Lotus Travel Crib vs Baby Bjorn -Which One is Better?

A travel crib is an essential thing when you are looking after your little one. Choosing the one with a complete package, including price, comfort, and longevity, is an intelligent move.

Lotus Travel Crib vs. Baby Bjorn, both brands are par excellence. However, their comparison is based on specific features worth your effort.

Lotus Travel Crib vs Baby Bjorn

Affording a simple playpen or a travel crib is not a big deal. However, when you are comparing Lotus Travel Crib vs Baby Bjorn, there are a lot of things that you must consider.

Both Baby Bjorn and Lotus are trusted brands for babies for their several supplies and accessories. Hence, both stand equally. However, while comparing both these options, certain features can outweigh one based on the quality of the other.

Baby Bjorn travel crib vs Lotus travel crib

The right option will have certain features that will make your baby’s crib safe and comfortable for your baby. Also, it must be easy and convenient for you to carry around.

Now here are some of them mentioned below:

Key Differences Between Lotus Travel Crib and Baby Bjorn

Here are the highlights of this comparison of both cribs:

  • Lotus crib will offer maximum safety for your baby. It has also earned the GreenGuard Gold Certification. The crib went under rigorous tests, which guarantees it is non-toxic.
  • Baby Bjorn crib is also a safe option for your little one and has been approved per the Oeko-tex standard 100 certifications. It means it does not contain any allergenic or harmful materials.
  • Both come with carry-on bags. On the other hand, the backpack style with the Lotus crib will make it more convenient for you to carry it wherever you go while leaving your hands free.
  • The Baby Bjorn travel crib will also provide high comfort to the babies. It also comes with a thick mattress than another travel crib for your babies.
  • Lotus crib has a zipped side door that will make it easy for you to lie down while your little one plays with them and nurse them.


Lotus Travel Crib

Lotus Travel Crib

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light


Which is the best Travel Crib?

Now let us put light on such features to know which crib is good for you:

1. Safety

Both will offer you significant safety, as they both are safety cribs. However, Lotus travel cribs have a higher safety score, whereas Baby Bjorn has the Oeko-tex standard 100 certifications.

Moreover, the Lotus travel crib has won the GreenGuard Gold certification. But if safety is your top priority, then consider Lotus.

2. Portability

Both cribs are portable, and both come with a carry-on bag. Baby Bjorn can fold easily into a briefcase-style carry bag. It is around 5.5’’ wide. Moreover, it has soft handles but is sturdy enough not to rip off easily.

On the other hand, the Lotus travel crib comes with a backpack-style case. Also, it is a bit wider than 7’’.

The prime difference here is the construction of both cases. Lotus crib will give you free hands options. Moreover, it is a significant lifesaver while carrying and tackling your baby during travel.

Hence, if you are traveling for convenience and high portability, you must go with the lotus crib traveling.

3. Ease of setup

For traveling, easy setup is one of the prime factors. You might be the person who is always on the go, which means you hardly got any time to fold and set up.

Luckily, Baby Bjorn and Lotus, both cribs, are designed for easy and fast setup. Moreover, you can easily fold and assemble all these cribs quickly. All such cribs will provide a comfortable space to play and rest.

Both cribs have all those parts built in. So, you only sometimes need the time to build these cribs. Hence, they must take minimum time to set up as soon as they are out of the bag.

Baby Bjorn’s crib is a few seconds faster to set up than the Lotus crib. Also, it has easy clicking, securing, and folding features that can be done in no time. If it is an easy setup, then no look further than the Baby Bjorn travel crib.

4. Design

Such travel cribs are specially designed to enhance your baby’s comfort and safety levels. Both have mesh sides which makes these cribs breathable for your children and easy for you to keep an eye on them.

However, the zipped side door is one significant difference between these two cribs. Almost the entire side of the crib is zipped, so you can unzip it and place your baby in it.

It will also give your baby more room to play around and move freely in it while making it less confined.

When it is a matter of functionality, the zip side of the Lotus travel crib will enhance its functionality and make it a super easy option than the Baby Bjorn travel crib.

5. Guarantee

At last, both such brands offer high-quality products and are reliable. On the other hand, the Baby Bjorn crib provides a two-year warranty. Lotus will provide you with one year.

Lotus travel crib overview


Lotus everywhere travels crib is specially designed for complete convenience and probability. It is sturdy and lightweight, which makes this crib an ideal option for traveling.

The crib also has a side zipper which is the best for your baby while making it easy for you to transfer him in and out without bending. Also, it gives portable playpens or cribs with a zipped side door, which you can use to snuggle your child to assist them to sleep or play with them the whole day.

Pros of Lotus travel crib
  • While you are on the go, the portability of it will make it the breeze so that you can carry around easily.
  • Also, it features mesh sides that make the crib breathable for your little one.
  • Moreover, it will make it easy for you to keep a constant eye on them.
  • The setup of this crib is super quick and easy.
  • The mattress is secured with Velcro tabs, which will make it stable while preventing any potential sliding.
  • It will work on both the play area and napping for your baby.
Cons of Lotus travel crib
  • Zippers can make a sound, which will wake your child.
  • A mattress in the crib is too thin and not very comfortable for your little one.
  • Set up is easy; Baby Bjorn is faster than this crib to assemble.
  • If you place the mattress on this crib, then it might pull slightly up.

Unique features

Following are some of the unique features of the crib:

  • Side door zipped: One of the essential tent features and rare quality in most lightweight cribs.
  • Safety and eco-friendly: Green Guard Gold standard certification indicates that this crib has been thoroughly tested for chemical emissions and is passed.
  • Backpack carry case: It is the other important feature of this crib. You can carry it around like a backpack, making it easy to carry your baby and then handle the rest of the luggage.
  • Size and price: This crib is reasonable and considered high quality, convenient, and safe. It weighs only 13 lbs. This mattress’s size is 43 x 24 inches. It makes it highly compact when you fold to carry it around easily.

Why we get this?

If you want a safe and comfortable option for your baby, look no further than this.

Baby Bjorn Travel crib

If you find a great option that is eco-friendly and portable, look no further than the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib. The crib has a sturdy frame with sturdy mesh sides, which makes this crib the best option. Also, it comes with comfortable and sturdy handles.

Baby Bjorn Travel crib

You can place this crib easily in your bag once you fold it. The crib’s fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard, which makes it free from harmful and allergen substances.

Pros of Baby Bjorn travel crib:

  • First, a net side panel so you can watch your baby while he is sleeping.
  • The mattresses are easily machine washable and removable.
  • A travel crib can be folded up and is super light, which makes it a portable option.
  • Also, the crib sides are made from mesh, which means you can keep an eye on your baby.
  • The crib is super comfortable and breathable, and airy for your baby to play in and sleep.
  • Cons of Baby Bjorn travel crib.
  • Price is slightly higher as compared to other traveling cribs offering the same benefits.
  • The walls of these cribs are higher, making it difficult for you to place your baby in.
  • It is not equipped with a sheet.
  • The crib does not have a zipped side door.
  • The carry-on bag is good, but the bag with lotus will make it easy for parents to carry their children without any hassle.

Unique features

Here are some of the unique features of this baby crib:

  • Comfort: The Baby Bjorn crib is more comfortable than other options due to the thick mattress. Moreover, it is firm and soft to get the ideal cushioning for your baby to sleep on.
  • Easy setup: The crib is simple and easy to set up, making this crib super convenient to unpack and pack while traveling. Moreover, there are no other parts to travel. Also, there are no other parts and legs that you need to assemble, as they will quickly open when you take this bag out.
  • Size and priceThe price of this crib is slightly higher than the lotus crib. It also weighs around 13 lbs. The mattress size is 32 x 44 x 24 inches.
  • Eco-friendliness: Also, the crib is eco-friendly and free from harmful substances. Moreover, it has been approved by Oeko-Tex standard 100 certifications.

Why do we get this?

The crib is super eco-friendly and comfortable for your children. You can also set it to some minutes.


Is the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib worth it?

The price tag will be worth it if you travel a lot. Also, there is no market shortage of pack n’ play options. But the Baby Bjorn travel crib stands out due to its portability, durability, and convenience. Finally, suppose you are a family who loves traveling. It will always be worth spending extra money.

Is Baby Bjorn’s travel crib safe?

All the famous brands like baby Bjorn and lotus travel crib are common in the market nowadays. Also, all of them approved of their sleep. Always ensure you meet the American Safety Standards regardless of the brand you pick.

Can I use travel cribs as a regular crib?

Pack and Play travel cribs are ideal for naps because they will facilitate long-term consistency, which is impossible with traditional cribs. The travel crib can thus be moved anywhere, such as to the grandma’s trunk, to the kitchen, or while you are working.

Is Baby Bjorn Travel crib washable?

The fabric of the travel crib is machine washable and is easy to remove.

Can an infant sleep in a travel crib?

While you are traveling with your baby, it is the safest place for him to sleep. Moreover, a portable travel crib has full mesh sides for a firm sleeping surface and complete airflow.


Both Baby Bjorn and lotus traveling crib have different similarities. Hence the Lotus travel crib is reliable when both are compared with one another. The zipped side door of the lotus will make it easy to interact with the toddler or baby compared to bending over the baby Bjorn crib.

Moreover, the backpack carries case is super convenient for you to move around while you are on the go. Hence, you can leave your hands free to tackle other luggage and carry the baby.

However, the right travel crib for you is the one that is based on your unique requirement and needs. Both cribs are based on safe travel and top reliability for toddlers and babies. Hence, you must select either of them based on size, versatility, and cost.

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