6 Best Crib Sheets for Winter – Review and Guide

The Warm crib sheets will keep your baby warm and cozy, and in this article, I will share some of the best crib sheets for winter. In average weather, you can use any sheet that fits your baby’s mattress. But when winter rolls around, it is best to have a few extra features to keep your little one healthy and happy.

The Best Crib Sheets for Winter – Review & Guide

Before buying a bunch of expensive sheets for your little one, you should know what features make the best crib sheets for winter. Material that regulates temperature and maintains warmth longer than other fabrics will make the best crib sheet.

Therm insulation is an important feature in ensuring that your baby stays nice and warm during those cold winter nights. Thermal insulation is achieved by using natural or synthetic man-made materials with high heat flow resistance.

Another essential factor when searching for the best crib sheets for winter is the moisture rating or breathability rating of a sheet’s fabric. The best way that a crib sheet can regulate your baby’s temperature is through good ventilation and air circulation within its’ fibers.

Using Flannel Crib Sheets in winter 

The winter crib sheets made from flannel are very soft and comfortable, so it is best for babies with sensitive skin. Flannel sheets are easily identified by their fuzzy, lambswool-like fabric appearance, which makes the best crib sheets for winter.

The best part about warm crib sheets made from flannel is that they are very lightweight yet maintain their warmth by trapping heat through insulating air pockets within the fibers.

In addition to being warm crib sheets, flannel also wicks away moisture better than most other materials used in perfect crib sheet making.

Since children produce much more sweat than adults, baby crib sheet makers have paid special attention to creating warm crib sheets for winter, relieving your baby’s body of excess sweat while keeping her warm and cozy all night long.

List of Best Crib Sheets for Winter:

Follow crib sheets are searched for which are very useful and helpful in winter:


1. American Baby Company Crib Sheet

The American Baby Company has created a fitted crib sheet that is both comfortable and durable. The fabric is made of 100 % polyester for lasting comfort without being washed every day. Its soft fabric is ideal for the baby’s comfort and comes in different colours.

American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille Fitted Crib Sheet for Standard Crib

Color Steel Gray
Material Chenille, Synthetic Fabric
Size 28x52x9 Inch (Pack of 1)
Pattern Solid
Brand American Baby Company

Unique Feature:

  • Very Soft, like sitting on a cashmere sweater. 
  • These sheets are made of durable, breathable fabric to keep your baby comfortable. You can wash these in a machine with no worries about fading or shrinking– they’ll always look new again 🙂


✅ Machine Washable
✅ ultra soft material
✅ made of 100% Polyester
✅ Available in a variety of colours
❌ It may start peeling if you don’t follow the washing instruction

2. Cozy Fleece Microplush Fitted Crib Sheets

For when you need a little extra warmth in the winter months, Cozy Fleece Microplush Fitted Crib Sheets are just what your baby needs. The soft, warm fabric is perfect for keeping your baby cozy and comfortable in cold weather.

Cozy Fleece Microplush Crib Sheets

Color Grey/White With Moon and Stars
Material Fleece
Size 2 Count (Pack of 1)
Pattern Solid, Geometric
Brand Cozy Fleece

These Crib Sheets are designed to make your baby or toddler feel warm and comfortable. Featuring a cozy microfiber fleece that is machine washable for easy care, the Khombu fitted crib sheets are available in multiple colours and sizes so that you can find the right fit for your bedding set.

✅ comfortable and warm
✅ Available in different colors
✅ Machine Washable crib sheets
❌ Very soft but too small (Match your crib size before buying)

3. Waterproof Crib Sheet by Ely’s & Co.

Ely’s & Co. crib sheet is waterproof. A waterproof mattress cover is ideal for crib and toddler mattresses. This product is made of a soft material that will provide a comfortable sleeping experience for your baby. It will protect the bed from urine and any other liquid that may be spilt on it. It is easy to clean and can be washed with warm water and with detergent. It does not need to be ironed, making it very practical for parents who do not have time to take care of these details.

Elys Co. Patent Crib Sheet

Material Cotton
Pattern Striped
Brand Ely’s & Co.
Care instructions Machine Wash
Is Waterproof True

Unique Feature:

  • This Crib sheet is lined throughout with TPU, a material specially designed to prevent leakage. No seams mean that no mattress pad cover or protector will be necessary – just your clean-up!
  • This fantastic product is designed to fit all standard mattresses sold in America.

✅ Waterproof Crib Sheets
✅ Comfortable and Soft Material
✅ Fits different Mattress Sizes
✅ 100% Jersey Cotton
✅ Easy to Clean (Machine Wash)
❌ No such disadvantage

4. BlueSnail Super Soft Velvet Crib Bed Sheet

The BlueSnail Fitted Velvet Crib Sheets are a soft and luxurious addition to your baby’s crib. The fitted sheet is made from velvet fabric that is plush, soft, and comfortable for your baby to sleep on. The elastic at the corners of the sheet provides a snug fit to keep your baby safe while they sleep. This sheet is easy to clean and care for, making it an ideal choice for busy parents who don’t have time to wash sheets often. It fits standard-sized.

BlueSnail Crib sheet

Color Brown
Material Flannel
Size 28×52 Inch (Pack of 1)
Fabric Type Velvet, plush
Pattern Solid

A baby’s safety is priority number one. With the BlueSnail ultra-soft crib and toddler protective cover, you can rest assured that they’ll be more comfortable than ever before with its soothing comfort for their tender skin against any surface. It will fit the furnishing of standard large-size cribs or smaller mattresses perfectly size, so no need to worry about being too tight or loose when zipping up. It has elastic around both sides designed to stay secure on top mattress layers without sagging during use preventing accidental fallouts while also providing full coverage.

✅ Super Soft Stretchy Fitted Velvet Material
✅ Breathable stuff
✅ easy to fit crib sheet with around elastic
✅ Machine washable (But read the instructions first)
❌ few customers are not satisfied with its material


5. Mushie Extra Soft Muslin Fitted Crib Sheet

Mushie Extra Soft Muslin Fitted Crib Sheet is a soft and cozy sheet made from 100% cotton. They’re prewashed for gentle care that keeps your baby snuggly against their skin while still allowing you to keep them warm in winter or cool on hot summer days.

The elastic edges make sure the fitted crib sheet fits perfectly, so it will not fall once washed before the first use and after every washing.

mushie Crib Sheet

Color Fog
Material Cotton
Fabric Type Cotton
Brand Mushie

They’re prewashed for gentle care that keeps your baby snuggly against their skin while still allowing you to keep them warm in winter or cool on hot summer days! The elastic edges make sure the fitted crib sheet fits perfectly, so it will not fall once washed before the first use and after every washing.

✅ made of 100% cotton
✅ extra soft crib sheet 
✅ breathable 
✅ You can easily remove 
✅ A perfect fit after washing. 
A little expensive

How to choose the best crib sheets for winter?

Choosing the best crib sheets for winter is not an easy task. It may surprise most parents, but the baby crib sheets are not necessarily the same as the best bed sheets.

When selecting crib sheets, you must consider several factors so that your baby stays warm and comfortable at night without overheating.

When cot sheet sets are made of poor-quality materials like polyester, they can easily cause rashes, skin irritation, etc. So before you start checking out perfect crib sheet sets, ensure they are made of cotton or fleece fabric only.

These crib sheets should be breathable, warm, and soft enough to protect your child from cold and moisture. This lightweight material will keep your child warm while not being too thick of a blanket. 

The material of the crib sheets is also easy to clean, making it that much more worth the price you pay when buying these warm crib sheets for winter weather. 

Warm crib sheets for winter- Buying Guide

The crib sheets for winter should have other properties: durability, warmth, lightweight constriction, and ease of care. You can consider the following main features before buying the baby crib sheets:

Quality of crib sheet: 

The best sheets for sleeping in during winter will be made of quality. Cotton is a good fabric because it is breathable and resists pilling, but some synthetics are more durable and last longer than others.

Type of sheet: 

Crib sheets come in various types and are made from flannel or fleece according to different types of cribs. Flannel is less expensive and may come in one piece, while a fleece crib sheet can best form your baby’s body.

Size of crib sheet

When choosing crib sheets for winter, size is important. Not only do you want the best crib sheets that will best suit your baby’s needs, but if they are too big, then not only will it be a false economy because you’ll have to buy more miniature-sized sheets in the future, but also it won’t keep your baby as warm. The best crib sheets for winter will fit onto your baby’s mattress snugly without slipping or riding. If the sheet is too small, there will be chinks of cold air, making your baby feel chilly even though they are wearing warm pyjamas.

Style of crib sheet

The crib sheets come in many styles, from jersey knit to flannel to fleece which all have varying degrees of warmth and softness. It’s really up to personal preference, but the crib sheets will be soft and warm; they’re most likely to be a knit material that will wick away moisture from your baby. Look at the material label on a jersey sheet; they say what the weight is or the thickness of the material and often tell you how much they were.

FAQs- best crib sheets for winter

What sheets are breathable for babies?

The best sheets are breathable sheets. Warm, thick crib sheets make it harder to keep babies warm and raise the risk of overheating. For this reason, having a breathable crib sheet will help you to reduce your baby’s risk of overheating while keeping them covered and comfortable through cold nights. Its means that air can passes through the sheet’s fabric easily. Breathable fabrics allow sweat or water vapor from inside the house to pass through the material without compromising their comfort or safety. Overall, Mushie Extra Soft & Cozy Fleece Microplush Crib Sheets are the best crib sheets for winter and should be made of breathable material.

What fabric should crib sheets be?

Crib sheets should be made out of a soft, thick fabric. Cotton and flannel are best because they allow your baby to stay warm and cozy on the coldest days.

What size crib sheet should I get?

Your best bet is to buy Universal Fit or All Universal Fit crib sheets. These fit most standard-sized crib mattresses and will keep you from having to buy multiple sets for different seasons.

How often should I wash my baby’s crib sheets?

Your baby’s sheets need to be washed every three days because they’re attracting bacteria and pests. That will make your child sick, so it is important that you wash them at least two times a week.

Do flannel crib sheets keep baby warm?

Yes, the best crib sheets for winter are flannel. To best keep your baby warm, cuddle under a fluffy duvet during the night and encase them in the best crib sheets for winter to absorb their body heat.

How do you get the best crib sheets for winter?

There are many different styles of best crib sheets for winter available online at home shopping websites or local department stores. Traditional best crib sheets for winter are quilted to give that extra layer of warmth while some have clever designs with pockets to pull excess bedding away from your baby’s face. You can choose any crib sheet from our list but BlueSnail Super Soft Velvet Crib Bed Sheet, Mushie Extra Soft & Cozy Fleece Microplush Crib Sheets are recommended.

How do you keep crib sheets warm?

Winter crib sheets are best kept warm with heated mattress pads. A quality best winter crib sheet is made of materials that stay nice through many washes, unlike cheap best crib sheets which only function for one season.

These covers are best used with fitted sheets because of their large size, and these best crib sheets can be found in bedding sets at any retailer of baby products. The best crib sheet will cover the entire mattress while leaving extra room for wiggle room on each side of the bed. The best-fitted winter cotton sheet is simple to wash and dry compared to quilts, but just as warm due to superior insulation properties when they’re paired together in the best winter set.

What are the best crib sheets for winter?

The best crib sheets for winter generally come from good quality cotton with tightly woven threads, which makes them very warm and comfortable to use. Another essential feature is the elasticity of the weave itself. It should hold up after repeated washing and not stretch out. You can select BlueSnail Super Soft Velvet Crib Bed Sheet & Cozy Fleece Microplush Crib Sheets from our top list of warm crib sheets.

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