Mega Seat vs Bumbo -The Ultimate Solution

Do you know what? Mega seat vs Bumbo is One of the hottest conversations over the internet these days. Many parents, being so curious about their infant’s seating, are trying to find the best one. i.e. whether they choose Mega seats or Bumbo. Therefore, if you are one of them and looking for the same query, I give you a cordial welcome over this blog post.

Mega Seat vs Bumbo

Because today, I am gonna solve this problem for good. Moreover, I know that for you, there is nothing that matters much, but your baby’s safety and comfort. That’s why, from many parents’ reviews, suggestions, recommendations, and with my personal experience, I’ve brought the exact information over this topic. So, at the end of the day, you’d be able to easily decide what is best between Mega seat vs Bumbo.

But first, let’s find out what they are used for and talk about each one separately.

Mega seat vs Bumbo- Purpose of use:

I know that many of you already knew what they are used for but still, I find that I should tell you this. These seats are designed for babies who cannot sit by themselves. Moms use these Bumbo and Mega seats to seat their babies and feed them. Babies can have milk, food, and even toys for playing while sitting inside them. These seats provide the baby, a comfortable and safe place to sit if it’s difficult for him to sit yet at that early age. They can be used as floor seats and provide a great room for your baby. These are recommended mostly for babies who are 3 to 12 months. Mom’s can also do their domestic chores after placing their kiddos inside these seats as they have belts and protection that won’t let them go anywhere or fall. So, this is the main purpose of using them.

What is a Bumbo seat?

A Bumbo seat is recommended for small babies from 3 to 12 months. It is something softly made and perfectly manufactured. The Bumbo seat offers multiple sitting positions to your infant for eating and playing time. The comfortable and easy carrying that is ready to go anywhere with your baby. Though it stays with your baby for a shorter period this is something value for money. Many of them come with a durable 3-point safety harness. It provides more space between your baby’s legs for comfortable seating time. A sturdy yet safe head and neck support are also provided with it. Moreover, the Bumbo seat is low in price and easily cleanable which is going to be a blessing for your little one when he is just ready to grow up.Bumbo baby seat

What is a Mega seat?

As you can imagine from the name that this is something bigger which means something better than Bumbo. The Mega seat is way bigger than Bumbo. It is specially designed for babies from 4 to 16 months, which means, it will stay with them for a longer period. However, when it comes to the comforts that it offers, there is no match for them. The mega seat is relatively larger and with additional added comfort plush softness.Little Tikes Mega Seat for Toddler

The USA-made and tested product includes Polyurethane foam that provides easiness and sturdiness hand in hand. It provides a wider back than its competitors that offers better head and neck support and your child can sit upright while it is placed on the floor. Its extra-wide leg openings make your mess maker open his legs and rests his arms with no effort. All in all, the seat is lightweight, portable, and easy to have with you anytime anywhere for making a secure place for your infant to sit in.

Comparison between Mega seat vs Bumbo:

Bumbo seat

Bumbo seat

Converts Into Booster Seat
3-in-1 Multi Seat
Booster seat 
Feeding seat

Mega seat

Mega seat

Infant Floor Chair with Safety Belt
soft, safe Polyurethane foam
Safety belt included 
15 x 11 x 15 inches



What is Additional

  • Play Tray and Mega Wheel are also included but sold separately
  • Nothing is in addition

So, which one to choose between Mega seat vs Bumbo.

I hope that after reading the brief comparison given above, choosing the best one or deciding which one to choose, won’t be an issue for you now. Since, it depends on every parent, their available budget, and the things they are looking for their babe. But still, I’d like you to choose a Mega seat as it would be something more. After having a mega seat for your baby seating, there won’t be any further purchases because it will grow with your baby and will provide a safe, comfortable, and wider place for seating and eating time. However, Bumbo is not a bad decision too. So, choose wisely and live better, and always keep it in your mind that no price in this world could compare to the happiness of your infant. Good luck with that!

There is another good competitor of Bumbo chair you can visit here and read the comparison between Boppy and Bumbo.

Some frequently asked questions regarding Mega seat vs Bumbo:

Which bumbo seat is best?

Well, there is a wide variety available out there. But still, it should be something that your heart must be willing to buy. However, whenever you want to purchase a Bumbo seat, make sure that it is safe, comfortable, and easy carrying one. That would be the best decision. I hope you get it.

For what age a bumbo and mega seat should use?

A Bumbo seat must be used for babies that are from 3 to 12 months. It’ll help them in their development and provide them a safe place to sit.

Are there any harms that these seats cause to your baby?

Yes, the most certain thing is the baby would be used to sitting and he will not like crawling or exploring the floor. It must be only used when you find that it’s difficult for him to sit and he is still trying to sit. Otherwise, don’t use it.

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