Best Nursery Glider for Tall Parents With extra comfort

Nursery gliders are a great purchase when it comes to getting some much-needed rest and relaxation. They come in many shapes, sizes, colours, and materials; all of which offer different benefits and comfort levels. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to nursery gliders. This article is an overview of the Best Nursery Glider for Tall Parents on the market today!

Best Nursery Glider for Tall Parents

The Nursery Gliders are made from a variety of materials, including leather, fabric, or microfiber. These various options each have their own benefits and comfort levels. If you’re tall, however, it is important to consider the dimensions of your nursery glider to ensure your feet will not dangle off the edge of it.

How a nursery glider helps tall parents in better parenting?

Tall parents who have not heard of a nursery glider can say that a cozy chair or couch can provide them with a place for baby pampering. Whether it is a baby’s nap time, feeding, or unexpected snuggles the caring parents will acknowledge that a comfortable place to sit in the nursery is crucial. 

A place where parents feel comfortable with back-and-forth glides is a proven soothing experience for your baby.  And that is not the end most of the nursery gliders come with a tonne of storage capacity for baby essentials, reclining ability, and charging stations. 

Why would you need a glider in your nursery?

A nursery glider falls in the category of baby care products for which you can say it is nice to have a parenting aid. Your bed or rocking chair is an acceptable piece of furniture to feed or cuddle on, but some smart parents think these are not enough.

  • The Nursery Glider can be used in many different ways. It provides a comfortable place to sit while you feed your newborn or rock them to sleep with the gentle back-and-forth motion of gliding. Many parents swear by their nursery glider as it helps them bond with their newborn child, allows them to get some much-needed rest after they are up all night feeding, and offers relief from sore muscles that happen during pregnancy.
  • These gliders provide a tall body with better lumbar support that might add up back muscle relaxation and recovery from post-pregnancy strains. One particular reason these gliders are the best match for you is ordinary furniture is made for a certain amount of weight and motion. You can not use them as a rocker or a glider.
  • Another reason that we pointed out in our research is a place for baby care should be distinctive. In this way, you can save your expensive sofa or couch from stains of milk spit-up or baby vomiting.
  • After all this debate, you might think that what makes a nursery glider different from a normal rocking chair best for tall parents? Our comprehensive research enabled us to shortlist some of the best nursery gliders for tall parents.

Best Nursery Glider for Tall Parents

Everybody loves them as it provides relaxation for both moms, and babies, and provides a designated place to mingle for mom and the baby. With this guide, we aim to show you the most suitable nursery gliders for tall moms in terms of style, needs, and durability.

Listed below are some of the top nursery gliders for tall parents:

Image Product Features Price
Storkcraft Hoop Glider Storkcraft Hoop Glider

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Dutailier Adèle Glider Dutailier Adèle Glider

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Angel Line Glider Angel Line Glider

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Costzon Baby Glider Costzon Baby Glider

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DaVinci Olive Glider DaVinci Olive Glider

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Baby Relax Recliner Baby Relax Recliner

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1: StorkCraft Hoop Glider with Ottoman Cushions

It is the Best glider for tall parents and comfy to sit on with its deep seat, generous back support, and double-padded arms. The STORKCRAFT Hoop Glider has a wider seat than most nursery gliders, so it’s perfect for feeding your newborn or cuddling them during naps.

Untitled design

Multiple Colors and Finishes: 
Espresso, Black, White, Pebble Gray, and Gray
Convenient Storage
Premium Comfort



The cushions are so comfortable and cleanable, they’ll be your little one’s favorite place to snooze. The seat includes a lumbar pillow for added back support when in use as well! With colors that coordinate with almost any nursery decorating style (or lack thereof), this glider is perfect whether you’re opting out of pink or painting the walls light blue – it won’t matter because these chairs can go anywhere!


It is filled with 100% Polyester.

Safety Standards:

The Nursery glide has an additional feature, which is evaluated and certified by various security standards ASTM as well as CPSIA. Experts evaluated the product and it meets the relevant mandatory and voluntary safety standards.

Customers Review of the Product:

This glider has a lot of positive reviews also it is known for comfort, style, and ease. The customization feature, safety, comfort, and availability in many colors have made it the best-selling glider in the market.

What we like:
  • Comes in multiple colours, can match any nursery
  • It has luxurious padded arm cushions.
  • Easy to clean.
  • made of wood material
  • 18 inches in width and 17 inches in height, perfect to accommodate tall parents.
What we do not like:
  • No spillover protection cover is provided.

2: Dutailier Adèle Glider Chair and Ottoman Set 

The Dutailier Sleigh Glider has a unique design that makes it stand out with the design of an antique sledge. This ultra-resistant chair is composed of Canadian hardwood that is beautifully finished by hand, and the Dutailier Glide system with sealed ball bearings not found on any other sled in its category.


A closer look at the Dutailier Sleigh Glider with Recline will reveal its capabilities and features. A sturdy wooden frame provides stability and high-end comfort for tall parents, while the premium fabric padded adequately assures a smooth glide.

Dutailier Adèle Glider Chair and Ottoman Set

Color White/Light Grey
100% Polyester
Material Wood Frame
Back Style Cushion Back


It is loaded with features for both usability and comfort that you could ever wish for in a glider. Its flawless gliding system, build quality, safety, and appearance make it a common option for new parents thinking about purchasing the perfect nursery glider.

Recline Option:

The Dutailier Sleigh Glider has a 45-degree reclining backrest that can be easily activated by using just your body weight. You then rock effortlessly, lying down and falling asleep in the position with no worry of compression for optimum comfort over an extended period of time!

Fabric & cushions 

The cushions are made from high-density polyurethane foam. Which provides extra support to major muscle groups like those around your lower back or knees while also providing amazing lumbar cushioning. so you don’t get too uncomfortable during long seating sessions on this ottoman chair.

What we like:
  • Made of 100% Polyester.
  • premium quality and great value.
  • an exclusive gliding system with sealed ball bearings.
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • 45° reclining mechanism
  • High-density cushions
What we do not like:
  • The armrest level is low, you may need extra cushioning for baby support.

3: Graco Parker Glider & Nursing Ottoman

The Graco Parker Glider is an ideal nursery glider for any stage of maternity and it is a specially-designed glider for tall parents. It comes with a nursing ottoman top that provides much-needed support to nursing moms during midnight feeding. The gliding motion is very smooth and comfortable, especially when combined with the soft fabric.


The Graco Nursery Glider has a unique design that helps parents get into a position to feed their babies without straining themselves too much. It comes with an ottoman that provides support for couples who wish to nurse at the same time (when one partner feeds on each arm). With its sturdy metal base and high backrest, it’s easy to glide effortlessly around the room.

Fabric & cushions 

The polyester upholstery of our glider and ottoman set is both comfortable, as well as stainable. You can clean it with a simple spot cleaning to keep the nursery looking fresh! The chair makes for an ideal rocking seat at any stage during your pregnancy (and beyond).

It feels and looks premium with upholstered material and microfiber cushions. This glider chair is a leader in its class, hygienic, and free from all harmful synthetic materials.

In other words, Graco gliders are the best choice if you want to transform your nursery into a relaxing place.


Color: Pebble Gray/Gray
Furniture base movement Rock
Room Type Nursery
Color Pebble Gray/Gray
Form Factor Upholstered


Easy To Clean:

The glider and ottoman’s ultra-soft, fabric upholstery can be cleaned or washed extremely easily, which means it’s possible to keep the room clean and fresh for both you and your baby. It’s the perfect spot to hold your baby.

What we like:
  • Durable and very Comfortable
  • It is easy to clean.
  • fully-upholstered arms for extra comfort
  • The lightweight and easy-to-move
What we do not like:
  • With this glider, you cannot control the glide’s stride due to a lack of a locking mechanism.

4: Angel Line Monterey Glider & Ottoman

The Angel Line nursery glider is one of the few products we can include as the best glider for tall parents. Although, it has a low price but comes with an ottoman.

The Angel Line Nursery Glider and Ottoman set provides a comfortable solution for parents looking to feed their baby in the middle of the night. The gliding motion is smooth and easy, with no loud squeaks or creaking noises that might wake your sleeping baby up!

Adjustable Arm Rest

It has very similar features to Dutailier Adèle above such as high-quality leather upholstery (in black), and large adjustable side arms which you can rest on when sitting down or lean against behind you when feeding your baby at night. This help provides great back support too.

A locking mechanism underneath both sides makes it super simple to move around if needed without worrying about damage being caused by dragging them across hard flooring.


The fabric of this particular nursery glider appeals to you, as it is so soft and cuddly. This glider is the perfect spot for feeding time or cuddling on cold nights.

It has enclosed metal bearings which make it smooth and quiet, a bonus through pillow, while a generous seating room means that even big people can enjoy this comfy seat!

Angel Line Monterey Glider CHIAR

Room Type Nursery
Color Grey
Material Metal
Item Dimensions  27.5 x 33.5 x 37.5 inches
Item Weight 50 Pounds

High Quality & Low Price

While searching for the products, to our surprise it has a relatively low price tag, best-selling, and high-rated nursery glider. 

Without compromising on quality the company has provided us with the best possible comfort and style. Parents with more than normal height can soothe babies with controlled gliding motions. All that without getting tired thanks to the evenly padded armrests.

What we like:
  • Include a Bonus throw pillow
  • Storage packets with a glider
  • metal bearings for smooth motion
  • Removable chair cushions for easy spot cleaning.
  • Its dimensions of (27.50 x 33.50 x 37.50 inches) the best fit for tall parents.
What we do not like:
  • The ball bearings make noises with time unless you oiled them.
  • Those who move it frequently may have a problem with its weight.

5: Costzon Baby Glider and Ottoman Cushion Set, Wood Baby Rocker

It is no secret that tall parents want comfortably smooth gliding motion, easy babycare time, and a touch of variety in their nursery. All that goodness you can have in one product is called the Costzon Baby glider and cushion set.

This is perfect for tall parents who want a luxurious but affordable option that still provides all of the features you need.

Material & Fabric:

This Nursery Glide has been crafted from high-quality wood and PU leather which have been carefully oiled to give it a rich, deep color while remaining soft and comfortable against your skin. The smooth upholstery gives an added layer of luxury with its premium look and feel!

Costzon Baby Glider

Color: Beige
Material: soft microfiber fabric + solid wood
Product Weight: 40 lbs
Weight Capacity(chair): 300 lbs


This rocking chair and ottoman set are filled with a high-quality sponge, which has good elasticity. The surface of this nursery glider offers you comfort as it provides soft microfiber fabric for relaxation time that can be detached if necessary.

Arm Rest and knees Support:

Besides the armrest, this glider has knee support as well. By relieving the spine and arm, this rocking chair helps to make you feel relaxed.

The ottoman provides additional support for your knees and feet with its comfortable cushioning and levels.

What we like:
  • Made of soft microfiber fabric and solid wood.
  • This has a Weight Capacity of 300 lbs.
  • The glider cushion is detachable for cleaning and maintenance.
  • The chair and ottoman surfaces are soft and elastic.
  • Padded seat and arms for extra comfort
  • The chair has Side pockets for small storage
  • made of bentwood and rubberwood.
What we do not like:
  • Not recommended for overweight people.
  • The recliner backrest is not adjustable.

6: DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider 

This luxurious nursery glider and ottoman set offer a classic design that will suit any type of home décor. The high backrest is perfect if you have mild to severe back pain as it provides excellent support while keeping your shoulders upright.

The DaVinci nursery glider is designed to serve you in the nursery as well as for relaxing at any time.


Its fully comfortable seat and tall back support help tall parents perform baby care with ease. While the padded armrest enhances your rocking experience.

On top of the padding, it holds soft polyester fabric. In addition to swiveling, the glider can make back-and-forth strikes.

Feet Rest:

The glider includes a bonus upholstered ottoman to rest tired feet and offer more back support when needed. The high-backed design, with headrests made for neck comfort, make this an excellent choice!

Fabric & Pillows:

The Davenport Swivel Glider features an adjustable lumbar pillow that can be operated so both sides can be higher or lower depending on your preference. This improves posture and lessens stress on vulnerable areas, such as your pelvis and spine – particularly in the middle of the night when fatigue starts to set in.

DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman in Grey with Cream Piping Greenguard Gold Certified

Color Grey With Cream Piping
Item Weight 80 Pounds
360-degree swivel motion


What we like:
  • This product uses materials that are healthier for your baby.
  • The glider chair includes an upholstered ottoman for added comfort.
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Pillow are included with the glider.
What we do not like:
  • The ottoman is just a stationary ottoman and does not move with the glider, so you need to glide with bent knees.
  • Back inclined level was too low, which could be problematic when you glide with a larger child.

7: Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

The final glider chair on our list is not only the good one for tall parents but also gives you the feel of a recliner. The Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Glider and Ottoman Set is a super comfortable recliner that provides the best support for your upper body. It includes an ottoman that can be used as a footrest, storage area or even to sit on! This nursery gliding chair has been made from high-quality materials such as DuraBlend upholstery fabric with leather look arms – this makes cleaning easy if you have little ones around who may spill drinks while snuggling in their favorite cartoon shows!

The swivel furniture set offers a smooth rocking motion without any vibration noises at all – perfect when trying to sneak off to catch some much-needed Z’s during those long nights of feeding time. The frame strength is also built to last through years of use – great for growing families who will want this glider chair!

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

Furniture base movement Swivel
Room Type Living Room, Nursery
Color Gray Microfiber
Form Factor Recliner, Upholstered
Material Metal


An elegant welt trim detailing and square silhouette with track arm design give it detailing looks, as a result, you get an enhanced nursery appearance.

What we like:
  • Easy cleaning
  • Premium look
  • Breastfeeding and  sleeping  support
  • Padded seats provide a lot of comforts.
  • rotating swivel functions and gliding motions
  • Available in different colours that match your interior design.
  • This glider chair comes pre-assembled
What we do not like:
  • It may be for safety reasons, you can not glide and swivel both at the same time.
  • A protection cover is a must as its upholstery needs extra care.


There are many factors that need to be considered when searching for the best nursery glider. You must take into account what your specific needs as a new parent might entail, and then choose accordingly because not all baby gear will suit every single one of you out there!

You’ll want to find one with dimensions that match your body type so it feels ergonomic while you nurse in peace without worrying about a backache from hours of lounging around on an old-fashioned rocking chair! As parents who have shorter height requirements than typical adults (5’8″), we recommend looking into models which provide ample footrests as well as additional head support when needed:

1. Back Height of Glider:

If you are tall then the “Back Height of the Glider” is the most important factor to consider. Your Nursery Glider has a higher back height to ensure tall parents can sit in comfort. Each of the Best Nursery Gliders on our list has a different back height.

You will be able to feed your baby and rock them to sleep more comfortably in an upright nursery glider, as well as avoid neck pain from leaning forward too much or straining yourself when feeding your baby.

Look for a chair with a seatback height of 29” and over. When measuring from your floor, search for chairs that are 40″ tall or higher so you can find nursery rockers as well! If it’s hard finding these items at 30 inches minimum then try one which has 26″ on each side plus 36-38“.

2. The more comfortable More Acceptable

If you ask, what is the most distinctive feature of a nursery glider? The most obvious answer is: it should be comfortable and supportive in nursing a baby and it must be comfortable for your neck and back as well.

A nursery glider should be more relaxing and convenient than an upholstered couch. It should have a high enough backrest for head support and armrests to support you and the baby when feeding or gliding.

3. Footrest:

No one wants to be uncomfortable while they are trying out a new nursery. The footrest is not just for comfort but also provides support whether you’re tired or want some extra leverage on your recliner.

A glider with a footrest and with at least 67 inches long when fully reclined is a good option for Tall Parents. This will give you enough space, but depending on your height it won’t be possible for everything to extend out without part of the leg hanging off.

4. Be practical about usability:

The nursery glider that is smooth and noiseless while rocking is the one you should choose. Furthermore, certain gliders allow you to adjust the stride length so that you can control your motion. These features are good for you and your baby.


The third point is the size, keep in mind the size of your nursery when buying a glider. it should fit in while rocking and gliding. Also, consider the available space in your room, you can check the best gliders for small spaces here.

5. Durability is the king:

 The purchase of a glider is often associated with a new baby, whether born or expected, and we don’t think beyond the use of nursing; in our opinion, parents should keep their glider long after the baby is born.

From choosing the appropriate nursery glider to getting it, you need to pay close attention to the durability of your choice. Keep in mind this when you’re shopping for a new glider.

6. Always look at the reviews before buying:

The ideal case scenario is that you test as many as nursery gliders you want until you reach your dream product. Ideally, you have your hands on a nursery glider that 100% matches your requirements. This is an ideal situation, but in case, you have not been able to go through all the best options. In that case, the people review section can be a big help in getting the right choice.

7. Give yourself a budget and stick to it:

We have observed that not all gliders with heavy price tags can fulfill all demands. Like other home essentials, there is a vast range of nursery gliders. The price ranges are often confusing when compared with quality and features. That’s why first research the right choices, shortlist some of these and stick to your budget.

8. Extra Storage:

Additional storage space in the glider nursery is a great feature and the pockets are a great way to keep small items in, like burp cloths or books. If your glider has this feature then it is a plus point. The greatest part is that they are right within your reach, so you don’t need to look around to find what you require!

9. Material and Cleaning:

As you feed your child your glide may get messy. They might spill milk on the glider, or throw food items up; they might are also likely to drool everywhere! There’s a chance you might even spill fluid on the glider of your baby’s nursery when feeding your baby. Make sure you choose a glider that is easy clean so that your glider is kept fresh and clean.

10. Calmness or Client movement:

Silence is essential for the baby’s security and if does not have a quiet glider that it is likely that your baby will be disturbed. If You’re Looking for the ideal nursery glider Do not settle for one that is loud. It must be quiet and not make any noise when in use, so as not to disturb your Little One!

If a couple of models of gliders become noisy after just a few months of use, they can be quickly solved by lubricating moving parts which are connected to a click. Make sure to check this prior to you purchasing it.


If you’re tall and are looking for the best nursery glider that is comfy for both you and your little child, Storkcraft & Dutailier are excellent choices. It has the ability to adjust the height of the handle as well as padded seats for yourself and the baby which is ideal for parents who are tall.

There are different models that are ideal for those who measure 5’8″ to 6′.4″.

We hope that our list of the top Nursery Glider for tall Parents can help you determine what you require and we’re sure that there is a model which is perfect for your needs.

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