How To Paint A Baby Crib In Easy & Safe Way

How To Paint A Baby Crib

Pregnancy is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. She starts planning for her newborn baby, even before he or she is born. The first thing that she would want to do after childbirth is to decorate the baby’s room.

Some people may have a crib at home already, and some may have just moved into a new place where they will have to get a crib for their little one, anyway.

But when it comes to picking a crib, there are various types of cribs in the market and it can get a little overwhelming at times.

This article contains useful information on how to paint a baby crib.

Baby Crib Painting Steps & Guidelines:

Painting a baby crib is a great way to give the baby’s room a fresh, new look. However, this activity is not just great for the baby. It is also a great activity for the mommy-to-be and a perfect way to bond with your partner.

Painting a baby crib is always better with the help of an experienced person, but it is not as if you cannot do it on your own. If you have never painted a crib before, here are some great tips to help you paint a crib.

Essential Preparation steps before painting crib:

Painting a crib is a lot easier than you might think, especially with the right tools and preparation. If you are looking for the easiest and safest way to paint a crib, we have the information you need. Read on to learn more!

First of all, ready your crib for painting, Follow these steps:

  • Selection of best Paint
  • Selection of paint brushes
  • Cleaning of Crib
  • Sanding of Crib
  • Remove the bolts and screws(optional)
  • Arrange an alternative place for your baby(optional)

Selection of best Paint:

This guide will help you with the best crib paint, which is the best type of paint to use in a crib.

The selection of correct paint for painting the crib is the major thing. Only the best paint will give your crib a new life and professional painting look, that you are wanting.

For a quick best paint buyer guide I recommended you, to read this article Best Paint For Baby Crib.

  • Select a non-toxic paint( free from toxic chemicals like VOCs). It will give a healthy environment to the baby nursery and your baby.
  • Natural or water-based paint is best for painting a crib.
  • Select a paint that gives full coverage and has the best capacity, it will not only used in less quantity(1 bottle or can paint a normal size crib) rather it will be a money-saving option for you.
  • Choose a baby crib that has a good durability level lasts for a long time because managing time and money again for painting a crib after a short of is not an easy task.

Select paint for a crib that has all these qualities  that is described above Top 7 Paints For Your Baby Nursery 2021

Selection of best paintbrushes:best brushes for paining crib, brushes for painting wood furniture DIYARTZ Chalk & Wax Paint Brush

A good quality paintbrush will give a smooth and finishing look to your crib. Choose an excellent high standards nylon brush.

Cleaning of Crib:

Place the baby crib outside or such a place where you don’t mind the mess. Clean or wash your crib properly before painting, remove every kind of dirt and dust. Proper cleaning before paint will give a smooth finishing look to the new painting.

Sanding of Crib:

sanding of crib how to paint a baby crib

Use #120 or #180 sandpaper for sanding the crib. You can use a sanding sponge as well. Do sanding each part and remove all peeling and old paint from the crib. Proper sanding fixes the new paint on the crib surface well. Do cleaning of the crib to remove the sanding dust.

Unfasten the bolts and screws

Unfasten the bolts and screws before painting if it is possible. Fasten them well after painting the crib.

Arrange an alternative place for your baby

Most of the babies are used too to sleeping in the crib or the same specific place. So, create a sleeping place in the Baby nursery before painting the crib. Because the crib may take time for reuse. (can’t use until dry completely some p)

Arranging the baby’s place in the baby nursery is an easy and best option. In this way, your baby can take benefit from other baby sleep gadgets easily like a humidifier, night lights, crib vibration machines, crib mattress, etc.

Safe Steps To Paint A Baby Crib Easily

Here are a few tips that can help you in painting a baby crib.

how to paint a baby crib

After selecting a paint color, brushes, and doing sanding and cleaning now your crib is ready for paint.

  • Using hand gloves and a face mask is best for you. Dip the brush in paint and start doing painting in crib wood grain direction.
  • Apply the paint in the same direction, don’t do a thick and unbalanced coating of paint.
  • Apply an equally light paint layer all over the crib.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • After completely dry, you will apply the 2nd coat of paint if needed.
  • Remember that to give your crib painting a smooth finishing look, you will add a 2nd coat of paint after completely dried the first one.
  • Air it out of direct sunlight after painting the baby crib, Different paints take different times to dry.
  • After completely dring. Your repaint Baby crib is ready to use.

Note: This method is used to paint wooden cribs also.

FAQs (How to paint a baby crib)

What kind of paint can you use on a crib?

You can use Non-toxic(no VOCs) natural-made, free from smell, and water-based kind paint on a crib.

Is it safe to paint a baby crib?

It is safe to paint a baby crib. Just be careful about the paint you use. Choose a paint that is safe for kids and uses a good quality brush.

You must make sure to not use latex paint for the crib. It’s because latex paint contains chemicals that can be harmful to babies. This is why latex is not recommended for furniture used for babies.

How do you paint a wooden crib?

Wooden cribs are best for paint. Clean the crib properly. Do sanding and clean all sanding dust. Apply two codes of paint, giving a gap of drying the first one. Use it after drying completely.

Do I need to prime a crib?

It almost depends on the crib wood and paints you have selected. If you are going to paint a new wood crib then you will do not do sanding but you will do prime must.

Although some paints have good coverage quality, still you have to do prime, because repainting or Maintainance of products are not done every day. So, applying 2 codes is the better option.

How to paint spindles easily?

Use a dry sponge to paint spindles easily. Take a dry clean sponge. The sponge should be not rotten or damaged, otherwise, it will give lines to your painting. Using a new sponge is the better option.

Dip one side of the sponge in paint,  you can squeeze the sponge lightly after dipping to give a thin and equal layer of paint on spindles. You can 2nd code of paint in the same way for each spindle after drying the first paint. If it is needed.

Which finish is best for a crib?

The glossy and eggshell finish is best for a crib.


Today’s article is all about how to paint a baby crib. Painting a crib is a huge project, but it can be a fun one too.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you in learning how to paint a baby crib.

Thank you for reading and we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this.

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