How to Hang a Baby Swing From a Tree in Safest Way

In this article, we have shared the most accessible and safest method how to hang a baby swing from a tree.

How to hang a swing from a tree

By using these methods, you can hang a baby swing from the tree easily, and you can place a swing from a tree in the best way like a professional😎😊

Outdoor Baby Swings are a great source of joy for infants. We have covered almost all the important aspects of hanging a swing from a tree efficiently and safely. We shared all details according to proper measurements and safety protection. Indeed, this information will help you hang a swing from a tree.

How to Hang a Baby Swing From a Tree 

Tips for choosing a real tree for hanging swing:

The first step for hanging a baby swing from a tree is to select an accurate tree for swing hanging.

Suitable trees for hanging swing:

Usually, outdoor swings for bigger babies require a tree to hang. For this purpose, mainly hornbeam, sycamore, beech, maple, and oak trees could be used for hanging swings if available in your garden.

Best Trees for baby swing

These trees are very safe for baby swinging. Because all these trees are mostly tall, strong, and thick, and can bear different climatic changes easily.

 Unsuitable Trees hanging swing:

Pine, poplar, willow, silver birch, fir, and larch trees are not suitable for hanging swings. All Fruits trees are also unsuitable for hanging swings.

Accurate Location of the tree for hanging swing:

Select a tree with a maximum free swaying area on 4 sides of the swing. It means no other tree, wall, heavy falling branch, water pool, or any other thing should not have in the way of the swing. If a place is not the free minimum of 6 feet on all sides, then it is not a safe place for hanging a swing from a tree.

If you do not have much space, you can create an accurate location for hanging the swing by removing easily removable items from the place. For example, you can remove nearby trees’ branches to clear your area.

how to hang a baby swing from a tree

How to judge whether a tree is strong enough for a swing?

Don’t select a tree for a baby swing without testing it thoroughly. You will not select a tree, only seeing it is apparently strong. 

The following steps will help you greatly determine a tree’s inner structure.

  • Hit from hummer on the trunk and different parts of the tree.
  • Sound will indicate what kind of tree it is. Avoid a tree that is hollow inside.
  • Check a tree thoroughly from roots to tips. You can use a ladder to check trees from the upside. But use the ladder carefully and safely.
  • Examine the tree properly. Especially the branches’ connection with the trunk should be strong.
  • Branches joining with the main limb should not be cracked or weak.
  • Suppose you find any signs of pests, cracks, and hollows in the tree when it is not safe for hanging a swing.
  • If the tree has extra dry wood, avoid this tree.
  • Trees leaning towards the ground should also avoid.


Choose a strong branch for hanging swing

So tall, straight, and free from infections, and a tree with strong and long branches is very safe for hanging baby swings.

Choose a strong branch for hanging the swing

The selection of a tree mainly depends on the size, strength, and width of tree branches. As a swing will hang through a branch, choose such a stocky and long branch.

How thick does a tree branch need to be for a swing?

Choose the branch for the swing very carefully, as the branch will bear all the swing load. Mostly the branch, at least 8 inches wide or thick, will be best for hanging a baby swing. Evaluate the tree branch keenly.

  • Choose a healthy branch. Which have no plant infections, bugs, pests, etc.
  • The branch Connection with the tree should be sturdy.
  • Don’t use a splitting, broken, and leaning branch for the hanging swing.
  • If a tree branch is used for hanging swings in the past. Then don’t try it again. Due to friction of, rope and branch became weak.

 Fall zone of tree swing:

Only the perfect tree and branch are not enough for installing a swing. But the area under the tree should also be safe for babies. Try to avoid a solid floor or hard surface. Different materials are available in the market to create a soft surface for baby swinging. You can create soft surfaces by putting sand, rubbish, rubber mats, etc. Grass or normal soft bare earth in your garden is also safe.

how to hang a baby swing from a tree using rope

What is the fall zone?

The Fall zone is called to the surrounding area of children’s equipment (slide, swing, seesaw, jungle gym, etc.). Means a selected area around the children’s equipment. This place should be clear. No other pieces of equipment should place in that area. Special surfaces create in this area which saves the babies from injury if they fall from any equipment. The Fall zone is different according to the equipment type.

Different methods for hanging a swing from a tree

How to hang a baby swing from a tree with a rope:

A baby swing hanging from a rope is best. A rope hanging swing has less weight over a branch than comparatively heavy chains hanging swings. A rope easily hangs the maximum swings available in markets. The rope can be attached from hooks, straps, eye bolts, and metal chains. Almost swing seats can be hung through rope easily.

For hanging the swing with the rope, you may require the following things:

  1. polypropylene rope
  2. swing
  3. ladder


Choose a strong branch for hanging swing


  • Mostly outdoor baby swings don’t require fixing rope with a swing seat as the rope is already attached to the swing seat. You will only fix the rope with a branch.
  • Measure how much rope you have required according to branch height and knots.
  • Use a ladder to reach the branch. Take one side of the rope first, fold the rope, make a loop, and tie it up on a branch. Before tightening it check the swing height from the ground. If it is correct, tighten the rope properly.
  • Your swing on one side is attached to the branch.
  • To tie up the second side rope. Repeat the same process with the second side as well.
  • Now set the swing rope and knot it.
  • If you are using a wood seat swing or wood board swing, you need to knot it from under the swing seat.
  • But commonly, a plastic baby swing seat only needs to attach the branch.


baby swing from a tree using bowline knot

  • Some swings have hooks. Directly make a knot on the branch. Add a hook to the knot. Close the hook clip. Tighten the rope.
  • Don’t add a chain swing directly to the branch. Add a rope knot to the chain and add rope from the branch.

How to hang a baby swing from a tree using a bowline knot

A bowline knot is commonly used to hang a baby swing. As it provides a strong and lasting grip on the swing rope

The bowline knot method is also simple. The bowline knot is used for hanging swings from trees. This knot can be added directly to the branch. It can be added in the middle to attach a rope to the branch. It can use to join a chain of swings. You will add it according to your swing seat or hanging material. ( rope, chain, straps) Through pictures, you can easily create a bowline knot. (red color line showing from where the rope will pass)


create bowline knot

First, adjust the swing height from the ground according to your swing or baby’s age. Take the proper distance between the trunk and rope knot at least 36 to 60 inches from the trunk.

Step 1: Put the rope above the branch and create a loop according to the picture.

Step 2:  Move the edge of the rope from the double loop.

Step 3:  Move it back to the standing rope.

swing tree standing rope

Step 4: Move it from the loop again.

Step 5: Behold the standing edge of the rope and then tighten it by a pull from the second edge of the rope which is passing through the rope.

Step 6:  The bowline knot is ready.

For this type of swing, you will adjust the height of the swing from the ground. Then add a knot to the branch. For board swing or a swing seat without the rope, you will add and adjust the bowline knot to branch first. Then you will add a knot under the swing seat.

Hang a swing from the tree without damaging the tree

3. How to hang a baby swing from a tree using eyebolt:

It is the best way to hang a swing from the tree without damaging the tree branch. The eye blot method swing works efficiently for a long time. Hanging a swing through an eye blot is relatively easy and safe. Because with rope friction, the tree branch may become weak. So it is a professional and safe way of hanging a swing from the tree. With this method, you can also hang a baby swing indoors.

First of all, collect all materials which will be needed for this method

  • Best quality rope according to blot size
  • 2 eye blots 5/16 size is better for 8 inches branch (This size may vary based on the size of the branch)
  • 2 Washer
  • 2 nuts
  • drilling machine
  • ladder
  • Swing


How to hang a baby swing from a tree using eyebolt


  • You will take a proper distance from the trunk as with other methods.
  • First, select the two points keeping proper Space for fixing the eye bolt.
  • To keep balance, the Space should be larger than the swing size.
  • Make hole according to eye blot size on selected points.
  • Before adding blots on branch holes, adjust the swing seat at the proper height.
  • After setting the swing, make a tight rope knot and put the eye blot in the knot.
  • Then adjust the rope in blot, put eye blot in the hole, and shank eye blot incompletely.
  • Then add the washer and nut. Tight it very well, and the swing is ready now.
  • You can also install a hook in the eye blot if you add a hook when you should use the best quality hook.
  • You will add a hook in blots and a knot of rope. Then close the hook after tightening the rope. You will add washers and nuts and tighten the eye blots.
  • If you use a tire swing, you will make one hole.
  • Mattel chain swing will also hang from a tree by using eye blots.

How to hang a baby swing from a tree using straps:

Hanging a swing with Straps is easy to remove from a tree compared to other methods.

The most effortless way to hang a baby swing is to hang a swing from the tree using straps. Nowadays, different types of swings can be hung by straps. Varies straps kits are available online and in markets. From which, you can hang a baby swing without spending much effort and time. Buy a good quality strap according to your swing type, the weight limit of your baby, and the swing weight limit. Straps can be added with almost modern and traditional swing styles. They work best for both style swings.

how to hang a baby swing from a tree using rope and straps

Methods :

Different straps are in the market. Size, color, weight limit, price, quality, and company may differ. But the hanging or installing straps method is almost the same. Step-by-step pictures with descriptions make it easier for you to hang a baby swing from the tree by using straps.

How to hang a baby swing from a tree using straps step 1

Step 1: One side of the strap consists of a D ring, and the other has a ring and karabiner. Put the D side of the strap on the branch, as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Pass the D ring from the other karabiner ringside by pulling down the karabiner ringside. Tight the strap strongly.

Step 3: If you want to make the strap a short loop or double it on the branch.

Step 4: Add the swing rope to the carabiner. Your swing is ready to swing.

How to hang a baby swing from a tree using straps

Safety measures while hanging a baby swing with a Tree:

  • To stop the rope edges from fraying, give it heat from a lighter for half a minute. Then press the warm rope edge. (use hand gloves for protection). It will keep the rope safe from fraying.
  • Keep inspecting the rope; if it becomes lost, you need to tighten it again.
  • Change the rope if it starts fraying.
  • Protect from extreme weather conditions. It will increase the life of your swing set.
  • Don’t use the same branch for hanging the swing for a long time. It will not only completely damage the branch, but it is also not safe.
  • Change the rusted eye blots immediately.
  • Sometimes branch cracks due to the load and ribbing of the rope. If the tree branch cracks, change the cracked tree branch as soon as possible.

 Essential measurement to hang a swing from a tree safely:

 Parents’ first priority is to hang a swing with a tree safely. It is essential to follow the steps according to proper calculation. Almost all measurements will be the same in all methods. According to swing or baby age, some calculations may vary. In short, all these details will be enough for all methods of hanging a baby swing from the tree safely.

Trunk size for hanging swing: trunk size should be a minimum of 8 inches wide or thick

Distance between swing and trunk: maximum distance 36 to 60 inches

Swing height from the ground: height for babies and elders will be different. For small babies, the maximum height is not up to 12 inches. However, according to swing, you may lower or raise the height level. But the most suitable average height will be

  • Height for babies and toddlers: 12 to 16 inches.
  • Height for older babies: minimum 24 inches.

Fall zone for a baby swing: fall zone of the swing minimum of 6 feet

How much weight can a tree branch hold: according to experts, a strong 8 inches branch can take 900 pounds.

Swing selection: You will choose the best outdoor baby swing according to your baby’s age and weight.

Rope selection: Get good quality rope twisted polypropylene rope or braided polypropylene ropes are super best for hanging swings from a tree.

Why hanging a swing from the tree is useful?

Outdoor swings are a great source of enjoyment for babies, and placing swings from the tree makes this enjoyment double. By hanging a swing from the tree, you will create an activity for babies to spend time in nature.

The natural environment has countless blessings. Spending time daily in a natural environment is very effective for the human mind and body.

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