How to Use a Boppy Pillow for Nursing and Feeding baby?

If you are among those who always consider the minimalistic purchase but want organization in all accord, then this article is for you. You probably landed here for your newborn, and you must be confused about how two entirely different things are interrelated. Do not think this much, as you still be manageable with your little one.

Do not worry the postpartum time will not depress you if you are the one who organizes everything perfectly on time. How to use a Boppy pillow for nursing? Yes, we will guide you here with all details.

How to Use a Boppy Pillow for Nursing?

This article will discuss how to use a Boppy pillow for nursing, which is an essential post-pregnancy thing. A boppy pillow or the nursing pillow must be on the purchase list of every breastfeeding mama as it is very helpful for moms in different ways. But before that, let’s learn more about that:

What is a Boppy Nursing pillow?

A boppy nursing pillow is a curved “C” shaped pillow is called the Boppy pillow for nursing with an open middle. It can quickly be wrapped around your tummy in a convex shape. A nursing pillow is used to prop your baby up during bottle-feeding or breastfeeding. Boppy produces different pillow types, including Boppy loungers, and the Boppy Nursing pillow is one of its most famous products.

what is Boppy Nursing Pillow

How to use Boppy’s pillow for nursing or breastfeeding?

After reading this article, you must think that survival is difficult without a Boppy nursing pillow. It is always better to position the backup, trying hard to feed the baby while ensuring he is latching well when you are stooping down many times. This thing will improve your back pain.

On the other hand, if you have a nursing pillow, you can prop the newborn upright against your tummy, which will assist you in easing the stress on your neck, shoulder, or back. It is the perfect thing for moms who have a C-section. It is super easy to be seated on a bed, or if you are tall then use a glider for tall parents, or a rocking chair and put it around your hip. Just after then you can use the Boppy for breastfeeding.

How to use Boppy's pillow for nursing

When you place it on the pillow, always make sure that your little one’s tummy is right against your tummy. Their nose must be towards your nipple, and their chin must be facing up. On the other hand, the Boppy pillow can also be used for several breastfeeding positions. You can also consider the cradle holding the newborn phase a super helpful thing up to your breasts to get the perfect latch.

The football tie position is also one of the prime ones to use the Boppy pillow. Bring the pad to the side to get adequate support for your little one.

Boppy pillow for bottle-feeding

You can use Boppy’s pillow for the white bottle. The number one is supporting. Holding the one who is fragile or unsafe is the most intimidating thing. Ultimately, it will be the most challenging task when you have a manoeuvre to bottle feeding. You can use the Boppy pillow safely to place him on the pad to get extra support.

Boppy pillow for bottle-feeding

Like bottle feeding, the Boppy will also help you minimize the stress on your back while feeding. Secondly, it is the paced feedings. It is essential to learn when switching between the bottle and the breast. It helps to provide your baby with the same milk as with nursing.

It prevents the babies from refusing the breast while introducing bottle feeding and avoiding nipple confusion.

Furthermore, it will also help you ensure that your little one will not be overfed while reducing colic and spit-ups. The prime step to do that is to ensure that your baby’s face is up at a 45-degree angle. In addition to this, it can be strenuous on your arms. Hence, you can easily lift your baby’s position for the best bottle-feeding place.

Boppy Pillow for Tummy time

If you are worried that Boppy’s pillow is useless gear once the baby is done with nursing, then the reality is almost the opposite. You can also use the boppy pillow to aid him in sitting or for his tummy time. However, before you think about using it, we would like to mention that it requires 100% attention and care, especially if you use it for Tummy time.

Once the baby’s umbilical cord dries and falls, tummy time is mainly recommended as it is the time for him to strengthen. The core muscle will help them in developing head control. Start the tummy time with some minutes and extend it once your little one shows interest.

The tummy time is done by making your little one upside down and making them lie on their belly. Initially, your baby will resist the tummy time, hate it, and cry whenever you put them upside down. Here the role of Boppy pillow comes; you can use the one to make him accustomed to the new position.


Boppy Pillow for Tummy time 

Settle the blanket on the floor and then position the Boppy Pillow in the middle. Afterwards, place your baby’s belly on the curvy front part of the Pillow while lying between the C-shaped openings. Place some toys to grab them in the same position or put some books for the same reason. Eventually, when he grows older and starts developing muscle strength, he will spend more time on the tummy.

You must be super cautious and maintain close attention when he is on his tummy on the Boppy Pillow. The younger one has little head control, and then they can bury their face on the pad, which will then cause suffocation.

Supported Sitting of Boppy Nursing Pillow 

Gradually, your lite will develop their hip strength while developing the coordination to sit at 4 to 8 months. Moreover, it will require much practice until they are perfect in the sittings. Until then, you can use the Boppy Pillow to provide adequate support for catching and setting them on the landing floor.

After that, you can reserve the Pillow and then wrap it around the back while placing a book or toy on the front.

Like tummy time, close supervision is essential. Infants and babies are not famous for landing in positions. Therefore, the presence of an adult is necessary to pick them up whenever they fall or in a place where they might restrict their ability to breathe.

Boppy Nursing Pillow for Acid Reflux

Acid Reflex experience is a common problem in infants, which means setting them up and then making them miserable. With the lower oesophagal sphincter, the muscular valve between the infant’s stomach and the oesophagus is not mature.

Ultimately it will allow the food to easily pass through the throat while causing them to sit up. Furthermore, their digestive system must be grown as they grow old. Until then, the acid reflux can create gas pain and make your baby fussy.


Your baby can catch a cold regardless of his age. You can use the Boppy Pillow for that reason as well. You only need to clean the nostrils with the Nose Frida and then make him lie upright on the Boppy Pillow to give him adequate relief.

Boppy Pillow for a Pregnancy Pillow

Using a Boppy pillow as a pregnancy pillow has its benefits. On the other hand, some of us can get the products for multiple purposes, and the Boppy Pillow is one.

You can easily use the one as the Boppy Pillow for getting better sleep. Furthermore, if you are experiencing sciatic pain during pregnancy or back pain, you can minimize them with the help of these pillows.

Postpartum Pillow

Your body will be sore after the son’s delivery. In the case of haemorrhoids for the pushing and the development of 3rd degree, a tear can be very painful.

You can be on the couch or the bed for days or so. In that regard, sitting on the Boppy Pillow will reduce the pressure on your butt and give you adequate support for peaceful sleep.

Back support

The best gadget is used to support the baby’s back while he is sitting. Alternatively, you can use the Boppy pillow multiple times as the neck pillow or throw it behind you when sitting on the couch.

Boppy Pillow for Propped playing

Your baby will enjoy being on the playing mat, especially with the toys and the vibrant colours hanging around.

It can be hit on your babies. It is difficult for them to reach the toys and enjoy the sensory experience at that age. You can use the nursing pillow to make them close to the toys.

Uses of the Boppy Pillow

Siblings bonding

When your other little one wants to hold his baby sister, you can make him sit down on the floor and then wrap the Boppy Pillow around him so he can hold his sister easily. Ultimately it will be the perfect moment for him to get the treasure. However, you need to supervise your little one close. Holding your baby in your little one’s hand demands extra care that you must be careful with.

Travel chair

When breastfeeding, the nursing pillow will be with you everywhere you take it. Primarily you must require support while nursing to make him sit or lie down next to you. It only requires one thing on short trips.

Gadget holder

If your loved ones live far from you and can only watch your grandkids through skype, this is the best way to do it. You can prop the phone and hold the baby straight so the grandparents can quickly look at their grandkids.


Although we do not recommend you share the same Pillow with your pet or baby anymore. However, once he grows, you will no longer require the pad. Therefore, you can easily pass it on to your pets. Throw the blanket on the Pillow and let them enjoy the snuggle.

Boppy Pillow for sleeping.

Overall, a Boppy pillow can be used for several reasons other than nursing, but it is not recommended as a safe place for your baby when he is sleeping. Sometimes the manufacturers can use clear stats on their websites while not using the boppy for sleeping. Also, letting them sleep on Boppy can be risky, seriously. In such regard, infants and babies will quickly suffocate and curl up when left unsupervised or allowed to use the Pillow. A Boppy Pillow is best to use when your baby is active, alert, and under vigilant adult supervision.

The use of Boppy Pillow with other alternatives

You can always have different benefits with nursing pillows. Also, I can prefer certain brands and some models. Mainly that is because of personal preference to get the overall guidance related to the selection. In such regards, the nursing pillow or the Boppy Pillow has its worth.

However, if you are selecting some alternatives, you must consider that they must offer you the same benefits as you are greeting with the Boppy Pillow.

However, choosing the Boppy Pillow can always get you classic comfort. One of the prime reasons for that claim is its C shape, which will provide you with the utmost ease. With some traditional approaches, you can get most of this Pillow.

While encircling the C-section around your midsection during breastfeeding will give them easy access to latching. On the other hand, other methods will work well, as your baby will sit on the Pillow and support him easily. By placing the back of the baby against the Pillow and the legs towards the opening, the pad can keep the baby in place.

Moreover, the infants can also prop up on the Pillow for tummy time. Such methods are best whenever your arms want to break.

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All in all, a nursing pillow is a must when you are breastfeeding your little one. Also, it can be used after several years, especially when the nursing session is over. Overall, it is a worthy purchase. If you have yet to purchase it while feeding your little one, do not wait for more.

Just get yours. It has several uses, especially when the nursing period is over. It ultimately means that you can use it for several reasons. It is also worth it when your little one is still in the womb.


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