7 Best Paint For Baby Crib | Top Recommendations

Not on purpose, but just let me know. Are you planning to give a new rise and shine to your baby’s nursery, its furniture, and on the top, its crib? Or don’t have enough money to buy a new nursery for your little one? Well, whatever the reasons, if today’s specific one is to give your little one his preloved crib back, then you are at the right place. But how is that possible? Of course, the best paint for baby cribs must be non-toxic, durable, and give a pleasant, breathable, and lively look to your baby’s crib and nursery.

Best paint for baby crib—Our Top recommendations at a glance:

So, it’s time to individually review all the products in this list. But if you are a busy person and don’t have much time to read this lengthy article, you can trust me as I am going to recommend you the top 3 best products on this list that will help you make a quick decision and being worthier for your money. So, look at these best choices and make up your mind.

Jolie Finishing Wax

Jolie Finishing Wax

Value for money

Chalk Style Paint

Chalk Style Paint

Best Recommended

Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint

Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint

My top Choice


So, instead of spending many bucks to buy a new livelihood for your small mess maker, you should go for the best paint to bring life to that old nursery, especially your Baby’s crib. He will be much happier to get his things back, or you can do this for your next one. Did you get it? Ah, Of course you do.

But as you know that there are many options available out there. Therefore, it is hard to find which one is best for your Baby’s crib and which is not, which is safe for your Baby, and many more questions.

But all I would say is, don’t worry because I’ve got your back, and today, I have brought the top 7 best paints for your baby crib that are highly rated, best recommended, and used by many parents for painting their Baby’s nursery and other purposes and are non-toxic, safe plus durable for the lifetime.

So, no more talking, and let’s dive into this comprehensive information. Because inside this one, things have become more accessible and peaceful. Moreover, I can guarantee you that at the end of the day, you are going to thank me.

But first, look at some important things you’d have to note before going for this guide that contains our recommended paints for your Baby’s crib and nursery.

What type of paints are considered to be safest for your Baby?

Above everything else, what matters the most is your Baby’s safety, right isn’t it? Well, that’s why it is always recommended to choose safe paint for painting his crib, nursery, or other furniture.

Moreover, even if you want to buy paint for your house furniture and home décor, you should look for a paint that must be Odorless, free from toxic compounds such as VOCs and other chemicals, and should pass all the safety standards.

In this regard, only the paint made naturally or from water-based compounds is safe for your Baby. Because paint containing VOCs will negatively impact your little one’s health and his living.

It is not a fortunate thing to hear that you will find most paints that will contain VOCs. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds from which you must keep safe yourself.

Because if you hear what symptoms they can cause you, you will be shocked. Yes, they are very dangerous and can be found in the form of gas inside the air. Most of the products become the reason for their presence in the air, and some of these products are paints, fuel, oil, cosmetics, glue, pesticides, deodorants, etc.

But don’t worry, because all the paints inside this list are free from VOCs and can be considered for painting your baby crib.

How long after Painting the crib is it Safe for the Baby?

That depends on the time that paint takes to get dry. As soon as it dries, you can ask for or put your Baby inside it. But the best-recommended thing to do is to place the crib in direct sunlight after you have finished painting it.

Because this will help in drying the paint easily and with speed. Moreover, this will also eliminate/ destroy the germs, if there are any, on the crib. So the Baby can enjoy his new and freshly painted crib as it dries.

Best safe spray paint for cribs

Now, I guess it’s time to make a real effort. So, let’s begin.

1. Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint- Editor’s top Choice:

To bless your baby’s crib with every corner and part, let me introduce you to the top of the list, one of the best and most highly rated paints named Retique IT Chalk furniture that will stay longer and shine brighter.


Its superior quality and coverage give the best result, with 1 to 2 coats having stunning adhesion for the wide variety of your baby’s nursery surface. You won’t need any effort, but just a little clean-up before you do the actual painting process.

Retique It Chalk Furniture Paint

Capacity and Size 32 oz (Quart)

Coverage 100 Square fit

Drying Time 30 Minutes Approx.

Colors Available in many colors

VOC free? Yes

Usage Interior/ Exterior


The paint is well-made for mostly all types of furniture, cabinets, and everything you prefer to paint, including your art projects.


Regarding safety, this one has a low odor, many ultra-low VOCs, and is hypoallergenic with no smell at all. It means your baby will be in a peaceful and safe environment after you’ve done painting his nursery. It gets dry within a very little time, almost 30 minutes until you finish painting it on your desired furniture.

My Experience

As per my personal experience, it is the best product on this list that you could get for flawless durability, reliability, and quality on a reasonable budget. An imported piece of paint that will bring your baby’s furniture to life and will save you time plus effort.

  • Durable, reliable, and quality paint
  • Available at less price
  • Highly rated, Non-toxic, and safe
  • Dries in little time
  • Available in many colors and suit every piece of furniture
  • No reasonable Cone

2. Chalk Style Paint- Runner up:

Do you want your baby’s crib to blossom after giving it brand new and fresh paint? Yes, who doesn’t want that? Therefore, look at this second most loved paint by many users, who have already used it for painting their home furniture, kitchen, and home décors.

Multiple Color Options

Available in more than 30 colours, this will let you choose your favorite one and give your baby’s nursery a breathable finish. This one is specially formulated for furniture and home décor, but it won’t matter if you will use it for your craft or art projects.

Chalk Style Paint

Capacity and Size: 16 oz (pint), 32 oz (Quart)

Coverage With 16 Oz, 40 to 80 Square feet

Drying Time 30 Minutes Approx.

Colors Available in many colors

VOC free? Yes

Usage Interior/ Exterior


What’s more, to find its amazing results and extraordinary look on your home furniture. Covering a great area with 16 to 32 Oz capacity requires less coating but will give more adhesion to your interior and exterior projects.

It contains a built-in topcoat and primer that makes waxing optional for you whenever you finish painting. The paint dries in less than 30 minutes and is durable for staying longer on your small one’s essential assets.


In addition, the paint provides safety and security to your little one with its Low Odor, ultra-low VOC pigments, and compounds. The paint doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, including phthalates, heavy metals, solvents, or formaldehyde. Also, passing all the safety standards, this will be your best paint if you are hunting to paint your baby’s crib.

  • No harsh chemicals, Non-Toxic
  • Easy and fast-drying compatibility
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Cover more area
  • Best for every kind of project, home décor, or furniture
  • Have to buy some high-quality brushes before using it

3. Jolie Finishing Wax – Protective topcoat for Jolie Paint- Value for money:

Do you know that we always include one product in our list that becomes a value for its money? Well, never mind if you don’t know. Because To make your money worthier, I have brought this Jolie Finishing Wax that gives extraordinary finishing to your furniture, nursery, or home decoration. Though it is not painted, it’s a wax that can provide a blush for your gloomy and absurd furniture or walls.

Jolie Finishing Wax

Capacity and Size: 120 to 500 millilitres

Coverage Up to 75 square ft. with 120 ml.

Drying Time 30 Minutes Approx.

Colours Available in many colours

VOC free? Yes

Usage of Interior/ Exterior



This product that comes in 1200 millilitre capacity in this small box is available in different colours and covers up to 75 Square feet area with a single box. It means you won’t cost much, but only having one or two boxes will do the job for you. It is odourless, non-hazardous, and water-resistant wax that can be used for interior and exterior finishes.


The finest and promised durability is ensured, so you don’t need to worry because it can be buffed to add a subtle sheen. When you finish painting or have raw wood surfaces inside your baby’s nursery, this wax will be best for making them breathable.

My Opinion on using this paint;

This waxing gel is best for ruffed or muffled surfaces and values your money if your furniture doesn’t require actual paint or if you have done painting and there is something or finishing touch left behind. Overall, a great product for a great person like you who puts his baby first.

  • A complete and unique final finish to furniture or paint
  • Value for money thing
  • Best after finishing paint or for the ruff surfaces
  • Can be used anywhere on anything
  • Covers more area even in this small cube
  • Not an actual paint, but just a finishing wax


4. INSL-X CC550109A-01 Cabinet Coat Enamel, Satin Sheen Paint- Best overall

Are you looking for a baby-safe furniture paint for your baby’s crib that must be low in price but more in quantity? Are sounds familiar, isn’t it? Yes, baby, you do, so here is what you need and what fulfils your requirements best.

Coming in a large gallon with more coverage of 350 to 450 square feet in a single shot, this will also suit your large quantity of furniture, a big baby’s nursery, or a big house with many walls and doors. Make them brighter and shine in whatever way you like and with whatever colour you want to do your painting.

INSL-X CC560109A-01 Cabinet Coat Enamel Paint

Capacity and Size:  1 Gallon to 1 Quart

Coverage 350-450 sq. ft. area with 1 Gallon

Drying Time 30 Minutes Approx.

Colors Available in many colors

VOC free? Yes

Usage Interior/ Exterior

This ultimate acrylic cabinet paint gives extra fine finishing to your kitchen, bathroom cabinets, furniture, crown molding, trim, and shelving during refurbishing. The durability and ultra-smoothness are promised and granted, which means you will have this on your walls or baby crib for a longer period.

No need for primer, but a super-strong adhesion to all hard surfaces inside your home. It does resist scuffing, food stains, grease or water, and chipping because of its durable satin finish.

Again, this is a masterpiece choice that you’re going to make, but remember the temperature level before using it, use it when the surface temperature must be above 50 degrees F and below 90 degrees F. Also, consider looking for its manual guide before you go on painting.

  • Pros
    • More incapacity
    • Covers more area
    • Best for hard rock surfaces
    • Available in different colors at a very reasonable price
    • Durable and smooth finishing is granted
    • Needed more coats

5. Amy Howard Home One-Step Paint- Good paint for your baby crib:

Do you know what the good thing about this one is? Yes, sure, let me tell you in a little deep detail. The Amy Howard Home One Step Paint is the name of quality and durability.

Though it is not that much ratted and bought yet, it still has great value for adding comfort and luxury to your baby’s life. It doesn’t matter what you paint inside your house, farmhouse, or apartment; this one will cover everything according to your expectations.

Amy Howard crib paint

Capacity and Size: 16 oz to 32 oz
Coverage 60 to 140 Sq. Ft. with 32 oz
Drying Time Approx. 20 Minutes
Colours Available in many colours
VOC free? Yes
Usage Interior/ Exterior


The paint stands best among others as it gives the results without priming, sanding, or stripping on your walls or home decor. Best recommended for surfaces like glass, wood, Formica, concrete, iron, resin, melamine, wood, and every outdoor décor or furniture.


It has Zero VOCs, which means it is safe to use and will be a good thing for your baby’s nursery. Its water-based formula allows you for an easy clean-up. When you finish painting something, it will take only 20 minutes to dry and cover most of the area inside the 60 to 140 sq. ft.

Personal Experience:

Moreover, it provides excellent coverage, an apparent adhesion with an easy application on whatever you like, related to your art projects or your baby’s crib. So, this is again something worth having if you have planned to put life into your baby’s essentials.

  • Can be applied on any surface
  • Take less time in drying
  • Best for outdoor usage
  • Nontoxic with zero VOC
  • Durable and name of quality
  • It May require you to use more coats depending on the type of surface

6. Rust-Oleum Milk Paint- Don’t miss

Well, who wants to add milk to his house walls? Of course, I do, but not the milk, my dear sweet boy. Because I am talking about the paint that gives a milk-like finish and extra smooth touch to everything you do paint with it.

All the praises are for this Rust-Oleum Milk Paint, the second last choice of today’s list of some best paints for baby cribs. Even staying in this position will still be worth your money and will be the reason for happiness on your baby’s face.

Rust-Oleum 331052 Milk Paint

Capacity and Size:  32 oz 1 Quart, 230 g

Coverage 75 sq. ft.

Drying Time Approx. 20 Minutes

Colors Available in many colours

VOC free? Yes

Usage Interior/ Exterior

Coming into 230g capacity and approximately covering 70 sq. ft. area, this is not what will cover everything in a single shot, but yes, the quality and durability are granted. This one comprises 5 different ingredients, and it stands ideal for raw woods or over-existing finishes. It does provide a glitch of waxing on your paint with its Mustard seed Hemp oil, white waxing, Antiquing waxing, furniture waxing, tough coat, and you are every desired finishing.

The best thing to find out is that you will have to spend so little bucks, but you will still have everything you need to give a new look to your baby crib after painting or applying wax. So, if you don’t go further, this Rust-Oleum Milk Paint will be your journey’s rider.

  • Gives extra smooth finishing
  • Durable and quality is promised
  • It is a good thing for less money
  • Best for raw woods
  • required 2 coats to cover.
  • Some customers reviewed that paint Colors are different as compare to images


7. Old Fashioned Milk Paint Non-VOC Powder Paint- Last but never least:

Since the wait is over and these lengthy explanations are going to end, so meet with the last but never least one of the best baby crib paints named Old Fashioned Milk paint that is non-VOC, less Odor, and antiallergic to your baby. it doesn’t disturb your small one but still, it takes great care of its nursery.

Old Fashioned Milk Paint Non-VOC Powder Paint

Capacity and Size: From Gallon to Quart

Coverage Up to 12o Sq. ft. with pint, 16 oz

Drying Time Approx. 20 Minutes

Colors Available in many colors

VOC free? Yes

Usage Interior only

You will only be able to get a little in one batch because this paint is made in small batches using some earth pigments, but still, every pack contains 16 Ounces of fluid inside it. Give new versions to your homes, baby nurseries, kitchens, doors, bathrooms, house walls, and everything you want in any colour you prefer.

It gives your colonial or shaker furniture a classy look with extraordinary finishing and fantastic touch. It is for those who love old things and never wanna lose them. So, this paint keeps them lively and cheerful.

Moreover, it’s not going to fade away anywhere, and as I said, it is environmentally safe as a nontoxic component free from chemicals and harsh materials. Also, children will enjoy their fresh paint nursery, which is all possible due to this masterpiece. Therefore, it doesn’t many reasons for having hate inside your heart about this.

  • Classy paint
  • Available in many colors
  • Good for home décor and nursery
  • Available at a low price
  • You will have to buy these batches in a large quantity


Things to look for before Buying

I have mentioned some top-rated and highly recommended paints in the above seven best choices so that you can make an easy decision and choose the best one for yourself. However, if you still need clarification about making your choice, then let’s look at these factors given in this buyer’s guide that will help you choose wisely and best, depending on these factors. Moreover, you will easily find the best paint for yourself and your baby’s crib. These important factors are given as follows.

Non-Toxic with no VOCs- As I mentioned earlier in this article, VOCs are not good for your skin and health. You may get allergic, and ultimately, they may harm you. Plus, they could be better for your small one. So, always look for paint that must be nontoxic and free from VOCs because this will be a healthy choice and will brighten your baby’s nursery by giving him safety.

Capacity and Area Coverage—It doesn’t matter what paint you choose; you can use it efficiently. But to save money and time, look for a paint that must be in a good capacity and should be able to cover a large area with one can or bottle. This will be an economical and budget-friendly decision.

The number of coats and drying time—look for a quality paint that requires less coating and should give more results in one or two coats on every surface you apply it. Moreover, it should also be the one that dries in no time because as soon as it dries, you can use your furniture or your baby’s crib to make him play inside it.

Durability—That’s the uppermost factor you must consider before buying paint for your baby crib. Look for one that must be durable for a more extended period and should not leave the space for a pretty good time. Because nobody bothers painting furniture daily, your baby will not be happy if he sees his crib being painted every day. I know that he will mind because mine did the same.

User reviews and ratings—You may consider every factor mentioned above, but you should consider this before making the actual purchase. Despite the fact that I have mentioned every product that is much loved on the internet, please read what people have to say about that paint by reading its user ratings. I can ensure that you will make a good decision if you do this.

Price and budget— Are you worried about money? Don’t be, because you don’t need to spend much on having a non-toxic, durable, and quality paint for your baby crib or its nursery. You can get your best one inside the price range of 40 to 150 dollars, depending on what you prefer to buy. So, not so many bucks but just a little money, and your baby will have his shining crib back again.


What paint is safe for a baby crib?

Every paint out there is safe for your baby but not the one with VOCs compounds or harsh chemicals. Because only this type of paint will be unhealthy for his skin, and your baby may get allergic after sitting in his crib that is being painted by a paint having a high intensity of VOCs. So, in this case, only consider natural or water-based paints with Zero- VOC, as these will be safe for your baby.

Can we paint the crib?

Well, that is a good question, Because you should know whether you can paint your baby’s crib. So, the answer is an absolute yes. You can easily paint your baby’s crib, but his safety is considered to be the top-notch thing before going for painting his crib. That’s why you should use some odourless, non-toxic paint with zero VOCs to paint your baby’s crib and ensure their safety for him.

What craft paint is safe for babies?

Acrylic paint is considered the safest for babies because it is non-toxic, odorless, has Zero VOCs, and is made with water-based compounds. So, use it without any hazards, and you will never disappoint, nor will your baby.

Is latex paint safe for cribs?

No, it is not. Because, in many cases, you may find toxic and harsh compounds inside latex paint. That’s why it is not considered safe paint for your baby.


Not praise, but I can imagine the hard work that you’ve done in reaching this end of the article after reading the comprehensive information mentioned above. I hope you’ve got the best paint for a baby crib that will be worth your baby’s nursery and will stay longer to make you see blessings on his face. However, if you still have complications anywhere inside this post, or it is still taking you so long to decide, then don’t worry. Remember why you are here, what you should choose for your baby’s safety and comfort, and look for suggestions in the buyer’s guide. If you do this, I can ensure you have your answers. Moreover, I’ve also made that easier by recommending the top three paints at the top of the article. Choose any of them, and you will have no regrets.

Hence, this was all about today. We shall see each other soon on another topic. Please let me know if you want to ask something or have anything to say in the comment box. So, take care of yourself and have a good day.

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