How to Clean high chair Non removeable, Removable Straps 

Is your baby developing and in the learning stage? During when learning stage, mess comes, and you think about how to clean high chair straps. A high chair is made for messes, but cleaning high chair straps can be more challenging. Clean them regularly to avoid staining or skin irritations caused by ingrained food particles that are not removed by daily wipe-downs.

How to clean high chair straps

Parenting is not an easy thing. Many things come with it, especially when your child is in the learning stage. Your child starts eating, making things messy, and you take a suitable high chair for them. You are happy or excited that your young one starts doing things by themself.

Food is a favorite toy of toddlers. It is completely normal for children to throw and squash food at mealtimes. This article is about cleaning the high chair, and we will share some easy ways to clean its straps.

Types of high chair straps 

Highchairs have two major Types:

    • High Chair with Removable straps 
    • Non-removable

Removable high chair strap 

Contingent upon the high seat, the straps may be removable at times. However, generally speaking, they will not. You can track down lash expulsion directions in the manual for your baby chair.

You might have to do a little digging to track down guidelines if you can’t track them down on your high seat. Normally, you can unscrew or unfasten the straps from the seat.

Non-removable strap

You can relax if your high chair straps are non-removable. You can, in any case, get them cleaned and look fresh out of the plastic new.

Types of child's high chair straps 

Even though you can’t machine wash them, cleaning can function admirably here. If the stain is too difficult to even think about eliminating, cut the tie off and get another one.

How often you should clean high chair straps 

While you don’t need to go through hours consistently cleaning your kid’s high seat, there are a few errands you ought to do daily (or, far superior, after each taking care of meeting), while others should be possible less much of the time. One of the advantages of everyday cleaning is that it forestalls soil development, simplifying your profound cleaning meetings.

Everyday cleaning includes:

  • Getting over free morsels.
  • eliminate food particles.
  • Cleaning the plate/eating surface.

Week-by-week cleaning includes:

  • Eliminating the seat and cleaning the seat underneath (if it’s a space-saving model).
  • The whole chair with a cleaning arrangement.

Month-to-month cleaning includes:

  • Dismantling the high seat.
  • The pads and lashes.
  • Eliminating food from the little hole.
  • Taking out stuck-on food.

Regular Cleaning of straps will Make the difference

If you want to keep your high chair neat and clean then the best practice is to clean the high chair and its straps after every meal. It will prevent the making of dirt and mould. In this way, you can also get rid of food particles to build up in close spaces of the high chairs.How often you should clean high chair straps 

Stains that won’t go away? What can you do? 

A few stains like raspberry, spaghetti sauce, or shape are excessively intense for typical cleaning. Assuming that your lashes have changed variety, attempt these:

  • Make a glue of lemon squeeze and baking pop and leave it on the stain for 60 minutes.
  • Douse for the time being in a combination of white vinegar, baking pop, and cleanser.
  • Absorb Milton sanitizing liquid — this is a gentle fade.
  • Absorb blanch and cold water for 30 minutes. Yet, first, look at the name and do a fix test.
  • After every one of these techniques, wash entirely with cold water.

What materials are needed to clean high chair straps 

Most of the straps are made of nylon, cotton, or polyester. Your youngster is probably going to lick or nibble those outfits. It very well may be hazardous to wash or clean these lashes with synthetic substances. For child items, I favor regular cleaners over synthetics.

Assuming you lean toward regular other options, you can utilize refined white vinegar and lemon juice. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you will utilize synthetic compounds, ensure you wash and flush them completely first. Both cleaning techniques are protected if the lashes are washed.

  • Cleaning techniques
  • Bleaching
  • Washing powder
  • Hot water
  • Dishwasher
  • Molds
  • Foul order

Cleaning with chemical 

If foamy water and vinegar are not your things, you can utilize locally acquired cleaning items, all things equal. Disappear oxy, Milton arrangement, and sodium bicarbonate are among the things on the rundown.

Clean the lashes with any of these cleaning specialists disintegrated in steaming hot water. Also, you can scour difficult stains with an old toothbrush. Not surprisingly, bring the cleaning arrangement combination near the lashes if they are not removable.

Maintaining your high chair with the right accessories. 

You can maintain or keep clean your high chair straps by using different accessories:

Removable plate embeds

A few high seats have removable plate embeds, which means you can lift out the plate, void any food into the receptacle and afterwards place it in a dishwasher. Other high seats have a removable plate, making it more straightforward to take off and scour over the sink.

Kiddie Aprons

A chin-wiper is unquestionable while you’re weaning; some will also assist with keeping your high seat clean. Napkins with an improved lip toward the end – known as a piece catcher – will help with getting a portion of the food that would have fallen into your child’s lap.

In any case, to keep away from any food falling onto the seat, a few napkins can be connected straightforwardly to the plate, concealing the hole between the plate and your child.

Attractions or attractive dishes

It could be charming the initial time your child upswings his bowl of spaghetti and puts it on his head. However, it’s less entertaining if the person in question begins making a propensity for it. Pay special attention to bowls and plates with a full cup on the base to decrease the gamble of your child getting it.

A few high seats have an attractive plate that assists in keeping your youngster’s bowl set up. Even so, you should purchase the particular dishes from the maker that goes with that high seat, and some need dishwasher confirmation.

Be cautioned that a few children will consider attractions or attractive dishes to be a test to endeavor a back-and-forth to pull the bowl off no matter what or just scoop their food out with their hands.

 Sprinkle mats

You place these mats under your high seat to get any food dropped on the floor. While these will not be guaranteed to keep the high seat clean, they will simplify tidying up the encompassing region.

Cleaning IKEA high chair straps

Ikea produces non-removable straps; therefore, you can clean iKEA baby’s chair straps by hand. For any spills on the straps, use a water-dampened cloth. You can perform the spot cleaning by using soap and lukewarm water. Be sure to rinse the straps well after cleaning. Dry the straps by air drying, and you are done.

Cleaning different high chair materials

Different types of high chair straps come with different seat. And these straps are made of different materials. Usually, they are made of plastic or cotton with foam padding. High-chair straps are a removable part of the chair, and you can easily detach them for cleaning.

You can clean the cotton and Plastic strips by spraying them with a solution of water and vinegar (use both in half). After the Spray, allow the solution for 5–10 minutes to soften the dirt of the strip. Then wipe the strip with a damp cloth.

If your manufacturer allows you to machine wash, it is easier to clean high-chair straps.


Can high chair straps go in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can clean and wash the fabric straps by hand, or throw them in the washing machine. You can do it in the dishwasher, but it depends on the material of the high-chair straps and the instructions manual. For example, Maxi Minla High-Chair has removable seat covers and tray, you can wash these parts easily.

Generally, high seat straps are easy to wash. However, you should check the manual to confirm the cleaning method. You must follow the instruction that comes with the high chair manual. You can follow these instructions and learn how to clean chair straps:

Most seat strips are made of cotton, a durable and easy-to-wash material. You can directly wash the cotton strap in the washing machine. But if the removable chair straps are cotton, you can clean them with a simple wet wipe.

How often should I clean chairs?

To keep the baby’s high chair and its straps clean, it is important to perform regular cleaning. The most common reason people clean their chairs is that the food on the backs and straps can cause problems and can also cause mold formation. So it is recommended to clean it after every meal. However, you do a complete cleaning or washing every week or after a month.


 A high chair can be a great investment for any family. You can use it for feeding, playing, or even a place for your little one to hang out. However, if you have a high-chair used for eating, it will be exposed to spills and other food-related messes regularly. It is important to clean the straps regularly to keep it sanitary and ensure it is safe for your little one. If you have a high chair, you should research to figure out the best way to clean it. You can share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for reading.

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