, and if you do go in, you reinforce the behavior you’re trying to get rid of. Be strong!!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our article about transitioning a baby from a swing to a crib. There are so many wonderful features of a swing that sometimes we forget they’re only meant to be a temporary solution.

With this knowledge, we know that you can help your baby get the rest they need in the safest way possible.

If you have any further questions about transitioning your baby, please feel free to contact us.

That is all from the side, and I hope it is helpful for you. Please share your thoughts on it. Thank you for reading; we hope you have a great day.

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