How to wash Infantino Play Mat – Cleaning Hack

This article is about “how to wash Infantino play mat” I will explain the best tips for washing and cleaning the Infantino play mat. If you have the Infantino playmat and are wondering about its cleaning, this post is for you. Before buying any baby play mat, you must check whether it is easily washable or not, and the play mat must be non-toxic. Check out the famous non-toxic baby play mat here.

How to Wash Infantino play mat

Infantino is one of the famous manufacturers or companies making play mats. They are creating playmats of different designs and sizes, but all the playmats have almost the same style.

There are two main parts of the Infantino play mat: the soft base, which can be made of foam or fabric material. At the same time, there is a pipe frame over the base, where different types of baby tops are available for enjoyment. Check out how to clean the baby bath mat for the tub.

How to clean Infantino Play Mat

Features of Infantino playmat:

  • It is suitable for tummy time and has a perfect shape
  • It is machine washable
  • You have a lot of loops on the frame to hang different toys onto it for your baby.
  • Very lightweight to move around.

You can clean the Infantino Play Mat in the following two ways:

  1. Spot cleaning of Playmat
  2. Complete washing of the playmat

1. Spot cleaning of Playmat

For the spot cleaning, you can focus on the strains or dirt spots. You need to identify the dirt spots on the mat and require a soft cleaning cloth and cleaner (soap or detergent) to clean the dust or dirt from the mat. And this is the quickest way to clean the Infantino Play Mat. To clean the Playmat’s frame, you can use any soft cloth to clean this area. To remove the dirt spots, you can use the washing soda or vinegar solution to clean the playmats explained in this article.

Spot cleaning of Playmat

2. Complete washing of the playmat

Infantino Play Mats have an almost similar design, a frame over the mat and base. Infantino Play Mats are washable, and you just wash them on gentle cycles. You can remove the toys & mat to wash had no problem but then air dryer it to maintain its quality. Its toys can go in the dryer.

You can turn off the flames of the play mat, and you will be left with a simple small form mat, which you can quickly even put into the washing machine. But please read the washing instructions manufacturer before doing this.
You quickly remove both parts of the playmat, which is super easy to pull apart for washing.

Complete washing of the infantino play mat

Infantino Play Mat is an excellent product at a very reasonable price. And all playmat comes in bright colors and with beautiful designs. These are very lightweight and easy to collapse, so it is easy to take them to different places. You can use these mats month by month, and their washing is also not an issue; even you can do a machine wash.

Best washing tip for Infantino Play Mat

Although its washing is effortless, you can use these steps for its cleaning and washing:

  • You must read the washing instruction for the infantile before washing any playmat.
  • First, detaches the playmat from the rest of the frame.
  • You can wash as usual or in a washing machine
  • Wash it separately from other clothes to avoid its color loss.
  • Once it is clean after the wash, dry it in the air.
  • The toys are only for the spot clean.

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