6 Strongest & Best Rope For Porch Swing

Porch Swing is a fun and easy way to spend time outside. Whether you’re watching the birds or taking in the views, an excellent rope to help keep you grounded is a must.

Best Rope For Porch Swing or For Bed Swing

Safety is essential when installing a porch swing; it begins by selecting the suitable rope. The ropes for porch swings can be composed of materials like polypropylene, hemp, or other supplies. They are also offered in various dimensions and can be bent or braided.

Types of Ropes used for Swings:

Ropes are categorized into different types based on the material they are made off. The following are the most common types of ropes that can use to hang a swing.

  1. Polyester Rope: The polyester rope is also known as Dacron and provides almost the same strength as the normal rope and the polyester rope keeps its strength when wet. Due to these features, this rope can be the best rope for hanging different swings like tree swings and porch swings. Polyester rope can provides maximum strength to hold the swing and has a little stretch.
  2. Metal Chain: Metal chain is considered the most strange option for handling a porch swing. Made of metal chain and suitable for having swing for a longer duration and best suitable for swings for bigger babies or for adults. Also check out which rope is best for porch : metal chain or Rope
  3. Nylon Rope:  Nylon rope is good for its elasticity and capable to absorb heavy loads but is not recommended for longer use and is quite slippery for hands to grasp.
  4. Jute or Natural Fiber Rope: These ropes are made of different natural plants such as jute, cotton, manila, sisal, and hemp. For a porch swing you can use natural fiber rope for a longer period but If you use it for a tree swing, be sure to replace it every year or two.


Best Rope For Porch Swing

A strong rope is key for safe swinging, I have researched the best rope for a porch swing and outdoor usage for you. You can choose the one that matches the design and style of your swing.

Now we will review the best rope for the porch swing in detail:

1. Twisted Manila Rope 100 Feet Rope For porch swing

As mentioned earlier that for hanging a porch swing you can use the complete hanging kit or can do the same with normal rope. So Twisted Manila Rope is one of the best ropes for hanging heavy-duty swings like porch swings or bed swings. It is packed in 100 feet long length which accommodates more than one swing hanging easily.

Twisted Manila Rope 100 Feet Rope For porch swing

100 Feet Natural Jute Twine Hemp Rope
Durable, flexible, and all-weather
1 Inch Diameter Twine Burlap Rope


A strong rope of one-inch dia and twists make it stronger. For hanging swing with Twisted Manila Rope you may need the additional bolts and hooks, so it is better to buy this rope with the following bolts together.

Twisted Manila Rope For bed swing

  • Most Customers like its look.
  • Length 100 feet
  • Durable
  • flexible
  • all-weather
  • 4 Strand Twisted Manila Rope is one of the strongest ropes among the all-natural fiber ropes
  • Few customers are not satisfied with its quality as it is not fully natural.

2: Barn-Shed-Play Heavy Duty Porch Swing With Hanging Chain Kit

Barn-Shed-Play Heavy Duty chain Porch Swing

Brand: Barn-Shed-Play
Material: Alloy Steel
Item Weight: 2 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 700 Pounds


Barn-Shed-Play is a Heavy Duty swing hanging chain kit, made of steel metal chain and is best for hanging porch swings or bed swings. Made of high-quality material which is rust-resistant zinc plated chain. It includes two deluxe ceiling hooks and two “Y” type chain assemblies, two swing swivel lags. It is available in two sizes that are in 8 feet long and 10 feet Hanging Chain Kit .

rope for porch or bed swing

  • Complete rust-resistant zinc-plated porch
  • Available in two sizes to accommodate 8-foot or 10-foot roof height
  • Each Kit contains two hooks, Y” type chain assemblies, and swing swivel lags.
  • weight capacity= 700 Lb
  • Color: Silver
  • Although it has a good rating but a review on Amazon that it is “Not stainless”

3. Aoneky Jute Rope – 1.18/1.5 Inch Twisted Hemp Rope

Aoneky Jute Rope

Brand: Aoneky
Material: Jute
Item Weight: 27.3 pounds
Color: Brown

Aoneky Jute Rope is one of the strongest and best ropes for hanging heavy beds and porch swings. twisted Hemp Rope with a diameter of 1.5 inches to 2 inches, which can hold any heavy load easily. It is the strongest rope especially suitable for different sports, you can use it for different purposes like:

  • Hanging a porch bed or swing
  • Crafts
  • Climbing
  • Tug of War
  • Anchor
  • Cat Scratching Post
  • Hammock
  • Nautical
  • Decorate
  • Strong rope best for sports
  • 4-strand twisted jute rope
  • Recommended for Tug of War and mountain sports
  • weather Resistant to handle the moisture/abrasion
  • the rope is capable of holding heavyweight
  • No negative review on amazon


4: A&L Furniture 10′ Rope Kit for Porch Swings and Swing Beds

A & L Furniture rope is made of polypropylene material and is 100% waterproof and most suitable for outdoor use as well. It provides a softer and more beautiful pleasing look to your porch. It provides you with the complete hanging kit for installing a swing, which includes a Set of four ropes that can be adjustable up to 10 feet in ceiling height.

A&L Furniture 10' Rope Kit for Porch Swings

100% waterproof, UV treated outdoor rope
Fits Up to 10′ Ceiling
adjustable up to maximum ceiling height


  • 100% waterproof
  • Complete swing hanging kit
  • UV-treated outdoor rope
  • It is more durable, stronger, and softer than Manila rope
  • Rope kits do include the 4 eye bolts and 4 hex nuts but do not include the hanging hook. You need to purchase them separately if you require them.

5: Chair Straps Hanging Kit with 2 Carabiners for Replacement

Tree Swing Ropes Hammock Chair Straps Hanging Kit

Size: Pack of 2 Ropes
Material: Polyester, Nylon
Color: Brown
Fastener Material: Stainless Steel


Hammock ropes are one of the best choices for hanging different types of heavy-duty swings. These safety ropes will give you a relaxed and enjoyable time when you are laying in your swing.  The best thing is that the different accessories and tools like bolts and hooks are included in the package.

You can use these ropes for different types of swings such as porch swings, bed swings, tree swings, yoga swings, etc. With its special safety lock and four steps technique, you can achieve the strongest hang.

Tree Swing RopesHammockChair Straps Hanging Kit

  • Made of ultra-strong nylon
  • 6 ft Length
  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • 2 x Swing Nylon Ropes Included
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Snap Carabiners Included
  • 1 x Carrying Bag Included
  • 1 x Service Card Included
  • Ensure that ropes were tied tightly before using, and always avoid keeping the sharp tools away from it.


6: BLADOPIA Stainless Steel Hanging Chain for Porch Swing

Bladopia stainless hanging chain is made of rust-resistant premium stainless steel and you can use it for indoor and outdoor use. For hanging a porch swing or bed swing it can be an excellent option, for this, you are required multiple Bladopia stainless hanging chains. This is a multi-purpose chain and you can use this swing to hang your aerial yoga, punching bag, climbing rope, lifting system, hanging tent and swing rings etc.

BLADOPIA Stainless Steel Chain for Porch Swing

300 lb Heavy Duty Porch Swing Hammock Chain Kit
Punching Bag Hanging Hardware Hanger


  • Weather Resistance extremely durable and rust-resistant.
  • Best for heavy-duty and outdoor usage.
  • maximum loading weight for a single chain is 300lb and tested.
  • Perfect Lenght
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy installation
  • ceiling hooks are not included but you purchase them from BLADOPIA products as well.

Tools required for hanging a Porch swing:

Depending upon the place and space you may require different tools for hanging a porch swing but follow the most common tools for the complete installation of the porch swing.

  • Dremel Tool
  • Rope
  • Measuring Tape
  • Screwdriver
  • knife to cut the rope
  • Proper drill bit to pre-drill lag bolt
  • Cordless drill and step unibit
  • Bar of soap

So before buying the rope for your porch swing, you must check whether these tools are included with the rope or not. If not then you need to purchase them separately.

Steps to hang a porch swing:

Different ropes come with a full kit including the required tools to hang the porch swing but if you have purchased only rope then you can follow the following step for handling a porch swing. These steps are only related to hanging a porch swing, for a complete guide to hang a swing you can visit this article.

  1. The first step is to ensure that the eye bolts are well secured to the roof or ceiling joists.
  2. The second step is to measure your rope length and then cut it into four or two equal lengths depending on the type of swing. Most of the ropes for the swings come in a fixed size so you can consider the rope length and number of ropes while buying a swing rope.
  3. Make sure all lengths must be equal to twice the depth from the roof for perfect hanging.
  4. Now bring your swing bench right under the eye bolts.
  5. Then pass the rope through the eye bolts on the roof/ceiling.
  6. Hanging the porch swing in a way that it is slightly tilted to the back, provides you more comfort when sitting on it. For this, you need to keep the back ropes a bit longer than the front ropes. But this depends on your preferences.
  7. For the next step, you may need a ‘partner’ who will lift up a side of the swing while you will pass the rope through the eye bolts. Tie the knot tightly and then recheck that the rope cannot slip through.
  8. Follow the same for all four corners of the porch swing.
  9. Slowly remove the support.
  10. For testing, you can push down the swing bench with your hands, if it is okay then you can use it by sitting on the porch swing.
  11. Listen to any abnormal sounds, if nothing then you sit on it and start enjoying your porch swing.

Buying Criteria for Rope for Tree Swings or Porch Swing

Buying a rope for a porch swing is not a difficult task you are just required to check a few features. These features include

Weight Limit:

Normally for the porch swing, you have required a heavy-duty rope that can handle the maximum load. So if you are looking for a rope for a porch or bed you may consider a strong rope that can handle the weight of a bed/bench and a human. Most of the rope companies do not mention a weight limit, so always confirm its maximum weight capacity before buying a final purchase.

Easy and Safe installation:

Easy and safe installation means that your rope can be easily, tightly, and safely tie-up with hooks and bolts of the swing. You are not required to tie complex notes, it is better to purchase a rope with a complete installation kit. After installing the swing, push down the swing with your hand to make sure it is installed perfectly before sitting on it.

Safety Features:

Strong ropes are considered safer. As long as you have a quality rope and then make sure that you hang the swing at a sturdy place for safe swinging.

Make sure the ropes are securely attached to hooks or in the ceiling. Using one of the strap kits above can keep the rope more secure than tying the rope straight to the ceiling or tree.


What is the strongest rope that can be used for a porch or tree swing?

Steel Metal chain rope is considered stronger as compared to the other ropes and a more popular option because of its durability. Metal chains rope is the best option for Swings for tree hanging. However, for a rustic-style baby swing, you can simply use a nylon rope or polyester rope.

How will I know if it’s time to replace a rope swing?

Metal chains are more durable than nylon or nature ropes.  But most of Natural Fiber Rope and polyester ropes are also strong and durable, however, you are required to monitor it from time to time whether it is weather damaged. If there are any cuts or delicacies in the rope, then it’s time to replace the rope to avoid any hazards. Nylon and natural fiber ropes are recommended to be replaced after one or two depending upon the condition of the rope. In the case of a metal chain, make sure it remains safe from rust and other zinc damage.

What kind of rope should I use for a porch swing?

Porch swings are considered heavy-duty ropes, so metal chains or strong polyester/ natural fiber ropes of one-inch thickness are recommended. But it all depends on the weight and shape of your porch swing, so choose the rope which can handle swings weight and human weight easily.

How can I prevent my kid’s hands from getting hurt on the rope?

Some of the baby swings come with a taped-ready handle for little hands to hold. If there is no protection for the kid’s hand in your swing then you can create it himself. The best way to protect your child’s hand to use foam or tape. As an alternative, you can use a pool noodle and you can cut it in the exact size to fit around the rope.


The porch swing is the best way to have fun and to relax. Selecting the right rope or option depends on the type of swing and your requirement. But A&L Furniture 10′ Rope Kit and Barn-Shed-Play ropes are the best Porch Swing. Most people consider the metal chain rope for a porch swing, as it is the safest option but polyester and nylon ropes can also provide the same sense of security if you choose the proper thinness. I hope you find this article useful, thank you for reading this. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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