Mini Crib Vs Bassinet- Which one is better

Mini Crib Vs Bassinet

As parents-to-be, we are always making big decisions that will affect our baby’s life. One of these decisions is whether or not to use a bassinet or a mini crib, which can be hard to make when you have little information to go on.

This article will help you to learn about the differences between the two, so that you can make the best choice for your baby.

The variety of baby accessories for every baby stage has here made parenting relaxed. But often these varieties make the selection of baby accessories or baby gadgets complicated.

We personally feel the selections of baby sleeping items most difficult, the selection of mini crib vs bassinet is one of them.

After choosing it successfully for my own baby, I decided to share it with other mothers who are trying to find, A mini crib vs bassinet – It can be a challenge to find the right baby furniture for your child. In the end, it all comes down to what suits your needs best.

We discuss some useful things you need to know before you decide on getting one.

Being a parent we know you are passing through the busiest era of life no one wants to read a detailed answer.

But for making a good decision for your baby it is important to know all details of the mini crib and bassinet.

So, we are explaining all the important points before announcing which is best? mini crib vs bassinet.

What is a mini crib?

The mini crib is also known as a convertible crib or toddler bed with a convertible mattress that makes it ideal for young children to sleep well during their early years. It is mostly made of wood or metal.

The crib is a bed for infants to baby and the Mini crib is a little in size from the traditional crib. The best mini crib is mostly easily movable and fitted for small rooms or tiny apartments. Related Post: Crib Vs Bassinet Vs Pack n Play

mini crib vs bassinet what is crib

Mini cribs are mostly folded able and easily adjustable for different spaces in the home. It is almost designed for newborns to 3 years old babies. The weight limit for the mini crib is 22 to 40 pounds.

The mini crib can be easily assembled. The modern mini crib has many features, some have wheels, some crib can change in bed, which can use for day time napping or for kids sofa. Mini cribs that have reasonable prices comparatively standard cribs. Mini cribs are made of different materials, have different colors and styles. Check out Best Baby Crib For Short Moms.

What is a bassinet?

A bassinet, also known as a cradle, is a low bed for a young infant, usually having vertical side and end panels that are usually retractable, so the baby does not fall out.
The word “bassinet” is a French word, which means basket or wicker basket. So, a bassinet is a small basket-like container on a stand, where your baby is placed for a nap or for a night’s sleep.

Unlike a crib, which can be used for day and night sleep, a bassinet can only be used for night sleep.
It must be collapsible, light, and easily transportable by the mother (the mother’s bedside). It must also be small enough to be held in the mother’s arms while being fed.
It is also helpful if it comes with a mosquito net, to prevent the babies from insects. If a mother has more than one child, she may want to purchase two or more bassinets.

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A baby bassinet is used from birth to 6 months. It has a weight limit of 16 to 20 pounds or almost a bassinet has 20 lbs weight limit. Related Post: Bassinet VS Cradle

The bassinet is easily moveable and light in weight too. It can be used at home and during travel too. Some Bassinet has wheels you can easily move it from room to room. Most of the bassinet have the shade like we use crib tent for babies.

Nowadays bassinet has a lot of variety in features, styles, and colors. Some bassinet can also be attached to mother bed also, some have canopy cover that open and close with zipping, some bassinet has breathable foam sides, some also has a separate sleeping area at the bottom which can be removed. Some bassinet has a changing table too. Some bassinet has motion options also or you can use the crib vibration machine, which keeps the baby calm and help in sleep. These features can vary in different models.

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Mini Crib Vs Bassinet: Differences

Mini crib Bassinet
  •   Mini crib size is almost between 24 inches wide and 38 inches long.
  • The mini crib weight limit is 22 to 40 pounds.
  • The mini crib is for newborn to 3 years old babies.
  • The mini crib can be used for a long time.(best age limit)
  • The mini crib has no calming motions.
  • Mini crib can’t attach to a bed.
  • The mini crib has heightened sides, so a baby can play, stand, or sit in it safely.
  • The Mini crib doesn’t have a calming motion. You can add soother toys to the crib.
  • All mini cribs can not fold, some modern crib has features to foldup.
  • The mini crib is easy to clean.
  • Mini crib takes large space comparatively bassinet.
  • A mini crib has weighty than a bassinet.  The mini crib can be changed in a bed.
  •  Mini crib does not use for traveling.
  • In Mini crib, you bend down to put down and out a baby from it.


  •  The bassinet comes different in size but almost its size is about length 32.5 to 35 and width21to 23.
  • The Bassinet’s weight limit is 16 to 20 or 20 lbs.
  • The bassinet is for newborn to 6 months only.
  • The bassinet can be used only for a few months. ( shortage limit)
  • The bassinet can be attached to a bed.
  • The bassinet has a calming motion, that helps babies sleep and makes them relax special newborns.
  • The bassinet can be folded. You can unassemble all its parts can pack and store them.
  • The bassinet is not easy to clean like a crib, but you have to separate its parts and deep wash it to clean it properly.
  • The bassinet is flat, only use for newborn sleeping.
  •  The bassinet is easily fitted in tiny spaces.
  • The bassinet has light in weight.
  •  The bassinet can’t change in a bed.
  •  The bassinet is fitted for traveling.
  • In Bassinet, you can easily take and out a baby.

Mini Crib Vs Bassinet: Bassinet Pros and Cons

Bassinet pros
  • The bassinet can be attached to a bed. Mother and newborn feel secure.
  • Make it easy to look after a newborn for a mother. As it is attached to a bed.
  • The bassinet is best for mothers in the early days, especially for cesarean delivery mothers.
  • The bassinet is best for newborn co-sleeping option.
  • The bassinet has calming music and motions which keep the baby relax, help them sleep.
  • Some Modern bassinet has cover or netting breathable canopy, which protects newborns from sharp light or sunlight.
  • The bassinet is cheap in price comparatively crib.
  • The bassinet is portable to easily move from one room to another.
  • The bassinet can easily be used for traveling purposes. Baby gets comfortable sleep during travel too.
  • It is easy to put down and take out a baby from the bassinet.
  • The bassinet is small in size, best for a tiny house or small flats.
Bassinet cons
  • The bassinet has a very short time limit for use.
  • Some newborns or babies are much healthy than their age so, the bassinet is not equally best for all newborns.
  • Some baby’s growth is very good compared to other babies, so in that case, the short time limit of the bassinet became shorter.
  • The bassinet can use only for sleeping.
  • The bassinet is not easy to set up as a crib.
  • Not easy to clean and wash.

Mini Crib Pros and Cons

Mini crib Pros
  • The mini crib has the best age and weight limit.
  • A modern mini crib can change into a toddler bed, twins bed, and sofa as well.
  • The mini crib has good durability can be used for a long time.
  • The mini crib is very easy to set up.
  • The mini crib is easy to use.
  • The mini crib is easy to clean.
  • The mini crib has proper height, safest for baby sleeping and sitting.
  • Some modern cribs have wheels, very easy to move.
  • Mini cribs have less in price comparatively traditional cribs.
Mini crib Cons
  • Mini crib did not suitable for traveling.
  • In Mini crib, you bend down to put down and out a baby from it. It is difficult for new moms sometimes.

Mini Crib Vs Bassinet; Which is best?

By adding some comparison we can make it easy for you to select only one item mini crib vs bassinet.

Can you use a mini crib as a bassinet?

If you have a normal delivery and you can face the trouble of bending down to take and put a baby frequently during the night, By adding some sleeping soother and by following tips to create a good sleeping environment. You can use a mini crib as a bassinet for both newborns and babies safely. Because most modern mini cribs have amazing features and use. Even foldable, smallest, and easily moveable (have wheels)cribs are available in the market which can very easily fix in a room near a bed. Through wheels, you can easily move it from one side to another or in the other room.  Being a mother I know you have required many important things near your bed or on the spot, so you can use the crib as a baby nursery too. But any extra stuff(toys, heavy blanket, bears) in the mini crib is not considered healthy when the baby is sleeping in it.


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Mini Crib has the best age limit and can be used for a long time. The modern mini crib has many features it can be used as a toddler’s bed, sofa, and as a playpen too. So, Multifactual items mini crib will be the best budget-saving item for newborn parents.

But if you have cesarean delivery when you should buy a bassinet for the early months. The bassinet will help you greatly in traveling with newborns.

To be very honest, if you can easily get have not financial issue then you should purchase both, a bassinet for early months and a mini crib for babies. Because According to the mini crib and bassinet specifications, both items have their own age limit and uses that make both item mini crib and bassinet valued and important for a baby at a particular stage of childhood. Such as bassinet is the best option for newborns and for cesarean delivery mothers. As in bassinet, it is very easy to observe, to take and put down, and to breastfeed a  newborn repeatedly. But after some months, you can’t put a baby in a bassinet, when a crib will become the best option for you and your baby.

All the above details of the mini crib and bassinet surely very helpful for you and if you have made a decision. Share it with us. Your feedback and opinion matter a lot to us. Thanks for reading.

How much time a baby stay in a mini crib?

Every mini crib has a weight limit and you will follow it. Mostly mini cribs are easily used for 2 years babies. But for the best result, you will follow the weight limit of your mini crib has given by the manufacturer. For details you can visit how long can a baby sleep in a mini crib 

Which is better for a newborn crib or bassinet?

As the bassinet is specially designed for a newborn so bassinet is super best for newborns. As in bassinet, it is very easy to observe, to take and put down, and to breastfeed a  newborn for new mothers especially cesarean delivery mothers, in this way bassinet is better for newborns. But if you want to use a crib for newborns when you can use it also because both are safe options. (for more information read above can you use a mini crib as a bassinet)


If you have any questions or concerns about using a bassinet or a mini crib, commend below. We are always excited to hear from our customers, and it’s our pleasure to help you in any way we can.

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