7 Ways of How to Prevent Climbing Out Of The Crib

Have you got a fussy baby who keeps climbing out of the crib all the time, or is he toddler enough to get out by himself? Well, whatever it is, I am here to sort it out and tell you how to prevent climbing out of the crib. You shouldn’t be in a hurry while going for a toddler bed, once you see your little one climbing out of the crib, or have tried. Although, it would be an immature and hasty decision. Still, there are many ways to keep your toddler in the crib until he gets 3 years old. So, let’s find out together.

How to Prevent Climbing Out Of The Crib

But before knowing about the ways of how to prevent climbing, let’s discuss the harms that an infant’s climbing could cause to you or himself.

Causes of an unexpected baby’s climbing out of the crib:

It’s an obvious thing that when your baby climbs out of the crib, there could be many things that can happen.

The first one is getting hurt to himself. Like, he could fall to the ground and get injured, he could hit himself with a tough surface or wall. Sometimes when your baby wakes up and starts climbing out of the crib, the crib could also get broken if it is made of plastic. Why? Because your infant pushes it with a force and sometimes that crib is not that sturdy enough to bear this force. That’s how it gets broken and could cause an accident for your babe.

Another harm that could happen, is about you. Suppose, your baby gets awake late at 3 or 2 am and starts climbing out of the crib then what will you do? The thing is, if you have noticed him climbing or crying, you’d have to wake up and take care of him. That waking up in the middle of the night and not sleeping again could cause you to sleep trouble. Even if you have a busy day the next morning. However, if you don’t notice him climbing, that could cause him any kind of above-mentioned trouble. So, it’s important to know and to prevent it, when it is not the age yet to buy a bed for him.How to Prevent Climbing Out Of The Crib

7 Ways of How to Prevent Climbing Out Of The Crib

Since many parents and myself find out that this is something serious. Therefore, I have got 7 multiple ways to prevent claiming your little mess maker. In fact, applying these multiple ways will help you keep your baby safe and to cope with the fuss.

Toddler climbing out of crib solutions:

  1. Use the Crib Tent
  2. React when baby is climbing
  3. Be around the crib
  4. The setting of the matters to the ground
  5. Changing the crib setting
  6. Using a sleep sack
  7. Clearing the ground
  8. Using Tight Pajamas

1. Use the Crib Tent

The easiest way to prevent the baby from Climbing Out Of the Crib is to use the Crib Tent. It can cover your crib completely while your baby can enjoy the environment as well from the net. There are many crib tents are available in the market one of the best I have shared as follows:

Baby Crib Safety Pop up Tent to Prevent Climbing Out Of The Crib

2. React when baby is climbing:

Yes, it’s important to react or to stop the baby in the middle if you see him climbing out of the crib. This will help him learn that he shouldn’t have to do this again as children are very fast learners. So, a soft, however, the noticeable reaction would be a great benefit.

3. Be around the crib:

Some parents just forget after putting their babies into the crib and start doing their work. This shouldn’t happen. You should always be around your little important asset and have a close eye on him. So, whenever you find that he is to do something dangerous like climbing out, just be right there and stop him.

4. The setting of the matters to the ground:

If you want your baby to keep himself safe even without bothering you, then apply this setting. You might have bought the crib for your baby when he was born and until now, the matters could be at their top setting. If it is then, how can it be a beneficial way of saving your baby and preventing him out of the crib? Well, too easy, as all you need to do is the set that matters to lower till the ground level setting. And, for doing so, just tripped out the bottom pins and let the matters be to the ground. This will make much space for your baby as it’d be difficult for him to pull his leg outside the crib. Your baby will have a vast and safe ground where he can play and create any mess.

5. Changing the crib setting:

You’d see that your baby’s crib has two fewer sides and two higher sides against each other. For making it work as a safer place, place the lower sides up against the walls and the higher sides on the front. This will work out also but you do have to be a little bit more careful, as by making sure that baby won’t hit himself against the walls.

6. Using a sleep sack:

Here is another way of preventing him out of the crib. By using a sleep sack. These high-quality made sleep sacks help your baby to stay inside the crib even if he wants to get out. Using a traditional sleep sack will not let your baby spare his legs even if he tries so harder. It will tuck your baby’s feet and there won’t be any space so that he can move them easily. However, it is always preferred to use a Holo sleepsack that has a zip behind its back. So, you can simply zip your baby and he won’t be able to move out of it.

7. Clearing the ground:

Make sure that wherever the crib is placed, there won’t be any kind of sturdy stuff like furniture, walls, doors, or floor. Also make sure that you have created a safe environment so that even if he tries to get out and fall, he won’t get injured.

8. Using Tight Pajamas:

Some tight pajamas also help your crib climber to stay calm and safe. These are so tight and have much fabric between the baby’s legs. So, it would be difficult for him to get out. Moreover, these pajamas are okay, if he wants to walk or be on the floor.

Summoning up……

Though I have told you many ways of how to prevent climbing out of the crib, still, that care and protection that you will give to your baby would matter a lot besides these methods. So, this was it for today and please share your valuable reviews and queries in the comment section as I’d love to reply. However, until the next one, stay safe and keep your baby inside his crib.


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